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Pussies Fighting.gif XOMizzEggManOx is in an internet sissy fight with Maneaeve, Whitephoxx and everyone else who does not lick her tiny rabies infested asshole.
Please dig up lulz on them both.
Given Name(s) Kathryn Clark or Kat (On the left)
Born January 10, 1992
Nationality Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Residence Dothan, Alabama
deviantART Deviantart-favicon.png XOMizzEggManOx

Kat (Kathryn Clark), a native to Dothan, Alabama, is the epitome if a basement dwelling, obsessive fangirl. Refusing to join the rest of the world as a working adult, she lives off of handouts from her father which she quickly throws away on endless mountains of commissions and pricey adoptables from Popufurs, if she isn't spending it on plushies of her favorite characters or on SecondLife pretend-screwing her 'mate' with badly rendered 3D furry models. If she's not pissing away her fathers money, then |she's creating drama - which she will avoid or run away from with claims of being ill either emotionally or physically. Usually something related to being diabetic, bipolar, depressed or autistic.


Pussy Kat admits to tracing Mary's work.
"I can't be bothered to credit people properly, but I post them anyway."

The Victim Queen loves to trace from other artists and act as though she created them with no assistance. Typical of an obsessed fangirl, she creates self-inserts so that she can pair them up with her favorite characters from many fandoms. Not only that, she will rip anyone off by taking back characters they had purchased - because the money she received, isn't enough for her. Despite her spending over $500 on adopts and commissions. She even traces from her lovely senpai, Mary. Did we also mention that she resells adopts despite the original artist outlining in the rules that reselling is now allowed?

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Does it surprise anyone that she bought an adoptable that is known to be stolen from her sissy, Mary?
Her so-called “masterpieces” About missing Pics
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Being the tracefag that she is, Kat eventually got caught tracing from Mary and threw a big temper tantrumover it. Having been revealed, more people began to catch her in the act and more so when she decided to join one of Mary's livestreams to trace and post before her senpai had the chance to post her finished work - Kat then called out Mary on being a tracefag despite Mary never having a history of actually tracing, unlike Kat, only redrawing other peoples art. This wasn't the first time that Kat has done this. Kat then got a lovely mention on her senpai's article, which she made an ED account to edit her part to it. She eventually got herself caught, giving herself a mention, which she tried to delete and failed miserably.

Kat later made a TOS and blacklist, which she decided to plagiarize from Deviantart-favicon.png Nark0tica. Unfortunately, her lack of basic education resulting in most of the usernames and information being completely wrong. Should we also mention that she is still friends with the twins, who she loves to torture under her rule?

If the Pussy Kat wanted no more drama you'd think she would stop creating more drama but she can't. How else is she going to get those asspats from her whiteknights?
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Pussy Kat decided to not co-operate, when she took a precious character from her senpai, who wanted it back. Even when she agreed within a Skype conversation between her and her senpai. That is why you should never give your toys away.

Pussy Kat Lies About missing Pics
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Pussy Kat VS ValkyrieaKu

Due to how obsessive she is for her senpai's tiny asshole, she encountered a user by Deviantart-favicon.png ValkyrieaKu, who pointed out her flaws and managed to get a refund from her - which many failed to receive. Even Pussy Kat's boyfriend commented on ValkyrieaKu's journal, for pointing out her horrible flaws. Did we mention that she even claimed that she made a gif for her webcam?

The GIF Kat took from a friend's tumblr that no one else is allowed to use cuz liek she made it.
Caught Red Handed About missing Pics
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"I love to pair myself with my favorite characters, because I am such a whore."
Whatever happened to Charon from Fallout 4? If you saw your child fucking a pile of bones you'd be worried too. Why would an autistic pile of bones be interested in fucking a whore?

That's not all, ValkyrieaKu became her newest senpai, on how she can't seem to leave her alone by using her Skype accounts to show how obsessive she is, to get herself a taste of that fresh asshole that she got her hands on. She even tried to get her beloved friends to join in to get a taste. She got upset on how she can't get her senpai into her mind control, like the many others that she has succeeded. She continues to whine about it behind closed doors, so that no one can see how upset she really is. She even got her boyfriend to help her, by commenting on a Tumblr post that her senpai made. Unfortunately, Kat had to step in on how poorly her boyfriend was doing with the task that she given him - with her senpai pointing out her flaws, which Kat tried so hard to make it look like that she doesn't care.

Her obsession continues About missing Pics
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The Pussy Kat's Way On Getting Popular

Pussy Kat felt that she wasn't getting the attention that she required, to which she decided to use her alt account to favorite her own work.

