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Dude, that's totally my name there.
Don't be that guy.

Common practice of vainglourious bastards with no friends or shortage of ego. Occasionally a source of wiki edit drama. It's a surreptitious act so demanding of care you'll rarely see an instance not out of place or that doesn't scream attention whore. Proves there's a fine line between that shameless plug or documenting that in joke nobody cares about to begin with.


  • Most often perpetrated by:
  1. Faggots hungry for e-peen.
  2. Glory trolls.
  3. Lamers.
  4. Shitposters.
  5. Spammers.
  6. PieAreSquare.
  7. People new to internets.
  8. Kanye West.
  9. Rowan Forest.
  10. JustARandommer.
  • Perpetrators often get counter-trolled for the lulz.
  • Sly attempts often combine a name drop with transparent and shallow self-deprecation.
  • Users wise enough to use sockpuppets are usually only slightly more successful, doing it on your main account just makes you a clueless whore.
  • A level of internet faggotry only exceeded by writing an article on yourself.
  • Common among users who list their fucking contribs on their userpage.
  • Very often goes hand-in-hand with spamming your shitty WMM YouTube "trolling" video all over the fucking place (HAY GUIZE I TROLLD THIS GUY SO HARD CHECKOUT MAH VID!!!1!)
  • Has trolling potential as it can be used to create the appearance another user is trying to promote themselves via sockpuppets, thereby forcing them run around removing the instances to avoid embarrassment.
  • A case where TOW actually has it right...some shit is gay no matter where you do it.
  • Usually an oldfag will know exactly where and exactly how this is done so that you will hardly notice. If you do notice, chances are it was some dbag begging for a banhammer.
  • Proof a fine line tends to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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