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Fatpieceofshit.jpg FAT FAGGOT FUCK SCAM ALERT!
Updownmostly is currently trying to scam people out of their hard earned money, do not give him any cash since he will most likely eat your dollars.
Updownmostly lawl.jpg
Timothy Ladd resting comfortably at home.
Updownmostly is dedicated to youngtubers.
When Updownmostly isn't molesting little boys he EATS.

When it comes to YouTube, pomposity is no rare commodity among vloggers. UpDownMostly(AKA Tim), however, takes the frickin' cake. UDM loves to get on "the Tubes" and drone on and on about this and that involving online youth. Tim believes he's an authority on every subject, and loves to make videos telling you just that. Though many of his fanboys are quite impressed with his vast worldly knowledge, most of YouTube can only attest that he has clearly mastered the refrigerator.



—updownmostly talking about the boychat logo

Tim Who?

Tim's competition: Dustin Gardner

UDM was relatively unknown and mired in obscurity until the epic battle that transpired between the kid-collecting titans Young Tubers United and Ytask. Tim sided with Young Tubers United, and engaged in an active campaign of discrediting Ytask, even though both group's activities were highly suspicious. When DJ of Ytask managed to get Young Tubers United and Jesari banned, Tim (and Irish282) went absolutely apeshit. Tim even went so far as to travel to the "One Tube" gathering in New York, on 7-7-07 to protest, and try and get Jesari reinstated. When that turned out to be total fail, UDM returned to producing TL;DW vlogs on his usual boring subjects. (Tim is currently up to 362 videos, zomg!)

Profiles in Hypocrisy

UDM's channel icon, a big, gay, round fruitloop full of brown stuff. Hmmm, sounds familiar.
It can be kiddies tiem now?
Scoping out boys on the bus and angry that this boy has a girlfriend.

It was soon after Tim returned from "One Tube" that people began asking questions. In UDM's own video "4:Response to Baseballfeather9", Tim stated in no uncertain terms that ANYONE that is involved with kids, even him, should be held accountable. And that when such people are asked questions, there should be answers, and good ones. UDM, however, changed his tune when people actually DID started asking those very same questions of him. Instead of answering the questions, Tim put his channel on lockdown (ala Irish282). No comments or video responses got in or out without his express consent. Anonymous wouldn't accept that, and continued the accusational assault through other avenues. Tim made this stupid video(removed), thinking that would help him. Moar fail.

Project Lufthansa was launched. The plan was simple: release as many anti-UDM videos as possible at the same time. The signal to "go" would be timed with Tim's next uploaded video, and tagged with the same meta-tags as his video. This insured that they would show up in the sidebar next to his vid, something he had no control over. The mission was a huge success. Tim cracked. He broke down and released this lulzy response video: Q and A For the Wolves.(video removed)

The Final Solution

Tim finally came to the realization that he was screwed. There was no way that he could continue his previous way of life and remain subscribed to so many underage boys and girls. The ghosts of the past just wouldn't let him get on with his life. He nuked his channel and banned fucking everyone!!!111 After which he posted this lulzy disclaimer: "I recently SCRUBBED my entire channel. Subscribe if you like."

A New Lease On Life

After banning fucking everyone, Tim felt cleansed. It was as if he could now explore subjects that he was too afraid to touch before. Zipster made a video in which he pretty much pleaded for people to not call him a pedophile, despite his prior membership in the YouTube Vigilantes. Tim made a butthurt, but lulzy, response video where he said, "at least you haven't had a video game made about you"(please see below for moar about his video game). Tim is now even posting up online safety videos! Surely, a pedophile wouldn't do that!.

While Tim was busy pretending to fight pedophilia, the real pedo-hunters were making short work of him and his cohorts. This disturbing video hit the scene, and established the link between him, Irish282, Young Tubers United, and boylovers like TobiranHorde.

