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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
The furries and wolves of the world needed a hero...what they got was a repulsive Space Pig lookalike.
You gonna get raped...well, you would be if he had a penis.
Seriously, WTF???

WolfAdvocate, a.k.a HunterofNightmares (formerly CanisLupusSapien a.k.a.WrathofCanis) and currently WiseWolf87 is a catastrophically self-absorbed 21-year-old YouTube/deviantART eco-fag aspie librarian from Australia who claims to descend from French aristocracy. One of the staunchest defenders of furries and wolves, WolfAdvocate can be found on a number of furry and wolf related videos, using logic to combat the trolls. He usually frequents the channels of younger furries wolf-fanatics, such as 2whitetiger6, Hatedwerewolf, and any other pre-teen dumb shit willing to accept his protection. Because of this, he has since become a comparatively minor target of the Youtube furry war.


Now you don't have to read the entire article.
Like most eco-fags WolfAdvocate tries to pass himself off as an enlightened educated intellectual who refuses to be swayed by modern society, and instead comes off as the deluded, misanthropic, self-indulgent buffoon he really is. Not unlike TheAmazingAtheist, he claims to be a peace-loving altruistic individual, but regularly shits himself when someone dares to disagree with him. Much like an emo or a religious fanatic, he thrives on the idea that he is persecuted for his beliefs, when in truth, he is persecuted because he acts like a dickhead; His typical strategy in debating consists on trying to incite people into arguments by calling names and using foul language, then stating lies as facts and then finally, when faced with unbiased truth, changes the subject. Despite claiming to do a bit of research before opening his mouth, he has been outwitted on numerous occasions, whipping out his facts only to be bitchslapped by anyone bearing the truth. This happened enough times for him to get butthurt and abandon his CanisLupusSapien channel entirely. History it seems has repeated itself, as his WolfAdvocate account was deserted on Wednesday 28th of October 08.

YouTube Drama


Wrathofcanis getting bitchslapped with the truth.

Back in his CLS/WOC days, he showed himself to be a staunch defender/supporter of furries/otherkin.

Your videos are very cool! I watched all of them. Im going to make some about werewolves too. heh those people who keep insulting you are just scared and judgemental.


—WolfAdvocate revealing his mental state in talking about HatedWerewolf's videos

He loved to indulge in RPGs and developed an attachment to Hatedwerewolf. WA deserves credit for freely admitting he is attracted to mentally deranged preteens, as evidenced by YouTube Favicon.png his own words on HatedWerewolf's channel. He apparently received a Children's Services Card from the police, allowing him to work with children and the mentally handicapped. One can only ask oneself if he's sure he understood the police correctly, as anyone reading his info or watching him speak could be forgiven for concluding that he is among the patients (indeed, there is Archive today-ico.png evidence he is). He's not at all qualified to look after mentally handicapped children, as he has in the past, actively encouraged HatedWerewolf, as well as others, in their delusions:

Wrathofcanis, I doubt you've even read a single thing I have posted, let alone what anyone else who disagrees with you has posted. All that I asked of this kid was proof of her claim. Is that so Illogical? So far, all you and your friend have proven is that you cannot carry a conversation without resorting to insult. Help your friend, before they become so involved in their delusion that they lose all grip of reality and become a danger to themselves and possibly others...


—luchaclone57, after having the audacity to question HatedWerewolf's lycan heritage.

You're a moron because you're agreeing with someone who has no proof of their claim.

You're a bad person because you are encouraging someone to live a delusion as opposed to living in reality.


—luchaclone57, upon being told by Wrathofcanis to "get a life".

Wolf Protection

WolfAdvocate hates testimony from people with first hand experience with wolves.
Hmmm, let's see; Wolves were wiped out in Britain in 1743, Ireland in 1786 and Japan in 1905. Has everything "gone down with them" in those countries ecosystems?

Although WA insisted on his (third) YouTube userpage to be an advocate of science and anything related to the conservation of wolves and other canines, he has been proven time without number to have no credentials to comment on wolves whatsoever. Not only does he lack a college education and (most importantly of all) first hand experience, every time he states a fact, it is easily disproved with just a keystroke and 30 seconds of research from the very sites he promotes. For someone who promotes "science" and supports research into wolves, WA has shown a remarkable level of intolerance to people who have themselves first hand experience with wolves. This is not just limited to rural people eking a living with what little they have to defend their property and families from marauding predators, but he is also stupid enough to think he knows better than actual scientists.

L Mech is no scientist, he doesn't acknowledge humans as part of the animal kingdom.


—As you will see in later quotes, he constantly contradicts his own statement

There is not one biologist working for the AK F&G, no sound science to be heard.


—WolfAdvocate's thoughts on the Alaska Department of Fish and Game....

Poor baby...

Basically, WolfAdvocate promotes a shift from realistic management of wolves by common sense employees regarding human safety and social impacts to a true pagan worship of wolves as "symbols of wilderness" and "keystone species" of undescribed benefit to an "ecosystem" by employees that are little more than zealots and flacks.

