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Undertakerfreak1127 is actually a man IRL.

Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)

There are 1126 fans more dedicated to Taker than this freak, and Yaegashi is #1.
Official Anti-UTF Logo, Created by ChickenDoodleSauce.

Undertakerfreak1127 (also known as UTF1127, Undertakerfail1127, John Danz Jr, Undertakerfiend1127, Mr. Slave and Undertakerfiend, born November 27, 1990[citation needed]) is one of many internet tough guys on JewTube. Even though he may at first glance appear to be your typical ranter (blabbering endlessly about hot button topics like Shit Nobody Cares About), the truth is he has generated more than enough lulz, drama, and butthurt to make himself stick out like a 3-foot purple dick in a field of beautiful sunflowers. Unsurprisingly, one of his favorite things to bitch about is YouTube 'whoring' (a fancy term for successful marketing). However, the fun only starts here!

He was found by the master of the hypocritical, self-righteously arrogant Youtuber-bashing TheArchfiend and is now bottom-bitch to him. He attempt to create the illusion that he's clever by using big words that his supposedly unenlightened enemies might not know the meaning of- like "unsaggacious". Unfortunately, like the vast majority of vloggers out there, his videos are usually TL;DW. Each video is upwards of 10 minutes, no matter how utterly barren the subject. That means only his diehard brainwashed fans whom believe every word out of his mouth to be gold would waste hours of their time watching his "productive" rambling. These fans tend to have no life outside the Internet and too much spare time on their hands, like their beloved angry, "dissenter" hippie master. Surprisingly, he has over 25,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel. But out those 25,000+ subscribers, roughly 100% are also the Archfiend's, from whom he has learned all of his tired attention-whoring tactics. For example, he loves to make fun of the fans of popular sensations he doesn't like. He does this by posting obnoxious derogatory videos, like Shane Dawson Sucks and ICP & Juggalos Sucks, which are totally new and unexplored subjects that aren't all at the top of every ranter's checklist.

He has claimed in the past that he would never be a YouTube partner, but "changed his mind" and is now making money off of his videos. Even if that video is of him talking about another persons' problems which have nothing to do with him. You simply cannot have a debate with him because when he is backed into a corner he begins rocking in his chair angrily and banning everyone. He hypocritically calls people who disagree with him and people who simply don't like him 'trolls', 'haters' and 'circle jerkers'. He also seems to have a selective memory, because he just can't seem to remember anything that is used against him. Some argue that all of these traits were inherited from Jamie Birkitt.

The majority of his fanboys usually believe every single thing he says; they stick by him and defend his honor, brainwashed into thinking that everything he says is right and as a result have no opinions of their own. However, unsurprisingly, UTF insists he just wants all his fans to be 'free-thinkers' and have opinions of their own, totally unlike the unenlightened fans of the big YouTube "whores" he bashes. Like the typical basement-dweller that he is, UTF spends every waking moment on his computer, hence why his house is always so messy; He makes his fiance do all the cleaning for him because he is what scientists have identified as a 'tremendous faggot leech'.

Apart from being a smelly, shower-phobic pseudo-intellectual whiner, Danzy is also quite the hypocrite when it comes to getting views. Wow, who would have predicted Archie's little slave boy would share his master's same idiocy-fueled vices? Here's one of John's viewbot accounts: [1]

He also has a bizarre interest in wrestling and WWE, just like TheArchfag, which may be why they get along so well, often meeting up to get drunk and masturbate while watching those sweaty, muscular wrestlers in their tight leather outfits smacking each other all over the ring. Ofttimes the two act it out and roleplay on UTFs' bed where they wrestle with pillows and dildos. It's a fantasy come true.

It should also be noted that undertakerfreak1127 is a crazy left-wing socialist who thinks Obama is smarter than the founding fathers and God himself. UTF1127 absolutely hates patriotism and thinks abortion and gay marriage are more important than fighting ISIS and fixing our economy. His political views would make any smart person’s hair stand up, but considering how he's from Detroit, you really shouldn’t be surprised. Like every internet ranter, he is also a perpetually angry militant atheist who throws a childish little fit when he sees people practicing their faiths.

LOL Fullscreen not paying you enough John? ....GET A REAL JOB!


So After John got BALEETED and came back, YouTube user YouTube Favicon.png iMustDestroyAll introduced him to the YouTube Favicon.png Fullscreen network. After a while of being in the network Fullscreen moved his channel to the "VlogUnion" section to better suit his kind of content and to direct more relevant advertisers to his channel to make him more money.

Well... how fucking DARE they move his channel to YouTube Favicon.png VlogUnion, he went on his facebook and started bitching at the simple fact that he was in "VlogUnion" when he doesn't consider himself a "Vlogger", ignoring the fact it doesn't change ANYTHING! Infact nobody would ever know he was in VlogUnion if he didn't mention it.

