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VenomFangX generated alot of drama through his YouTube Ministry.
When he's not ripping off a children's hospital, he loves DMCA Abuse and eBegging. What follows -- in rough chronological order -- is the sagas of fail he has inflicted on himself and the universe.


Early On-line DRAMA Sagas

Venom's Ministry Gets Noticed Saga

VFX Gets Censorsed Saga

Sometime in March 2008, the YouTube Anti-Lulz Squad suspended VenomFangX, along with a load of other 'tubers with something bad to say about Islam. The general consensus was that Muslims flagged the shit out of his videos, although it might have been because he posted gore.

Islamists Hassle VFX, Atheists Come to his Rescue

Some people loled at the sweet irony of a censor-mongering idiot getting censored himself, but a large number of moralfags started talking about how everyone deserves freedom of speech and stuff. He was promptly reinstated, and thanks to all the atheists helping him return, he realized the error of his ways and decided to allow free speech on his channel.
LOL no, just joking, he went right back to calling atheist amoral scumwaffles and still doesn't allow any comments that aren't kissing his ass.
His pathological need to be both wrong and smug about it, made VenomFang into "Practice Pwnage" for any up-and-coming YouTuber who wanted to humiliate Chris'tards or Creatards. One such YouTuber, Thunderf00t made VFX's rampant unending mouth-diarrhea a constant feature of his "Why Do People Laugh at Creationists?" series.
Shawn was not going to allow some....some....well-informed smart person mock the One True Religion (of Hovindism).

DMCA Saga I:The Thunderf00t Debacle

Why so full of FAIL?

In early Autumn 2008, Venomfangx, unable to intelligently refute the verbal ass-raping handed to him by Thunderf00t's WDPLAC videos, resorted to claiming that his intellectual properties were stolen; and under supposed advice from a friend, filed DMCA charges against thunderf00t for using VFX's beastly, Patrick Bateman-esque image without permission. Several of thunderf00t's videos were promptly removed.
Of course, any idiot with half a brain in their skull would realize that any original user video submitted to YouTube automatically forfeits any and all intellectual rights and copyrights; in other words, "their" video is not "theirs" belongs to YouTube, and only exists on their servers at their sufferance.
Facts, of course, aren't relevant to Shawn. When questioned by thunderf00t about the removal of his content, PCS blatantly lied about filing the DMCA's, claiming that his "friend" mistakenly filed it for him. That was until said "friend" -- and noted Christfag -- togetherforpeace, revealed that he had nothing to do with the DMCA claims; and even advised VFX against filing them. PCS quickly countered by calling his friend a "backstabber" for having a faint ember of a conscience.
Meanwhile, thunderf00t accumulated legal support, and mounted a (much more) valid counterclaim against PCS for wrongly filing a DMCA charge. Togetherforpeace's testimony in mind, thunderf00t laid out the potential consequences to King Faggot PCS for filing false DMCA's. VenomFangX responded with what is widely regarded the most psychotic klump of faggotry ever recorded...

The Joker Video.

The Clown Prince of Fundies



-- VFX, sensible and rational debater, while posing as a psychotic comic book supervillain.... Or vice versa.
Why so Schizophrenic?

Shortly after dressing up as DC Comic's Ace of Knaves and accusing his intellectually superior opponent of blackmail, VFX was served notice that charges were going to be pressed against him by thunderf00t for his hastily filed and wholly unfounded DMCA claim.
As such, Thunderf00t gave him until September 22nd to gtfo. It more or less went like this:

VenomFangX vs Thunderf00t, The Legal Smackdown

VFX: Hey! These videos that are criticizing me use clips from my videos. That means I can file a metric shit-ton of DMCAs and get them taken down.

Thunderf00t: Actually clips used for satire and criticism are covered by 'fair use.'
Also, did you know that you could be charged with perjury for filing false DMCAs?

VFX: Um..... A "friend" of mine filed some DMCAs by mistake. You see there was this big list of DMCAs and two of your videos accidentally got put on there. I'm so very sorry about this, old chum. I'll be the first to admit that as a filthy sin-ridden human, I'm fallible and sometimes make mistakes. Can we be friends now?

Thunderf00t: No. Leave YouTube for a year or I'll pursue perjury charges.

VFX: YOU CAN'T USE CLIPS OF MY VIDEOS! I made them, I own the copyright on them. My DMCAs were totally justified! This is censorship!

Thunderf00t: Nvm this shit, I'll let you off the hook. I don't want to have your account deleted 'cause you're just too much fun. But you have to tell everyone you're a 'tard and a liar. Your own antics debunk your ideology way better than my vids do.

VFX: Ok sry, my bad. Kthxbai.

Thunderf00t is a bit miffed.

VenomFangX's response to Thunderf00t calling his bluff about the DMCA


Venom can't last longer than two a half minutes before calling Thunderf00t a Nazi Just like how he can't jack off without calling out Thunderf00t's name either.
and then...

