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X people Y is an attention seeking meme used by the fat, despicable, penisheads of YouTube, which is why you have probably used this meme. It is most commonly seen on music videos and live performances of widely-accepted-to-be shitty bands with adamant followers. Such videos are usually trolled by anon who make the fanboys cry. In an attempt to save their musical tastes from complete and utter castration by exposure, the fanboys will try to label every dislike on the video as a matter of personal opinion, or made by someone who doesn't know what they're talking about. In reality, everyone who disliked the shitty video couldn't be fucked to go back and see what some butthurt youtube faggot said about them, so the comment is hugely thumbed up by every other member of the fanboy hivemind.


The people who do X people Y are usually the lowest form of basement dweller. They have had no exposure to diversity and therefore label any form of popular music or film with teen appeal as good. As everyone knows, the internet is serious business and most people who aren't basement dwellers don't have time to put every stupid person in their place. The result of this is usually basement dwellers making a big deal out of their interests and the rest of the world being too busy to justify why their interests are complete and utter garbage.


Most of the time, X people Y is done because the person is feeling unusually oppressed for their untrue opinions. They need something to raise their ego and having seen everyone else getting massive numbers of thumbs ups for an X people Y comment, try it themselves. More often than not, though, they are simply seeking to have their comment thumbed up by other like minded individuals, thus proving that this method is only utilized by those with an advanced case of USI.


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