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Weegee will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Weegee 2.0
The Creation of Weegee.
Weegee Herman
Weegee doing his part to take down the 'Merican war machine. You get 'em Weegee.
Weegee's Lounge in Chicago. Weegees Only!

WEEGEE (a.k.a. Luigi) AKA Mario's bitch is constantly shoop'd into any image in existence. Created 8/11/2007 by the LUEser MonkeyInCloset, Weegee has become a common meme in /v/, and most images he's in create instant lulz. However, lately, /v/ has disowned weegee, because of his frequent abuse by underaged kids and weeaboos. His disturbing image is based off the equally disturbing sprite found in the shit-tastic DOS game "Mario is Missing", a game where you travel the world in search of his lost brother while learning things. Normal Luigi is in the NES and SNES versions of the game, and Weegee can only be found in the DOS version. Weegee's piercing gaze is known to rupture souls, rend dimensions, break bosons and devour minds. It doesn't take much lurking on /v/ to witness Weegee embarking on another grand adventure in the vidya. To this day it remains unknown if Weegee is actually "Luigi" or something far worse, like a Waluigi clone. Nevertheless, you might want it to stay away from your children. Weegee will skull-fuck the shit out of you if you turn away from him. Prior to his current career as a plumber, Weegee dabbled in photography.

OK, lets not fool ourselves. Weegee is real and he will fuck you up.








Weegee is my favorite meme on 4chan


Moot - yes, he did say this at ROFLcon.

Perhaps it is WEEGEE that killed the beast.


—Jack Black in that shit-tastic King Kong remake.

Weegee Vids

Weegee on TF2
Epic Weegee Battle
Weegee Montage
Weegee's official theme song
hotel mario secret boss battle
Weegee Invasion

Weegee and DevianTART

Ever since the creation of Weegee, the DeviantART community has been shitting out "Weegees" to make themselves feel important. One of the most popular of these is Malleo, created by loser TheMarioBrother. Malleo is an equally retarded looking sprite of Mario, made solid and glorified by a lot of faggots. However, Malleo did appear in Mario is Missing, and most of the stuff about Malleo makes sense. Then, this guy made Fortran, a fat fuck who appeared in a pirated Mario game, featuring a character who looked absolutley nothing like Mario. It was only a matter of time. But, with the creation of two new shiny characters based on two old shiny characters, there had to be faggots who just loved to make something moderatly gay to full out faggotry. After Fortran came along, they made Soneek or something shitty like that, then of course came Weegario (Wario), Teelz (Tails), and what can only be described as a massive clusterfuck of bullshit. There are some that are okay, but most are pure shit.

Here is the shitstorm starter. OP banned permanently.

Weegee and YouTube

Just read "Weegee and DevianTART", but add moar gay and roleplaying. Yes, roleplaying. To make themselves feel even more important, witty Youtubers decided to make accounts such as "IAmVVeegee"/"TheRealWeegee"/"TheSuperWeegee"/"whateverthefuckhecallshimselfnow","TheRealMalleo","TheRealFortran", you get the idea. But what isn't bad isn't the main Weegees that are on Youtube, it's the people who combine recoloring with Weegee. You get the most vile of noob accounts possible, it's disgusting. Going on the current Weegee channel will most likely give you nazi crap with Weegee on everything. Heil!


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          . 8$$$$Z......M$$$$$$$$ZZ.                       
   ..DZ$$$$$$$$$$$$$ZDM$...O$$$$$$$$$$M  .                 
   .8$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$N8$$$$$$$$$$$$N     .            
    . $8$$$?I,,,,:M,,,.Z.,.,.M:,,,MM$$$$$$$$$$N            
   ..  .. .Z,,..,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,.N$MM$$$$$$$$$            
        . .N~MN...O.,,.N8O=..?.,,.D$$$$$$ON$$$$.. .        
   .   .  .MMMZ...D,,,.MM8...D,,,:$$$N,,,,,,.OI            
    ..    .N?~?D8N.,,,,7+....,,,,?$$M.,,,,.,,N.            
    .I. .8.,,,,,,,?,,,,,.D8D.,,,,,:.,,,,.:,,,D.            
   ..M. .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,M,,,,,,,,,,,,NDI .          
    .MMO,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,.MM7,,,,,,,,,,,D...  .         
   . .MM,,,,,,,,,,MMMMMMMMMMM,,,,,,,ZZ$$$$$..              
   .  .NM,,,,,,.D=NMMMMMMMM,,,,,,,.O$$$$OND. .             
       ..ZMMMMMN.,,,,+7I..,,,,,,,,N$$$$$O..   .            
        ... ... D+O~,,,,,,,,,,,,,DNNNMDN.                  
              . M???:,,,,,,,.Z????????Z$$$$$$$N.           
             . .I??I7=,,,,,?DI???????N$$$$$$$$$+..         
              ..?????????????????????I$$$$$$$$$8. .        
             ...??????????????????IZ+..........8  .        
              . 8I????????????????D..,.........N           
              ...O?????????????????N8D......,$8   .        
             .     .  ..$????I??????????????.              
               M$$$$$$N$$$$$$$ZN8$I??????D$$D .            

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