Realizing that his tangent of faggotry and scare tactics failed and thunderf00t was still prepared to thoroughly rape his pasty ass; PCS swallowed his...pride and recited a half-assed apology to all of the internets.
The language of the apology was sensible, intelligent, well thought out, clearly expressed and most of all...true. So it was obviously not written by Shawn.

The Least Sincere Apology EVAH!

"All this 'Admitting I'm Wrong' and 'Apologizing' stuff is to me. Remorse and Contrition is hella lame."


Shawn thinks that acknowledging their mistakes is for other people and sinners.

Note the glassy, zombie-like stare; the absence of affect or passion. The feeling of telling the truth must be so alien to him that he doesn't know how to express it convincingly.
Amusing side fact: This is thunderf00t's edited down version...VFX's original was 4 minutes of drab apology followed by 5 1/2 minutes of VFX trying to coax you into visiting his new website and (hint hint) donating to the attached PayPal account. Balls of brass, ladies and gentlemen. Balls of solid fucking brass. Saga

Venom's Monetized Stupidity Saga, part I

The sales pitch for his website was reeealllly important, y'see...'cuz Golden Boy was broke at the time because....

Shawn Got Shitcanned

Shawn, being a aspie douchebag, had been fired three times already for harassing customers with his voodoo horseshit. In the following vid, he griped about being fired for "spreading the gospel" and playing Expelled in the video store he worked in. Of course, he barely mentioned how he used the video store's DVD burners to crank out over 9,000 DVDs containing 17 hours of Kent Hovind lectures. He would then give out this propaganda to random people visiting the video store. This harrassing horsetwaddle finally angered the boss; and he handed VFX his walking papers.
Oh, VFX would have no money to afford hair gel and KY. So, Of course, the lazy little bumflap resorted to eBegging, so he could indulge further with his egotistical agenda and make money off of the vapid fanbase.

How I lost my job and expect my sycophants to give me money

A shepherd needs sheep to shear.


VFX thinks that doctrine about 'The Lord will Provide' is for suckers and poor people.

Lord Hathor discovers the Hollow Core at the Center of Shawn's "Ministry"

YouTube user YouTube Favicon.png lordhathor unleashed unrecoverable pwnage upon VenomFangX when he posted a video which contained a telephone interview of a minister whose church had actually offered Shawn a job preaching the Good News of GodJebus's self-inflicted BDSM kink....but Venom turned him lordhathors video to see why.

Here is part 1 of the whole playlist.

Yep. According to the minister, Shawn turned the job down because Shawn was making more Jew Gold from his Paypal donation scam than the church had offered him as a salary. Furthermore, Shawn doesn't like other people telling him what to do, since he doesn't want to take orders even from a church, so he turned them down.
Shawn's inability to follow orders might be a problem for him if it turns out that there is a God and a Heaven. Especially if that God demands utter, unwavering obedience from his "sheep." When Shawn had his channel, he posted videos of himself witnessing to students on the college campus. They would claim to be atheists and through Venomfang's tireless efforts these heathens would be led to Jebus.
Unfortunately for Shawn, the minister spoke to some of Shawn's recent "converts" and it discovered that they were already Christians and had been so for years. So, they were being less than truthful when they said on-tape that they were not.
Yet again, proof that finding Jebus does not make the Ninth Commandment easier to obey.

During this mess, VFX's plan to "build an income stream off of theistic idiocy" was momentarily derailed by one of his minions going apeshit in public.

Tony Powell Saga

On April 10, 2009, VenomFangX's biggest sycophant, Anthony Powell (Tony48219 on YouTube), committed a murder-suicide, killing himself and the innocent atheist Asia McGowan in the process (though not necessarily in that order.) Some smart sleuths recalled that Tony was a huge fan of Shawn's videos; hating atheists as much, if not more, than his hero. It is clear from Tony's videos -- where he insults atheists with creative terms such as "titty fucking" -- that he completely agreed with, and got all his values from VenomFang.
Therefore, these sleuths decreed that Shawn was solely responsible for the savage bloodshed. Of course, to make himself look innocent, Venom made a video completely denying that he knew and/or brainwashed Tony, and instead audaciously pinned the blame for Tony's actions on Tony.
This video was even phonier than his Apology vid. He even fakes losing his composure at the beginning of the video to garner sympathy.

Mistakes Were Made. People Died. Let's Move On.

"Her Name...Was Asia McGowan."


Surprisingly, neither Tony nor Shawn were charged for the deaths, but now under heavy suspicion, Shawn will certainly not be able to get away with another stunt like this.