"I can't be bothered to file a DMCA report, because it's too much effort for my tiny asshole."

Later, one of Kat's WhiteKnight's drawings managed to find its way into the Sonic Dreams Collection. Her reaction wasn't too surprising. Which she decided not to file a DMCA report, on how she feels that it's too much effort for her to deal with.

I Need Muneyz

Pussy Kat loves to spend a lot on commissions and adopts, that she got herself into a heap of trouble, when not having the money to pay her rent. So, she decided to ask her friend Deviantart-favicon.png p4percake for help, by advertising in the description of her video. Even her boyfriend got himself in the same situation, on how much he loves to spend his money. Such a perfect couple. Kat then made a journal on how she needs money to help her sister, to which she then baawwwleeted, after someone mentioned that she got herself an ED article.

One has to wonder if her Daddy has stopped giving her free money to spend on worthless shit. Either way buying anything from her is a bad idea.
Because giving people a shit computer that cannot be fixed is proof of just how generous our Victim Queen really is.
Our Victim Queen proves once again she really does care about us.
But only four days ago she made the above journal.
Our Victim Queen loves ripping off other people but don't you dare rip her off.
Give Me Muneyz! About missing Pics
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So as of today, 10 December 2015 Kat has a cousin, Robin Outlaw, who became a Mother whom lost an eight month old baby due to some shit she pulled out of her ass to scam people for more money. Because as we all know our dear Victim Queen loves conning people out of their hard earned cash and she'll do it anyway she can. Be it faking an illness or surgery or pretending a family member lost a baby.

Today December 9th 2015 heaven received a very unexpected angel. Robin Outlaw is the mother of a beautiful set of 8 month old twin baby girls & today one of the babies unexpectedly passed away . Please help the family in any way you can during this extremely hard time. Like many young families, Robin was not financially prepared for something this tragic to occur, so any thing at all no matter how small, can help, everyone knows how expensive arrangements are these days. The last thing this family needs to worry about during this heartbreaking & stressful time is money. Any & all donations will be sent directly to Robin. Thank you from family and friends.


—Kat's fake GoFundMe account

Outlaw Name Meaning English: nickname from Middle English outlawe ‘outlaw’ (from Old Norse útlagi). When a sentence of outlawry was passed on someone in the Middle Ages it meant that they no longer had the protection of the law. According to Reaney and Wilson this was also occasionally used as a personal name; they cite the example of someone called Hutlage. But, outlaw is a surname, back in medieval times. Which is apparently rare to have such a surname. All it took to find this was a simple Google search.

But that's not all, Oh no. Kat lied to Deviantart-favicon.png artofmomo that her granny was dying and that she, Kat, had just recovered from kidney surgery. Within a day. Deviantart-favicon.png artofmomo confronted Kat about her place here at ED and the bitch flipped the fuck out leading Deviantart-favicon.png artofmomo to believe she's a pathological liar.

One has to wonder why Kat is so fucking selfish to the point to where she refuses to spend any of the shit ton of money she gets from her Dad on a daily basis to support her family while begging for money from people on the internet. Or why she does nothing to lie to people to get her way. Either way if those people who donated their hard earned cash see this one might believe they'll sue her for fraud.

Karma Strikes

As we all know, Kat loves to spend money on adopts and commissions. Recently, she purchased three adopts from a user by Furaffinity-favicon.png Uriko44, which she later decided to sell them. Forgetting the terms of service she had agreed on to not resell them. That's not all, Furaffinity-favicon.png Spacerox took an adopt from Kat and sold it to someone else, as Kat just couldn't stop leaving her boyfriend alone. This got her to make a journal, just to whine about it.

Pussy Kat VS Buttplug2900

The twenty-three year old Victim Queen has proven once again she will whine and threaten people who don't give into her demands. According to, much obvious, sources ED user Buttplug2900 made this very article and according to said user's IP address this user does not live in the address prescribed at the top. In fact, if the psychopathic bitch knew anything about doxxing she'd know this user doesn't even live anywhere in the United States much less the real user's name and age. This is what happens when you don't do proper research kids. It's also why you don't drop out of high school, no diploma, no GED, no job and spend all your time wasting a working man's hard earned cash on worthless shit. Just like her friend's mother, enter Wanda Teston, she's stupid enough to believe the FBI will actually give two shits over the petty shit she starts with faggots on the internet. If the FBI even gave just the tiniest shits they would've removed President Barack Obama's article here on ED. More shit forever immortalized proving how crazy the bitch actually is.

If her local authorities actually see this, the FBI even, they'll track all the user accounts IPs and find out who posted faux information at the top of her article to actually harass. Devil's advocate bitch.