It was because of debating wolves and the "stress" of insulting people who shot predators in defense of property that he left his original CanisLupusSapien account.

Rare stills of the lost "Anti-WolfAdvocate" movie. As shown in the image below, the commentator is not far from the truth.
Journal entry showing that the commentator above is not far from the truth.

Recently, in what can only be described as one of his exceptionally rare moments of self-reflection, WolfAdvocate removed a video entitled "Anti-WolfAdvocate", in which he basically tried to be funny by satirizing himself as a wolf-hater in front of a webcam. He was quick to remove it upon realizing just how (much more) stupid he looked and sounded (grinning like a pedo, and muttering like an autistic child). Sadly, he was not fast enough for at least one person to watch and comment on it. Somehow, one gets the feeling that the comment is not what WolfAdvocate had in mind..


Since Apr 6, 2008, WA has decided to spread his pro-wolf message onto deviantART. His subtitle is "for a better future", though anyone reading his WrathofCanis comments would see how his ideal future would be one involving mass human genocide. So far (as far as art is concerned), he has produced absolutely NOTHING, due to the fact that he is a talentless hack. Instead, he has so far limited himself to using his userpage's comment page for propaganda purposes, and, like the bed wetting pussy he is, has blocked any criticism of the crap he provides. Strike that. His actual "art" link can be found here. So far, it is little better than his other account, as it is mostly composed of endless whining journal entries on wolves and his pathetic life, badly centered photographs, and (at best) mediocre poetry. He has removed several of these, coinciding exactly with the closure of his YouTube account. Coincidence?


His mother Karen - which may explain his obsession with dogs.

Learn to speak, learn to speak well.

Speak with wisdom.
Speak with truth.
Speak with sincerity and love for justice.
Speak with clarity.
Speak with grace.
Speak with honesty.
Speak not just to save face.
Speak for the good of all.
Speak with your head and use the sturdiness of your heart.
Speak without aggression but know when to hold fast.
Learn to speak, say your words well.
Learn also silence, for the tongue is a dangerous weapon.



—Why don't you practice what you preach in verses 1,2,3,4...ah fuck it, the whole piece of shit is hypocrisy.

Galleries of Fail

Furries and Werewolves

Fuck you, I saw a Werewolf!!!

Truly an epic facepalm moment....


Personal Stuff

Hate Art

Batshit Quotes

His most interesting quote.

Stupid woman, ignorant and selfish. Go rot in hell


—WolfAdvocate, using all the wisdom and experience he can muster in giving advice to a woman expressing concern after wolves followed her children to school.

I spit at you ignorant wolf hating pukes. Ranchers slaughtered wolves to slap their farms up on their lands. Go rot in hell.


hey I know how you feel mate. I'm sick of seeing the wanton mindless killer in movies, its not good for the wolf's reputation either. Real werewolves are only as much of the monster as the human mind behind it. I do believe that there are werewolves in the word as every country has a myth about them.


—WolfAdvocate encouraging HatedWerewolf's delusion.

Alright, bear with me this is going to be humiliating on my part. Does anyone here think I am a sane, happy guy on a regular basis? Think again, I am quite ashamed of how I live most days I have nothing to do; believe it or not I would have gone stir crazy if not for my TAFE course.


—Its not like anyone thought he spent his spare time off the internet getting first hand experience with wild canids

Of course humans are not part of nature, they fight against it instead of with it.


—One of aforementioned contradictions

Even if what you said was true, the wolves probably saw him as a threat - that's what happen when people hunt wolves constantly. They see every human as a threat.
The guy got stupid.



—WolfAdvocate commenting on a man killed by wolves. The poor, persecuted wolves felt so threatened, they stalked the guy, repeatedly knocked him down, waited for him to bleed out and partially ate him.

Hunting wolves has no purpose other than to fulfil the obsession with killing, its nothing more than bloodlust and a disgusting attempt to boost the ego. Yes everyone who does it is a blind egotistical blood junkie.


—This is what WolfAdvocate has to say to those who wish to defend hearth and home from child and livestock-killing predators.

Stupid woman...charge the thing, kick it in the nads. No we grab our gun and kill it, stupidity.


—WolfAdvocate, showing just what a completely sick fuck he is on a YouTube video regarding an ELDERLY LADY defending herself against a wolf which attacked her, after it finished strangling one of her goats.

Arrogance, ignorance, greed, selfishness, hatred - we humans destroy everything because we think we are dominant over animals. Why is it that we humans are protected anyway? What makes us so special?


—Not a misanthropist, I swear!

Wolf haters shut up and grow up, the world is sick of your pathetic whining.


—Speak for yourself.

Grey is a delusion: There is only black and white.


—The philosophy of all open-minded individuals.

There can only be one honest truth and it is not subjective to opinion


—It's like listening to an English-speaking Talib

And finally...
If humans went extinct? GOOD


—Not a misanthropist, I swear!


In the true manner of all mature adults WolfAdovcate has closed his YouTube account and both his pages on deviantART. Admittedly the new layout is far better than the old one.

See Also

  • wwwarea, WolfAdvocate 2: Electric Boogaloo

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