Venom's Monetized Stupidity Saga, part II

Website and Paypal Scam Saga

With all that icky "pretending to have empathy" bollocks out of the way, VFX could get back to his Bargain-Basement Bond Villainy.
VenomfangX started a website, so he could have all his fantards play with him. He even claimed that all would be welcomed. It had forums and a chatroom that were trollable for the lulz. Of course within a few days, VFX's control freak nature took over and he censored people for just being smarter than him.
He also lied again about Thunderf00t, since he claimed that Thunderf00t had joined his site, of course Thunderf00t posted in his channel and revealed that it was an impostor and that he in fact didn't sign up;

Sick Kids Hospital sub-Saga

VFX kicked his money-siphoning into overdrive after he promised to donate any excess money donated to the Sick Kids Hospital. After all this money appeared in his paypal, he did exactly the opposite of what he promised.
Yep. He kept the moneys. ALL the Moneys.
The two following videos series (UnffWildcards "Full Documentation of VFX's Illegal Activities" and lordhathor's "Fraudster Exposed") shows you in all its gory detail the exact moment when Shawn went from being a smug, selfish being a smug, selfish fraud who ripped off a Children's Hospital. While still being a jackass.

VFX's Illegal Activites 1 (of 2).

VFX's Illegal Activites 2 (of 2).

Fraudster Exposed 1.Paypal not Happy.

Fraudster Exposed 2.Fraud Division.

Fraudster Exposed 3.Lies and Trickery Exposed

Fraudster Exposed 4.Sick Kids Hospital

Fraudster Exposed 5.Paypal REALLY not Happy.

Fraudster Exposed 6.My Contact at Paypal.

Fraudster Exposed 7.A Last Request

Fraudster Exposed 8.PARENTS Not Happy.

This lead to waaaayyyy too much of the kind of publicity Shawn DIDN'T want. Not only his Parents, but Paypal, the cops and the tax board were suddenly verrrrry interested in the income stream squirting out of Shawn's "Ministry".

VFX's Website and Scam gets Shut Down

On May 6th, 2009, VenomFangX's website and YouTube account were shut down after Canadian authorities busted Shawn. It was discovered that he used Paypal donations from his subscribers (which he claimed were to go to Sick Kids Hospital) to buy a new car and pay for college tuition. After shutting the site down, cuntboy lied, claiming that Muslim terrorists threatened his parents' lives and Venom shut it down hoping not to offend anyone.

someone explains to VFX's dad why he fucked up

"What did you prepare him with? A large padded Scooby-Doo and a Batman Costume?"


Summary: Ya done goofed.

Surprise, VenomFagX's account is back up again! Ooops it goes bye bye.

The internet called, they want you to gtfo- oh wait, it's your mommy.
Closed YouTube Account.png
Apparently, the confounded Mohammedans are at it again

Because a snot-nosed teenaged smugcicle in Canada is a bigger threat to Global Shari'ah Hegemony than Salman Rushdie ever was.


One Last Jab of Petulant Spite

One of the forces that worked quietly behind the scenes to keep VFX's misbehavior at bay was Thunderfoot's lawyer, dprJones. Dpr was also one of those who alerted Daddy VenomFang to his son's bizarre online activities. Dpr even opened a very popular YouTube channel of his own; where he also made several videos mocking the "lets watch the monkey smear himself with shit" antics of VFX.
A few days after VFX "left YouTube for reals this time", dprJones' YouTube channel was terminated due to a massive blast of false flagging. Dpr, using his secret Lawyer Magick, was able to get the channel termination reversed...but the perpetrator who inflicted the termination has never been identified.
I'm not sayin' that is was Shawn....I'm just sayin' the timing was suspicious.

Geerup: The "new" VenomFangX

Shawn originally left Youtube (then returned then left again) but temporarily reclaimed it after his scam site was closed down.
In his "final" video (how many have there been now?) he states that he was forced to leave Youtube because of all the death threats he received from the filthy, filthy sand negros. He then announces the name of the Youtuber he is passing the torch to: GEERUP.
GEERUP is a 40 year old man with whom Shawn has repeatedly preformed fellatio on, among many other things. He, too, is a cuntbag creationist that spews non-stop bullshit. Although it's hard to believe, PCS found the one creatard dumber than himself. Some comparisons:

  • VenomFangX fakes a big vocabulary. GEERUP TYPES IN CAPS.
  • VenomFangX is a twink. GEERUP is a pedophile.
  • VenomFangX is a dork. GEERUP is a redneck.
  • VenomFangX is smarmy. GEERUP is furious.
  • VenomFangX receives death threats. GEERUP writes death threats.
  • VenomFangX uses God as fapping material. GEERUP uses God like a weapon.
  • VenomFangX is a cunt. GEEERUP is a douche.

Most of GEERUP's short, sad tenure was taken up with failing to understand taxonomy, even after this scary Klingon from Texas AronRa explained it to him, like, 5 times. Even using visual aids, GEERUP was just too dumb to get it.
The hilarity continued on the normal VenomFangX channel, so stay tuned for lulz.

