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One of these guys is a pedo, and if you had valleyfever's special pedo detecting abilities you would know which one.
Joey in his Sunday best.
Valleyfever making jokes about child rape. Yeah this guy is all about "saving kids".
Valleyfever, on his facebook sock, calling for death to David Rock.
Father and son right? Guess again.
Rut roh. Somebody's "boyfriend" is still in High School.
Valleyfever and bteenboy14.
Umm, yeah. What's going on here?
Valleyfever, protecting another kid from Dave Rock. Even on websites that Dave Rock has never visited.
"Valleyfever to the rescue!" More pot, kettle, black pedo-projecting from the self-appointed hero of the internet.
Community advocate. lol yeah right.
Valleyfever says there's no room for boylovers. He wasn't including himself, of course.
The big hero gives himself a big pat on the back.
On his facebook sock valleyfever is a jewish pedo trapped in a black man's body.

YouTube Favicon.png valleyfever, AKA Joey Wilson, is a user on YouTube who tried to gain notoriety by publicly denouncing YouTube partner and convicted pedophile YouTube Favicon.png Davidsfarm. Although stating publicly that this was about "saving children" and "stopping a monster", what it really turned out to be was his attempt to profit off the supposed fervor. He thought this would result from revealing 18 year old court documents about David Hugh Rock's crimes, but he kinda fucked up. The logic behind it being that he would supposedly make a bunch of money off doing Oprah if the issue were able to get enough attention.

It's massive. You'll see Anna, Evelyn, and I on national talk shows within a year talking about this issue. This whole thing has just begun and you're all getting to watch in unfold with front row seats.


—valleyfever, it'$ all about $aving kid$

We'll be walking down the red carpet any day now in Hollywood! lol


—valleyfever, he's going to be a big star

The only problem was, eventually it was discovered that valleyfever himself was in fact chasing underage boys. And soon enough, dreams of fame and stardom would turn to tears of disgrace, ruin, and threats of lawlsuits.

The truth always is uncovered with time


—valleyfever, self-fulfilled prophecy

"I'm making sure that the community is a safe place for everyone."

As more and more attention got drawn to Joey in his quest to multiply his jew gold, via the talk show circuit, a few curious things he himself had done came to light. The first of these was a comment he left on this video: YouTube Favicon.png To Catch a Predator: The predator who wanted to become an engineer, Part 2 (Richer Daniel Breault). With respect to Richer Daniel Breault, who had been convicted of attempted child molestation, attempted oral copulation with a person under 14 who is unconscious or asleep, and attempted sodomy with a person under 14 and sending harmful matter with the intent of seducing a minor, valleyfever had the utmost sympathy. He said:

I just looked it up. He was convicted of 4 felony counts of child molestation, 3 of them attempted. He received 180 days in jail and lifetime registration. I think it's ridiculous and his life is ruined now. Poor guy! He should have the crap beat out of him for pulling this stunt, yes, but to classify him as a high risk sex offender really seems a bit much.


—valleyfever, pity for a pedo

Very curious that the same guy who has called for David Rock to be "put to death" would state that Richer Daniel Breault should have gotten a slap on the wrist. This moment marked the beginning of the end for Joey as more and more people realized that this wasn't about saving kids at all. For YouTube Favicon.png annathoms, Dave's ex, this was about getting revenge, but for Joey, this was all about making money.

The next weird thing to be discovered was Joey's romantic interest. Joey has always been very open about his "relationship" with his boyfriend Matt, and had uploaded many videos of him and Matt frolicking at Joey's house (although most of them have been privated or deleted now). On closer inspection, it was discovered that Joey's "boyfriend" was actually still in fucking high school. On his "boyfriend's" facebook, before it was hastily privated, it could be clearly seen that 75% of his friends still attend Moorpark High School. Valleyfever is very sensitive about his relationship with this underage boy, and when confronted about it will scream and cry about "homophobia" and threaten with lolsuits.

An examination into Joey's other online activities turned up his abandoned Stickam account. On this account he only has one friend, a user called "krazyboy91". When you click on krazyboy91's icon, it redirects to the deleted profile of "bteenboy14". A little internet digging turned up bteenboy14's myspace, and although he has his profile showing that he's "18", it also shows that he's not going to graduate High School until 2011. That makes him 16 now, and probably 15 at the time that Joey, 35, was having video chats with him. What's even weirder is that Joey had uploaded a pic of his "boyfriend" Matt and called the pic "me", as if he was pretending to be his teen boyfriend in order to attract other teens.