Pussy Kat Loses Her Beloved Twins

Kat recently made a new friend, who goes by Furaffinity-favicon.png WhitePhoxx, which she got into a cat fight with a month later. A fight to see who would claim a fictional character from Fallout 3. The result of the fight caused her to lose her new found friend, which includes the twins that she loves to abuse. Over the fact that Kat would choose fictional characters over friendship. Due to all the drama that Kat has caused, she decided to deactivate her account and create a new one. She and her boyfriend even made journals about the drama, hoping to gain some sympathy points from their dear watchers.

Kat lying about ED adding her friend Furaffinity-favicon.png Kinggigabyte to her article. Desperate for those sympathy points.
So the dumb bitch claims the twins art sucks well if that's the case then why does she have their art in her gallery?
I Haz Lost Friends! About missing Pics
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Her precious twins said on all interwebz they were needing help for getting money to survive ( Maybe if those fat scumbags stopped eating cakes all the day they would still have money tho , soo, Kat started giving money to them. What happened ? The twins fooled her AGAIN (What a 'innocent' girl! Who would ever know they would do it? )And blamed her on their Furraffinity pages.

Some days after this, something really magic happened. The Twins talked to Kat saying that "somebody 'lied' to them" and made them stopped being friends (Come on! Do you REALLY believe them?) with Kat. If this wasn't enough, now the Twins ( A.K.A Fatty 1(Oddy) and Fatty worst(Elle) ) are Kat's masters and she will do anything to please them, like stopping being friends with everyone who ever really cared about her. So, Kat is a real dumb girl who trusts anyone who came in saying they were lied to after such horrible things they did and now she's a pet slave for two pus-bags



Our Victim Queen bribes the Twins with money to get her to befriend her again only to turn around and describe them as horrible monsters here on her ED while adding their newest accounts in the black knight section pretending she is not friends with them anymore. Because that's how nice our Victim Queen is.

Notice me Senpai

What she says and does are always going to be two different actions.

At first she believed she could simply blank her article and all would be forever lost. Fail. Her ED user account Fighter1990 was swiftly banned afterwards. Then under her newest account, Werewolflol16, she decided to post faux information at the top in hopes to scare her article into deletion. Fail. So what's our Victim Queen to do now? Edit her Senpai into a random eight year old article of course. She got her Senpai's information wrong the second time around. Why would she be able to get it right on the third try. Checking all of Maneaeve's online accounts listed on her article leads back to one ip address that directs back to El Paso, Texas. ValkyrieaKu? Her ip address from all of her online accounts direct back to Dublin, Ireland. Proving that once again, our Victim Queen doesn't know how to properly dox anyone and will go to any lengths in obsessing over the people that booted her out of their hugbox.

The Victim Queen, the Fatty, the Niko and the Box

So awhile back Deviantart-favicon.png Nikosbitch held some contest and Mary was part of the winner's circle for some strange reason and won some stupid furry shit. Only to proceed like the giant furfag fatass she still is and by that I mean some shit happened that caused her to lose the adopt she won and our dear Victim Queen became a part of it. A huge part in fact. It was even to the point to where our Victim Queen and Deviantart-favicon.png Nikosbitch went privately discussing it she, our Victim Queen, threw Mary under the bus blaming the whole wild shenanigans on her beloved sissy. After her huge shitstorm from over six months ago she starts shit up again by begging Deviantart-favicon.png nikosbitch for an adopt that she refused to sell to her and of course, proceeded once more to assrage over not receiving it so she could pass it to the butterball she calls her 'friend'. Deviantart-favicon.png Nikosbitch had passed all of her furry shit to another user four months prior, enter Furaffinity-favicon.png lexidoodlebox, to which Kat then proceeded to lay claim on another adopt she never paid for nor did she even trade for.

If there was any doubt in any mind that the Victim Queen and the Fatty were long lost twins read no further.

2019 and still a bitch

Damn. Imagine defending this lazy scamming bitch only for her to scam your ass in return.
She spent five hundred dollars on a life size fuck doll of Chucky the good guy doll from the Child’s Play movies?!? Add peodphilia to the list of her asshattery of do not want. Oh she’s still online e-begging for large sums of money with her pity stories.