Wait, nevermind

Not long after, Venomfangx showed his attention-whorish colors again. After the prominent Youtube scientist, Thunderf00t, debated Christian fuckwit Ray Cumfart, Shawn decided make a video response. Apparently, Shawn was butthurt that Thunderf00t got to meet Comfort before he did. The video displayed everything people hate about Shawn: his unfounded certainty, his disgusting pale face, his utter scientific illiteracy, his rage-inducing arrogance and the fact that he also attacks Thunderf00t's stutter, showing how classy he is. Also take note that Shawn can barely go a full minute without comparing Thunderf00t to Hitler.
The description claimed "No, I'm not back for good", meaning this drama-queen will be back in about a week to make another "farewell" video.

Remember Kiddies, There Never was a Stone Age

"If you want to debate me, the offer is still open.


Says the self-obsessed twerp who (supposedly) left YouTube because his sticking around angered terrorists who would kill his family if he ever came back. Ah, but who needs family if you get the chance to pwn yourself peddling reheated Creationist twaddle. I mean, he has money and can buy himself a new family, right?

JK GUISE, VenomFangX BALEETED HIZ ACCOUNTZ. The video has been mirrored by other users, so we all can see how to quote- mine and steal techniques from the person you are arguing against (Thunderf00t once suggested that PCS should delete all his videos for the benefit of mankind). EPIC FAIL, Shawn Karon!

The Vengeance is Delicious, You Must Taste It

Apparently, Daddy Venomfang doesn't know that Baby Venomfang is sneaking around behind his back and making drama again. Feel free to call Mr. Karon at 905-731-8992 and congratulate him and his son on defeating the Muslims who were threatening them, and say that it's great that Shawn is back on Youtube making videos again. Or you can send him a (tasteful, Christian-friendly) greeting card at the following address: 19 Circle Court, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada, L3T 7X2.

DMCA Saga II: dprJones Destroys Shawns World

Showing that you can't teach an old fag new tricks, VFX tried the DMCA bullshit again. This time, he barely escaped with his scalp still attached.

Abusing Teh DMCA on Youtube AGAIN!

In January 2010 (shortly after yet another "triumphant" return) in a display of almost incomprehensible fail, Venomfangx filed more than 30 false DMCA's, Five of which were against the Youtube user dprJones. Most were for "[using] my image without permission" and attempts to "incite hatred against me and endanger my family" and "Making Baby Jesus Cry".
Unbeknownst to Venomfangx:

  • By posting his image in a video and then posting that video to YouTube, he surrendered many of his rights. Therefore his claim about others 'misusing his image' are thwarted by the same TOS he agreed to when he joined the site.
  • Saying truths about his stupid beliefs and then backing up the assertions with evidence doesn't cause any harm to come to Venom's family. At all. So stop being a whiny dramaqueen.
  • Nobody cares if Baby Jesus cries, because Baby Jesus is a figment of your diseased imagination, Shawn.

and most importantly...

  • dprjones is actually a real lawyer. So Shawn had filed fraudulent legal paperwork against an actual lawyer (instead of just an

wannabe e-Lawyer). In fact, dprjones provided legal advice to Thunderf00t the first time PCS tried this shit; and in sending the PM to dprjones, Shawn provided irrefutable evidence of his crime. PCS was suddenly in the crosshairs of a titanic legal smack-down for his hubris, with a possibility of quality time with his idol Kent Hovind at the local penitentiary.

Venomfang Gets DMCA Happy...Again!

"It is YOU and Your Statements that Incite Hatred."


In response to Venom's fraudulent DMCAs and other illegal activities, dprJones sent notice that because of his irresponsible behavior, he had 10 days to terminate his account and leave Youtube for one year, or dpr would pursue legal action. Unlike Thunderf00t, dpr would not be appeased by a half-assed apology.

DPR'sjones Debunking (and Ultimatum!) to VenomfangX!

"Do a Google Search for VenomfangX. The first page is my YouTube Page, the second is an inflammatory page that has my parents home address and phone number."


You might be looking at the page he's bitching about

Oh my Good God, Shawn...what a Bag of Shit! If you would do anything to protect them, you would not be not be back on Fuckwit!


Did PCS realize that he was outmatched by someone who knew what the fuck he was talking about? Did PCS come to his senses and quietly sneak out the side door so as to avoid any further humiliation? FUCK. NO! He went all Internet Tough Guy and challenged a lawyer to a LolSuit!!

His initial response not as batshit insane as his DMCA response to Thunderf00t while dressed as the Joker, but it was still completely and utterly ignorant, especially since he clearly did not learn from his previous stupidity).