As if that wasn't enough, it turns out that Joey has also made unwanted sexual advances on kids that have talked back to him online. In this video YouTube Favicon.png My daughter turned 13, a 15-16 year old user named YouTube Favicon.png drphilstruck told valleyfever to fuck off. This is how Joey responded:

I like to do the fucking - never had anything EVER in my tailpipe and I'm planning to keep it that way. But you look like you could use a good fucking. I'll slap a dollop of wheel bearing grease in your crack and I'll ride you all night long. We could do it in that school bus you show. It'd be great...You could even turn on the flashing red lights to add to the effect. Awesome plan! :D


YouTube Favicon.png valleyfever, he has a way with kids

Whenever people expressed disdain with Joey for his obviously predatory overtones, his partner in crime Anna Thoms would speak up, unfortunately, and show why it's not only important to know who you've allied yourself with, but that it's also very important to finish grade school.

Then you are a resist big-get. , what's nest do you want to burn him at the stack?


YouTube Favicon.png annathoms, mangling the english language, while whiteknighting her whiteknight

Now Here's Something You Don't See Every Day

As more and more digging on Joey was done, more and more bizarre things started coming to light. A strange MY.gif Myspace profile of his was found where he says he's a 49 year old woman and, once again, had only one friend. The 49 year old woman thing isn't even the strange part. The one friend though told the whole story. The friend's myspace is MY.gif mechaphilia, and he likes, you guessed it, fucking cars. Which means by association, that Joey apparently likes fucking cars too. Here are a few drawings uploaded on that account in the pics section and from the blog.

I'm Kind of a Big Deal

For an average-looking Jewish pedo with Erik Estrada hair, valleyfever has a massive ego. We're talking HUEG LIEK XBOX. He's his own biggest fan, and as you can see from some of his posts, he has the utmost respect for himself. Anybody who challenges the great valleyfever will be quickly put in their place. His hormones will kick in and you will swiftly be called a homophobe or a pedophile, which will immediately be followed by him excessively patting himself on the back. How you gonna step to that, huh bitch?

I have clearly "succeeded" on Youtube by any reasonable standards. I have over 300 subscribers and many, many good friends on here. I EARNED that by being decent to people and I have a reputation for being strong, honest, and never taking shit from people.


—valleyfever, because only decent people can have 300 subscribers on YouTube

You have every indicator of an offender. Having communicated with you in the past coupled with my elementary knowledge of psychology, I would make a somewhat educated prediction that you are already an offender or will be one day. You challenge my work, because it threatens your ideas and you project your fears of what you have/will done and resent the fact that people like me exist to detect you and bring you to justice.


—valleyfever, using his Batman decoder ring to predict future child molesters

His Majesty Gets Taken Down a Notch

While posting anti-Davidsfarm comments on the Davidsfarm Facebook Fan Page as "Tony Williams", valleyfever was caught, once again, talking himself up. He has apparently spoken to himself on the phone, and faxed himself important documents related to his pursuit of David Rock. In the "Fuck the OPP" thread from the "discussions" section he had this to say:

Valleyfever talking about what a great guy he is as Tony Williams.JPG
Valleyfever as Tony Williams i dunno if valleyfever has a facebook lol.JPG
Valleyfever says ED is full of lies.JPG

Stop! In the Name of the Lawl!

The background Joey put up on his channel.
Joey's felonies.

Since the publishing of the Davidsfarm article and this article, Joey has been shitting himself. He's made various threats concerning this issue. Here's a current list of the tactics Joey has employed since these articles came out:

  1. Joey has deleted all of the videos showing him and "boyfriend" Matt.
  2. Joey then put up a hastily made "I'm not hiding" video featuring him and Matt giving their Happy Holidays wishes on December 23, 2009.
  3. Joey then deleted the "I'm not hiding" video on December 25, 2009.
  4. Joey then made legal threats and claimed he was getting a "DV100" restraining order.
  5. When he got laughed at, he then posted a file that he stole from his dad's law office as his background on YouTube. The Los Angeles courts database had no record of anything filed by any Joseph Mintz for the entire month of December, 2009.
  6. Joey quickly removed his background realizing that the case number is traceable, and that he probably just fucked himself really bad.
  7. Joey is currently on "friend lock", meaning only YouTube friends can send him private messages.