When word gets to Nico(TobiranHorde) that UDM is dissing his Boychat shirt, Nico makes a video titled: "I am NOT pedophile". Tim immediately issues this stern talking-to: "I'm going to be very wary of my interactions with you" Oh noes!!! Updownmostly confesses: "I'm an asshole." It's true.

UpDownMostly - The Video Game

Updownmostly, the game. (for rly download)
Updownmostly 2.0 : Grand Theft Children.

On September 9, 2007, Judgement Day, a irl 3D game shooter was released about Updownmostly.


You are Tim Updownmostly, you are in a catholic church and need to pick up all the Jesari's. You have to fight the Agent Claude Irish282's 2.0's (like in the matrix, they are many) shooting jizz by fapping from the wrist.

In the end you will have to defeat Dustin Gardener from YTASK.

Updownmostly 2.0 : Grand Theft Children. Version 2.0 of the game.

Version 2.0 featuring:


  • Music performed by us credited as "Double D", a complete cover of the Raindrops song (sang and played in one take at my best friends house), and some awesome Commodore 64 music ingame and in the highscore.


Backup, download the game here now.

Mirror 2 Tim, you fat fuck, stay away from it, kthnxbye.

Feel free to mirror and distribute this game everywhere.

Tim makes up a whopper of a lie

Actual deep fryer burns.

In his latest foul move Tim makes up a whopper of a lie. He told the parents of TJ his son fell with his arm up to his shoulder in a deep fryer. He was brought to the hospital and miraculously he was not only let go off after a week (this is impossible with burns this bad) he also has no visible "bad scars" according to Timothy Ladd (Updownmostly).

This incident proves Tim is related to Jesus Christ our lord himself. To clarify: Tea leaves horrible burns to a person if applied properly, and is only 65 degrees maximum. A deep fryer is set on 265 degrees minimum up to a whopping 375 degrees maximum. If a person has his whole arm burned that bad he could die easily if unattended. It would have the person lay in the burns unit for a long, long time and leave horrible scars that would need plastic surgery for years to come.

It would require skin grafts and lots of treatment. Source of what these scars would look like irl, as well as proof that when you slip and fall you would not get your whole arm up to your elbow into the deep fryer. However, the fall angle is debatable, the story of only a week in a burns unit is impossible as well as the not leaving scars part is nothing short of a huge whopper of a lie.

Update: Suddenly the deep fryer was already turned off, and Tim describes the picture posted here in his new video as his own.

Another update: Tim silently removed both videos. I wonder why.

UpDownMostly talks about ED

lolwut...fake domain registration info?...i thought Irish was against making up fake accounts!?!?!

Epic phail. Here is ED's rebuttal [1]. The Weather is NOT FINE

Embedding disabled by request. just click on image and be directly linked to drama
UpDownmolesty talks about all the drama and the YouTube COMMUNITY. (A word often used in epic phail on youtube). Yet he phails to answer the simple questions asked to him. Pretending to be the youtube Dali Lama and putting all the blame on youtube at the same time. His boytoy was underage, thus banned. Deal with it, fatty.

Also he talks about "reconnecting" with all the young supple lads in his subscriber-base.

Even Jews hate Updownmostly

UpDownMostly's Fat Faggot Friend Phil To The Rescue

In this tl;dw video Tim's friend, "EastSide Phil" the faggot, gets on his moral high horse and breaks into a diabetes diatribe that puts even themaskedanalyst to shame. In this whirlwind of verbosity, the portly fairy breaks it down into very simple terms for the "younger viewers": long-winded cum-guzzling asspirates are morally superior to people that battle YouTube pedophiles. Whatever you say Phildo.

While I am a cum guzzler, I am not an asspirate. You guys might want to correct that.