"aka. I am a huge faggot. Please Rape My Face"


And as expected, five minutes after acknowledging his grave mistake... He posted an apology.
Yep. Only hours after making his "imma gonna fuck you up, dpr" video....he tries to weasel his way out of the oncoming train of legal assrape headin' his way, by posting a half-hearted, bullshit psuedo-apology, as if that will help in the slightest. Ha Ha, Oh Wow!!!

The tl;dw version of the above vids...

VenomFangX vs dprjones, or ROUND 2: Electric Boogaloo

VFX: Hey! These videos that are criticizing me use clips from my videos. That means I can file a metric shit-ton of DMCAs and get them taken down.

dprjones: Actually clips used for satire and criticism are covered by 'fair use.' Also, did you know that you could be charged with perjury for filing false DMCAs?

VFX: Um..... can't you just take down your own vids and let me keep making vids saying all atheists are babyrapists and are having buttsecks with Charles Darwin's corpse and pissing in his open mouth?

dprjones: No. Leave YouTube in 10 days or I'll pursue perjury charges.

VFX: YOU CAN'T USE CLIPS OF MY VIDEOS! I made them, I own the copyright on them. My DMCAs were totally justified! This is censorship!

dprjones: (ignores VFX and begins writing his opening statement for the upcoming court case.)

VFX: I'm so very sorry about this, old chum. I'll be the first to admit that as a filthy sin-ridden human, I'm fallible and sometimes make mistakes. Can we be friends now?

dprjones: (continues ignoring VFX, while he writes his closing statement for the upcoming court case.)

VFX: Waaaah! No, massa, don' take mah webpage frum me. It's the only thing that gives my pitiful "life" "meaning"!

dprjones: (continues ignoring VFX's simpering and blubbering, and makes inquiries about jurisdictions and open dockets.)

VFX: I saw you ask a grown woman to take her top off, and that makes you a filthy, filthy pedo!

dprjones: (adds libel to the lists of charges)

VFX: Welll, FINE! I don't need YouTube! I'm taking my ball and going home back to Christian School. (sprays piss and gasoline over everything around him, in an attempt to burn it down and contaminate it.)

VFX DAD: Pbbt! (splutters to get the urine out of his mouth) Shawn, you Filthy Ingrate! Time for Banhammer!

It's on like Donkey Kong

Despite leaving and never coming back, VenomFangX started uploading a video using over 9000 sock accounts (here's 6 of them: aTHEISTnotanAtheist, snow364, AtheismisDumb, FrDtttal, gbcgy818, Godslight123) alleging that dprjones asked a 17 year old girl to show her breasts to him on camera, and is a pedophile. In true VenomFangX fashion, he didn't do the research.
The woman involved was in her 20's and thus no crime was committed. As of 4:00pm he was still reposting/re-featuring the vid on other sock-accounts and trying to get his minions to follow suit. As for the sock accounts...wouldn't it be a shame and a pity if those accounts were flagged, spammed, votebotted and DMCA'd into a hole in the ground? Not making a suggestion, just making the observation that it would be a shame. Yeah.

Meanwhile, as dprjones slept (Britain is far away mmmkay) Over9000 commenters begged him to totally sue the ever loving shit out of VenomFagX to teach him a lesson.

Internet Argument Technique -9 - Passive Agressive Apology.jpg

from the user, seededfury. complain to him if this video gets fucked up

Wow. He not only goes out like a punk with his tail between his legs, he manages to incriminate himself again!

In this vid, VFX shows he can't pronounce the word malevolent "MA-LEV-O-LENT" (this becomes important later, trust me.) and claims he chooses to leave YouTube, so he can focus on Seminary College Schoolwork. Then hurls out a libelous accusation that dprjones is a kiddyfiddler because he wanted to see a 25-year old woman's bewbz. Yeah, venom, false libel accusations, that'll make you look good to a jury. Suuuuuure.

dprjone's response. He is almost at the point at epically pwning VenomFangX/exposing his lies a hundred times. Sadly, dprjones will never get that free T-Shirt.

As techniques go to goad people in to filing lawsuits against oneself, all agree VenomFangX's new fighting style is unstoppable.

Venom says goodbye (again)

Internet Argument Technique -6 - Hotel California Guest.jpg

Update, 8 January 2010: Apparenty VenomFagX came to his senses before entering a legal battle which the poor little fucker realized he couldn't win. In true butthurt pussy fashion, he deleted all his videos and uploaded a video saying goodbye to all his drooling, sexless fanbois - lying yet again that he was leaving because atheists...or...muslims...or space aliens...had threatened his parents, (claiming that now the evil atheists can't be saved because they tried to censor Shawn sharing the Gospel).
Unfortunately, he likely garnered so many mindless sheep from his ex-Youtube "ministry", that he'll be able to start his own pedophile cult (in Waco fashion). If we're lucky, hopefully him and his peons will end up like Jim Jones.

But don't worry, he'll be back, as he can't seem to avoid personally embarrassing himself in every opportunity he gets.