What this means for Joey is that not only is he in danger due to his kid-fiddling, but he's also now in danger for violating his dad's attorney/client confidentiality oaths, and has placed his dad's law practice in jeopardy in a feeble attempt to look tough on the internets. This is without even mentioning Joey's felonies for negligently discharging a firearm, for which he should never be allowed access to any legal documents of any kind. The California State Bar describes a felony as a crime of "moral turpitude", and would probably be quite dismayed that such a person is pilfering legal documents for his own gain.

MisterJohnnySorrow hitting the nail on the motherfucking head.

On January 2, 2010, YouTube Favicon.png Valleyfever uploaded a "goodbye" video where he stated that this would not only be his last video, but soon afterward he would be closing his account. He blamed the "bad economy" and "creative comment mining" for his demise. He promised he would "pursue prosecution", and threatened to find the people responsible for besmudging his good reputation. He bawwwwwed about cyber-stalking, cyber-harassment, and said what was done to him was "criminal". At approximately 4:30pm on the same day he deleted his channel as promised.

Joseph Seth Mintz then proceeded to STFU, and GTFO, by DELETING FUCKING EVERYTHING. On January 4, 2010, Joey closed down his YouTube Favicon.png Valleyfever818 account, his Stickam account, and his "Tony Williams" and "Herman Sanchez" facebooks. He wiped his "jsmintz" account of any and all text and photos on, and deleted his self-serving self-insert on Urban Dictionary. He appears to be in the process of attempting to destroy the evidence of his crimes. Good luck with that Joey.

On January 20, 2010, a series of email exchanges between David Rock and Joey Mintz were released. The most damning of these messages contained the following passage written by Joey:

I will admit, our actual attractions are very similar, but I've stayed out of trouble by liking them between 18-23. I used to absolutely hate you for your history of wanting younger until I realized it was the same thing other than it happened to be illegal in your case.


—Joseph Seth Mintz, Confessing to David Rock that he likes little boys

It Lives

While Joey was in hiding for the past 10 months, the people that really cared about the Davidsfarm thing had continued to work hard on it. On October 10, 2010, a devastating internationally syndicated news report came out on Davidsfarm, detailing everything about Dave Rock's past. When Joey saw this report he quickly re-opened his YouTube Favicon.png valleyfever channel that very same day, hoping that he didn't just miss the gravy train that he had been waiting for. He immediately went to work patting himself on the back all over YouTube.

I want to thank all the people that have helped ME spread the word. I'm not trying to take credit for this. I might have started this whole issue, but I don't call it my issue.



Well, considering I'm the king of what Dave refers to as the "Hater Club" I suppose I'm the guy that reported Dave.


—valleyfever, humbly not trying to take credit for this

OK, you can resume to calling me a pedophile again even though I'm famous for protecting kids.


—valleyfever, umm, that's not what you're famous for.

To prove he's absolutely positively not a pedophile, Joey has gotten Matt to make a video defending him. The main points are: no one is a pedophile unless they're on the registry, nobody knows how old he is, and that Joey only acts like a pedophile because he has Assburgers. His advice is to pre-block all "the haters", because it wouldn't be good if somebody heard something that contradicted them.

I've known Joey almost 3 years and have spoken with him over the phone many times. Everything he's told me is FAR from a lie. How old are you and DO YOU MOLEST KIDS??


YouTube Favicon.png superchargewhine, just another 15 year old that 36 year old Joey has spoken to on the phone many times. TOTALLY not a pedophile.

Recently Joey has been on a private messaging spree on YouTube. Shooting off verbose explanations to anyone and everyone who will listen. With rumors floating around that another news story is about to surface on Davidsfarm, Joey is actively trying to stage a last minute PR blitz in hopes of convincing people that the sky is red and that he is not a pedo, with the ultimate goal of getting himself on national TV. Unfortunately for him, two witnesses have recently come forward admitting that Joey has confessed to them that he did indeed have sexual relations with his boyfriend Matt while he was 16. Oops.

While most people with two brain cells can see that the long list of Joey's activities with 15-16 year old boys are indicative of his penchant for kiddies, there are still one or two people who have bought into his bullshit. Despite this, even the pedos at Boychat have seen right through his charade and have subsequently called him out as a self-hating pedophile.

On November 19, 2010, Valleyfever closed his account again.


Whoops! Fake pedo-hunter Rebelchild telling pedo Valleyfever that he's "hot".

Joey's Accounts:


JewTube Logo.png

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