The twenty-seven year old tracer thief has been caught multiple times days ago and a month or so ago stealing again. Instead of stealing from Nikosbitch or LexiDoodleBox she got caught stealing from Merinoe on FurAffinity. When she coundn’t steal an adopt from her she tried to scam Veiaa from DeviantArt and Quiet-Elk on FurAffinity for adoptables. Bitch tried to play victim like she always does when caught red-handed in the act. It’s also been discovered she bought a stolen adopt from Aboywithscales on FurAffinity who took back an adopt from LittleMutt after he relinquished his partial ownership of said adopt to LittleMutt giving her full ownership. A shitfest ensued like always and as always our rabid victim queen was granted a pardon.

Aboywithscales admitting to ValkyrieaKu he gave up the adopt to LittleMutt. How is that lie? Why would he lie to her?

Not long after Angelic-Catalyst was busted for stealing characters from other various furfags on DeviantArt. Wouldn’t you know our rabid victim queen flew off the handle bars falsely accusing the bitch of stealing from her once again. It turns, out all she did was use the same base made by Kate-Fox. Jumping the bandwagon was SuqaarKyuubi. Formerly against art theft and tracing, and primary author of Angelic-Catalyst’s article, turned whiteknight defending her because herpaderp Queen-Dice doesn’t understand and badblood between them. Course, the whiteknight finally relented after seeing her friend’s new trace of Pennywise and is washing her hands of her asshattery.

Remember kids both our victim queen and her whiteknight both agree you’re antagonizing the precious when you draw the same pose from the same artist our rabid victim queen traced from multiple times before.

Days ago it was discovered her toyhou.se account was banned or frozen ,if you will, leading to a few shutdowns of her FurAffinity and DeviantArt accounts. Not really much is known why but some speculate the bitch ran to her mommy and daddy in tears and they finally had enough of her bullshit taking her internet privileges away for good until she gets her ged and a job paying for her own shit. Others speculate her two main whiteknights SuqaarKyuubi and AngelEars quit being her friend after finally realizing she’ll never change and noticed her toyhou.se was banned leading her to wise the fuck up and just shut down her online accounts. Like all thieves, it’s certain she’ll blame everyone but herself as the problem when she returns. It’s speculated she simply ran off to other accounts that nobody is aware of.

However, you would think a grown adult would know stealing and tracing is wrong when they go out of their way to falsely accuse someone else not once but twice of stealing from them.

The bullshit just keeps on coming About missing Pics
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Pussy Kat Memes

Error creating thumbnail: File missing
What her panic attacks look like when she's been caught in the act.

Kat's Meme Collection About missing Pics
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Error creating thumbnail: File missing
That moment you realize you're making waves but you refuse to stop.
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
When the world doesn't revolve around Kat this is what she does.

The shit she says


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It was only a matter of time till the great Papyrus discovered his woman was a cheating hoe.
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Told you the bitch is just a loose hoe. Though, you do have to wonder why she pairs herself with so many fictional men when she has a real man but it's pretty obvious he fails hard at satisfying her.

The Victim Queen's faggotry cannot be contained just on social networking sites so she moved to Ebay. Her newest home is where she'll literally try her damnedest to screw people out of their hard earned cash over shit that is one of the following: broken, falling apart or shit that is far beyond repair for an absurd amount of money. Take her only item that she has listed for sale as example.

Seriously. Who the fuck would spend five-hundred and ninety dollars on a poorly made plush toy? And, since she was so obsessed with her beloved child haunted Foxy when Five Nights at Freddy's first plagued the internetz, one would believe that she wouldn't sell her precious. But Five Night's at Freddy's is now a thing of the past. Needless to say, this is merely more unneeded proof that she's only into whatever shit is popular. After all, it is the only way she believes she'll get popular. Once the at the moment fad, Undertale, becomes a thing of the past she'll sell her Papyrus fuck doll on Ebay too. Also for an absurd amount of money.

One thing is for certain, Ebay will not tolerate her thieving ass thus in the end they will kick her off their site for good.

Ways To Get Her To Have A Hissy Fit

Or mention her ED in your journal.

There are many ways to get her to start whining like the baby she is. Some of these include:

  1. Trace her traced work or just use the same base she traced over.
  2. Point out her flaws. She somehow has many of these.
  3. Correct her shitty grammar.
  4. Don't give her any money. She will certainly have a hissy fit over that.
  5. Post evidence about her everywhere online, including ED.
  6. Make better fanart of your self insert/FC and whatever male character she's wetting herself for
  7. Insist you have a deep and long relationship with any of the male characters she shlicks to since she seems to think she has some sort of spiritual connection with them.
  8. Constantly visit her page for the LULZ.

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Former Whiteknight tells the psycho bitch off.
I'm no longer friends with Kat nor do I ever plan to be. Me and my friend, Datsexypsychemon, decided she's just to crazy to be around and that you guys were right about what was said.



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