As usual, he'll spend a year seriously contemplating his mistakes, praying for forgiveness, and being a good Christian.
Naw, I'm just shitting you. He eBegged for money from gullible creationtards and blamed the evil atheists and Muslims for his own mistakes and everything that ever went wrong in his life, from his parent's disappointment to his poorly-shaven unibrow to his failure to achieve an erection.

The shitfest continues

Update, 11 January 2010: Like a three-year-old having a temper tantrum, Shawn couldn't play in the sandbox anymore because he's pissed and shit in it too many times, so he tried destroy all the other sandcastles so he can feel better about himself as a last ditch effort. Despite the closure of his channel, he kept on flagging dprjones' videos, resulting in the suspension of both dpr's main and sub accounts:

Other victims included: djarm67 (4 DMCA's filed),
Jesuzfreek777 (Was suspended.)
Thunderf00t (Limited info.).
C0ct0pusPrime (Again, limited info.),
lordhathor, (Hit and now in contact with a lawyer),
thetaomega, (Limited info.).
Jaguarj0nes (Limited info.).
Coughlan666 (2 videos attacked).
agnosticman77 (1 video)
FSAthe1st (1 video reported DMCA'ed.)
TOMMYfromtheBRONX (1 video).

Too bad VFX is too daft to realize that -- in the almost certain likelihood he will return to YouTube -- he won't be able to pull the same shit. Because of his butthurt immaturity, as well as countless protests for change from a number of popular bloggers, YouTube might actually start making some real changes to its DMCA filing procedure, thus rendering it unable to be abused the way he intended. GAME OVER, (Shawn), YEAHHHH!.

Update, November 2011: Nope. DMCA Douchebags was still an epidemic; and yes, Venom came back.

Response to Removed Youtube Account

First he made a video promising never to accept any money. Then he mads a video asking for donations.
You'd think maybe after somebody made a video pointing out this discrepancy he'd maybe STFU.
But, no. Even after his account was destroyed, he still attempted to get money (to "help Christianity"). This is the email:

Dear youtube supporters, this is VenomFangX. As you are aware I have been forced off youtube until 2011. I am asking my supporters to help compensate for the hardships I am currently enduring. I would like to perhaps re-launch my website, as well as be able to afford some small comforts while I am living at the school away from my family. If you are unable to assist or have reservations in doing so, I understand completely. My paypal account is ████████@██████████████.com and I would appreciate any financial assistance you can offer. God bless and thanks for your support, whether it be financial or your prayers. God bless.


—Venomfang will zuck ya duck for fiddy dollas

The IslamisaCancer Sockpuppet sub-Saga

Update, Jan 14th 2010: Shawn (using his IslamIsaCancer sockpuppet account) decided that Blackmail is the only option left to him. Watch this short vid full of blatant fail for details...

Hey, Hey Counterfeit Fake...

"oes this mean that dprjones has to put on joker makeup now?"


IslamIsaCancer threatened multiple people with DMCA's if the mirrors weren't all Baleeted! Like a typical censorship goon, he didn't get that once something is on the Interwebz, it doesn't "go away". For the same way you can't unscramble an egg!
Yes. As of Feburary of 2012, All the vids IIaC bitched about are still on YouTube.

List of Shawn's sock accounts

Internet Argument Technique -5 - Be Your Own Wingman.jpg

To name but a few...

  • aTHEISTnotanAtheist -- consecutively uploaded


Venomfangx - how low can you go?])

  • Shadowbobo8028fan
  • Shadowbobo8028iscool
  • 5stars8028
  • SaviorJesusChrist2009 -- Can be found in the Youtube video "Another Letter from VenomfFangX by JordanOwen42.
  • SaviorChrist2009 -- Used to harrass JordanOwen42 and UNFFWildCard. (as of Jan 19th, this sock is still making excuses for Shawn and still posting rubbish. Probably still mispronouncing/misspelling "Malevolent" for all I know.)
  • Bobobeast8028
  • nedsneebly (suspected) -- QUOTE: I plan to report everyone that harrassed shawn. God Bless his soul. ; These atheists are ALL talk. Come sue because I tried to submitt third party DMCA's. (found on Venomfangx Accusations and DMCAs)
  • saviour285 -- QUOTE: This is a response to your recent video, attempt to disagree with VenomFangX's ideas and notions. VenomFangX's past videos have [...] also stated the punishments in store for those who rejected God's love in seve[r]al of my videos. [...] VFX made his condit[i]ons very clear on several occassions [sic] and as you know he has offered to refund anybody's money if they believe I have misused it. (a massage sent to Anghellik9).
  • IslamlsaCancer -- he gives himself away by titling his anti-Jordan Owen vid "Jordanowen42 is a Lying Melevolent Human Being" You can just hear him saying "Mel-vel-int", can't you. UPDATE: Although he hasn't Baleeted this account, he has Baleeted all his uploaded videos. Hmmmm. UPDATE #2: Ah, now we know WHY he removed his he can try the "I deleted the vid so now nobody has the right to post it anymorez" gambit."