FantasticBabblings - because ED is "Full of Truth"

Tim's Less Than Triumphant Return

After approximately three weeks, Tim decided that LiveVideo sucks ass, and returned to YouTube. Of course he was ashamed at what a punk ass bitch he was for reneging on his own rebellion against YouTube, and subsequently returned full of more whiny butthurt angst than ever. This necessitated that Tim open up a new "edgier" channel to release his butthurt on, called YouTube Favicon.png UDMRAW. Tim vowed to talk about "more controversial" topics (like his pedophilia) on his new channel, and promised to leave all detractors unblocked, in an effort to keep dissent off of his YouTube Favicon.png UpDownMostly channel.

Breaking The Lawl

Artist's rendition of fat bastard, UpDownMostly

Despite his new bold channel, and his new muppet-like clean-shaven appearance, Tim has decided to beat a hasty retreat into the nether regions of the Internet Lawlsuit, ala DynaCatlovesme style. Unlike Dyna's version, prepared by an actual shyster, Tim's version has been put forth in vlog format. This can be seen here.

Deja Vu

Tim forgetting that nobody cares.

Tim, still unhappy that YouTube refuses to give him a partnership, decided to runaway... again.This time however, Tim decided on the slowly dying silver bushed circle-jerk known as Vloggerheads. The difference between this and his adventure on the promised land is that this time his cocksucking fanbase didn't make the transition. He also seems to have let loose with concealing his pedophilia, as he made around 5 video responses to a 4 year old, one that appeared on his lap in a handful of YouTube videos. He also decided that trying to be a conductive member of society was below him, within his second month on the site he asked such in depth questions as "do faggots have souls?" "are black people evil?" and of course the always asked but rarely answered "does Sarah Palin shave her vagina?" (the answer is no btw.)

Shortly after he began posting his videos to his 4 year old friend, vloggerheads was compromised, and the videos were leaked. Soon after people began asking questions, unlike Tim's questions these were a bit more reasonable, questions like "why is a 54 year old making so many videos and sending presents to a 4 year old?", the answer to this question should be obvious. Shortly thereafter Tim scrubbed the videos, but by that time it was too late, and Mikeskehan had already infiltrated the site. He began crying of course that such people should not be allowed on the site lest its homosexuality be challenged, and in the interests of "free speech" asked how far it could be taken before someone was banned. His first attempt to see how far it could be taken was his series on whether or not homosexuals have souls. His second was to post Sarah Palin nudes all over the site. Turns out the answer to Tim's question was "free speech goes as far as your mouth goes down Renetto's cock-shaft". This event made him a social outcast on a site full of social outcasts. In order to get his views back up and get more attention he began talking on cam about how he was molested as a child, and how trolls operated on early MUD systems, when that all failed to distract people he came up with a false illness that he is currently milking. Presently Tim can be found crying on cam (both literally and figuratively) in a desperate bid to get more views on his YouTube account, since his Vloggerheads account is dying a slow, painful death.

Dr. UpDownMostly, I Presume

In addition to his other many talents, Tim has now decided that he's also a highly qualified Internet Psychiatrist.

Tim on the Gay Lifestyle


The fat man cometh (webstore)

Nambla Timothy started Jew people now by reselling cheap crap for lot's of jewgold. Through a fellow NAMBLA member, he can host 10.000 domains for nothing as long as there's lots of boysex involved.

Whether he was inspired by LoganSperman2 to start a web panhandler "service" is unclear. It is clear however that he grosses in an extra income of 12 cts per month.

More scamming by the fat man

That's right! All you need to do for a lousy 100 $ gift certificate is do all the work for the fat man's mala fide web company! If NAMBLA Timothy was inspired by tjsmomma to start a little pan handling online is unclear. What the fatman is asking in said video, logo and calling card design, is upon the most costly expenses for any company.

Fatty McPedo Movie reviews

The fatman is doing movie reviews these days:

Fatty McPedo is back

And he's complaining about why no kids came at his door with Halloween.

He ended up, of course, eating the candy himself. He stayed up with the lights on for 17 hours straight.

No, really.


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