I removed my video so this is copyright infringement. If you don't take this down I will file a DMCA. If you don't want your account terminated I suggest you remove this video. And I am not Shawn you idiots.


— Shawn aka. IslamIsacancer

Funny....considering that this is the same incorrect assumption that Shawn believed.

You're really starting to get on my nerves with these baseless accusations. My video has been removed and if you don't remove yours I WILL file a dmca. You will get my personal info but I will also have yours. Do you want to play this game?


—IslamIsaCancer missing the point entirely.

Here's Ryoka242's vid about the Blackmail vid.

VenomFangX's Sockpuppets vs Everyone in the fucking Universe, or ROUND 3: This Time It's Impersonal

VFX Sockpuppet: Hey! Shawn is full of Wisdom and you should all give me...uh, him his channel back without any of this legal punishment nonsense! If you don't give me...uh, him...his channel back I'll...I mean, someone should, like, send you to jail for being a Satan Worshipping Pedophile!...or something...

The Rest of Jewtube: Shawn, we Know it's you. GTFO Mah Intarwebz.

Jordan Owen: Your dad told me to tell you to get off the the Intarwebz.

VFX Sockpuppet: (opens his votebotting app and sets it to Assrape)

Jordan Owen: WTF!?

VFX Sockpuppet: You suck the devils cock! Gimme my Channel Back! Or its Blackmail Time!

dprjones: (quietly adds blackmail to the list of charges)

The Rest of Jewtube: GET. OFF. MAH. INTARWEBZ!!!

VFX Sockpuppet: My...Shawn's "Year Away from the Internet" starts today tommorrow next week! NEVAH!


VenomFangX's Sockpuppets vs GodJesus, or ROUND 4: The Fucktard Menace

(note, he came back on December 20th 2010...he hasn't had time to do anything stupid, yet....but he will. And this section here will be waiting for him.)

The Apology v3.0

Instead of just letting Shawn blather, Here's Shawn's blather cut with BionicDance's color commentary
A message from Shawn and his father

An ED article can only hold so many lulz before it starts to become an archival collection of failures. Shawn's a perfect example of this. He deserves all the criticism he got, though one can imagine an entire YouTube community of people who dislike you and an entire ED article with many examples of fail might possibly make you want to change for the better and go see a shrink. Let's hope he actually learned his lesson and isn't just pretending, because we and everyone else are tired of his lies. We never forget, but we might no longer feel the need to write about him if he becomes a person of less notable fail and stops making an example of himself to everyone. Needless to say, Lord Hathor just doesn't give a fuck!

actively pursuing Smackdown

Evangelist in Exile Saga

After half of Canada knocked on the front door of Chez Karon demanding Shawn's head on a pike, secret negotiations were held between Shawn, Shawn's Dad, the Atheist Community on YouTube, and a few miffed lawyers representing the tax board and the hospital. Apparently, Dad was able to smooth things over, and everyone walked away from the table as friends.
Mostly, they all agreed that Shawn should stay away from teh intarwebs for a year until all the bad blood subsided. Shawn himself even agreed. He made one final FINAL final video, where he subtly implied that he was retiring the VFX "persona". Y'know, like VFX isn't Shawn....but merely a persona he a coat.'s like Shawn Karon's sports blazer filed all those DMCA's; and if he just folds it up and gives it Goodwill, the bad stuff will stop happening....right?
Anyhow...he promised to really leave YouTube for reals for reals, for a year, and stop being an embarrasment to his family, his community and his religion.

He lasted barely three months before definite signs of his intrusive presence were felt on YouTube.
And then, on May 27th, 2010...This happened....

Barney the Biblesaur sub-Saga

Early in the mid-morning hours of May 27th, only 4 months into his self-imposed exile, Shawn reappeared like some corrupt mockery of Zombie Jebus...kinda...this time as a hand stuffed up the ass of a dinosaur.

Jurassic Punkass: When Biblesaurs Attack

"Why does a 20+ year old man even OWN a Barney the Purple Dinosaur hand puppet?"


Does he need it to tempt loli's Shota into the bushes? (Why is he tempting kids into the bushes? So he can teach them about Jebus, of course. Get your mind out of the gutter.)

At ~5:30, the vocoder momentarily fails, and for ~1 second, you can hear Shawn's unaltered voice.
Wasn't the deal with dprJones that he stay away until at least, January 19th of 2011? Did his folks finally kick him out and is he broadcasting his Kent Hovind-wannabe nonsense from the basement of the local YMCA? We might never know.

Update, May 27th 2010...Lunchtime!
The original vids on the BibleBarney channel were removed, due to DMCA notices from Hit Entertainment, the owners of Barney the Purple Dinosaur. So VFX's Triumphant Return had been mometarily thwarted!

Update, May 28th 2010....12am
Even though his original channel was hit by DMCA's, Shawn just would't stay down. He's opened another channel: BarneyBibleShow ...and re-posted the video.

As just as quickly as this weird attack began, it just as suddenly ended. Shawn was not heard from again until Dec of 2010.

He's back

Just like genital herpes, VFX returned, nearly a month ahead of schedule.

Upon his glorious return, VenomFangX finally come out of the closet and released a Youtube video hoping to find Mr Right for buttsecks with additional dog sounds topped off with "Ice Cubes and Chocolate. All of you available men out there, feel free to get in touch with him!!!

Apparently, He's just as Moist on the Inside

See what happens when you spend too much time desperately hoping to feel Jesus inside you?


His new videos are even stranger than before the exile. Is Shawn now showing he has a surreal sense of humor....or is he just more visibly bugfuck than before?

An Example of NuShawn's Bugfuckery

In July 2011, VenomFangX has demonstrated his supreme intelligence to the world that he has mastered the language of Cow. As it is known that only a few intelligent people can speak Cow, Shawn has proven to the world that he is as smart as his hero, Kent Hovind and his time at university is not wasted. As a graduation reward, Shawn received a free meal and a cow costume made up of a white t-shirt with black plastic stapled on. PURE GENIUS!!!

The Apology v4.0

Coming Soon to an embarrassed universe near you!

Current Status

Where is VenomFangX now?

Nowadays, the exact same shit he did before he got kicked off YouTube....making the same YouTube videos yet again, continuing to trot out and rehash the same tired, already debunked Kent Hovind arguments, again, for the 9001st time.

Venomfangs Current Location

Because Shawn wouldn't be able to cut it in a real college that teaches facts and deals with reality, he has instead hidden himself in the Tyndale College and Seminary. Which is a preacher farm. Just what the world DOESN'T need. If you would like to meet Shawn in person, for a cup of Coffee Semen or just to say hi, then please, do not hesitate to find him at the Non-accredited/Christian/Evilution school:

Tyndale College and Seminary,North York Toronto CA,
Tyndale University College & Seminary
25 Ballyconnor Court, Toronto, ON M2M 4B3,

You can find the approximate address here.

How to Contact Him

Phone:1-416-226-6380 and what is he doing at that school, you ask? Well, here's some exclusive, never before seen footage. In this vid, Venomfang gets pegged by a black hooker while he fellates a dong-shaped crackpipe...

Ooops. My bad. Brb, Have to make another mirror.

FUN THINGS TO DO KEEP THE KIDS AMUSED: If you'd like to spam, uh I mean support VenomFangX's e-vangelism, you can pop him an email here: [email protected]. (Ooops, baleeted by an evil conspiracy of Parents, Paypal and Canadian Mounties)

You Can also Go to his Website []. They have there own forum.
In a Bad mood? There is also a chatromm on the site You can troll for the lulz. Make it count, though...he'll ban you if he notices it. {clear}

A Caveat to Anyone who Meets VFX in the Street

On numerous occasions PCS claimed that Muslim extremists and/or other imaginary beings were planning on killing him and his family. While many of his fellow Christfags gobbled it up, it was rather unusual that there were no mention of it on local news. It makes us wonder if they were real at all and not an excuse to exit stage left. So in order to make Shawn not a liar, you should approach him while wearing a ridiculous turban and screaming "Allahu Akbar!!!!"
You will make note that to do so is IRL trolling and you lack the protection that you would gain OTI. Proceed at your own risk. Not that being online help you. If you counter-notify any of his DMCA's he'll happily drop your docs to anyone who emails him.

FUN THINGS TO KEEP THE KIDS AMUSED II: Here's something "special" Shawn put in the "About Me" section of the Profile for his Sockpuppet "IslamIsaCancer":
__________ |
__________ |
________ ███\ __ ███\ PUT THIS
________ ███\ __ ███\
________ ███\ __ ███\ ON YOUR
________ ███\ __ ███\
________ ███\ __ ███\ CHANNEL
________ ███\ __ ███\
________ ███\ __ ███\ IF YOU
________ ███\ __ ███\
________ ███\ __ ███\ THINK 9/11
________ ███\ __ ███\
________ ███\ __ ███\ WAS
________ ███\ __ ███\
________ ███\ __ ███\ DONE BY MUSLIMS
Ah. But The Onion Disagrees. So....what do we do if we think Hare Krishna's are behind it?

'What Kinda Peckertrack would Abuse the DMCA!?'

BEHOLD! the Dark Stain of DMCA Abusing Dograpists!

Brett Keane...Inmendham...JDubs...MPAA...RIAA

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