Then after that he leaves another bitching post when his payment information got updated bitching that Fullscreen is taking 30% out of his revenue for services:


This coming from him is fucking hilarious considering that not so long before this, he had made a video regarding Nintendo claiming Let's Players revenue and talked about how Let's Players should be bowing down and sucking Nintendo's old man penis and that they should get a "real job" which can be laughed at (HERE)


If it's happening to others... fuck them, they deserve it, they shouldn't be complaining.
If it's happening to him... RAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

A Lesson for John:

- If a network doesn't take a percentage then they don't have funds to offer you additional services
- ALL networks take a percentage
- 70% is a decent percentage
- I thought you didn't do this for the money... so stop bitching
- READ your fucking contract before you sign it dipshit!
- If you leave Fullscreen and go back to Adsense... Wouldn't you be a YOUTUBE WHORE because you're not getting enough money?

John and PMRants

John being the overly sensitive aspie that he is, decided to attack PMRants because he made a video stating his opinion on professional wrestling. John got mind fucked so hard that he made a response. The irony here is that John has made videos trash talking Nintendo, Pewdiepie, Lars Ulrich and RayWilliamJohnson and blocked anyone who disagreed with him. W John actually got his associate, TheArchfiend, to stop being friends with him after TheArchfiend made a video about PMRants' LP's. It seems John hates everyone who doesn't like the same things he does, troll much?

Before this happened however, PMRants actually put both Undertakerfreak1127 and TheArchfiend on his top 10 YouTube channels and promoted them like crazy while John had never done anything for PMRants in return. It was only before the inevitable wrestling video happened...

John had also complained about PMRants' relative lack of videos. Failing to realise that. 1. He is not contractually obligated by John to make videos for ortists. 2. PMRants having Crohn's diease.

Therefore John decided to encourage his subs to abuse PMRants and then attacked PMRants' fanbase by quoting "You PMRants fanboys are cute. Now run along and go watch some more of his ridiculous Let's Plays and wait another year for a video." How much damage did you need to do John? Just because of one wrestling video?

This is just awful...
... but when someone else does it? ARGH! Boycott PMRants!

The Troll Posse

Trollposse logo.png

TheTrollPosse are a group of cum guzzling homosexual deviants that are basement dwelling scumbag trolls, They consist of newfag jews like ChickenDoodleSauce and TheFriendly(Paranoid)Baron, NateTalkstoyou (aka Shakin' Nate),and about 500 other unfunny people involved in troll shielding ! In late June 2012 they made a truce with undertakerfreak1127 and are now best buddies (gay lovers).

Fighting the war on Youtube Whores

Prepare to KNOCKED OFF YOUR SOCKS: Here's a GLARING EXAMPLE of how much he dislikes Shane Dawson and Shane Dawson fans!

"Urgggh Shane Dawson, that unfunny, talentless troglodyte, now has his own freaking liveshow! So that makes me insanely depressed about how badly our culture and society sucks even though I can't do anything about it!"


—UTF expressing his typical emo, "dissentful", cynical, bitchy, jealousy since Shane makes moar monies.

2:28-2:51 of the above video BALEET, the video does not exist anymore. UTF1127 tells the individual who sent him that Shane Dawson video to commit suicide-this coming from a guy who says he's against bullying. Also shockingly, he claims in that video to have lost all hope for our society, especially our culture, from hearing about Shane Dawson getting a live show!! Talk about being serious!! Even though he claims to not hate certain Youtube partners aka "Youtube whores" out of sheer jealousy, he is still OBVIOUSLY hating on such individuals for publicity's sake. The over-exaggerating and dramatic nature of the above video attests to that FACT.

Undertakerfiend VS InquisitiveJoe

In May 2011 undertakerfreak1127 started talking shit about inquistivejoe in his liveshow saying things like - I'd win in a fight with iqj; iqj will get beat up - this all started because inquistivejoe wanted to remain neutral (not taking sides) which meant that he was friends with utf but also friends with people like 'StPatrickDayMassacre'. UTF tried convincing joe to stop being friends with the other side. That didn't happen as inquistivejoe wanted to remain neutral. So after taking shots at iqj and knowing he was going to do a liveshow...utf decides to do a liveshow at the exact same time, because he wanted to steal viewers and talk shit about him while he's doing his liveshow. When inquistivejoe was telling his audience what happened in utfs' liveshow... utf starts talking shit about iqjs' liveshow with stuff like "of course archfiendlive is at his show, inquistivejoe sucks these guys' cocks...figuratively. He coddles every one of them" even though all iqj was doing was remaining neutral. UTF also called people in iqjs' liveshow "Dickheads", at present utf and iqj still do not like each other... utf can't stand when his friends are in contact with people he doesn't like, utf has to have every person on his side and everyone against him and archfiend blocked.

UPDATE: 23rd July 2011 Undertakerfreak1127 Bulletin.PNG

John's hissy fit toward LifeInATent & the make-up

Back in March 11 to March 18th of 2011 he was an avid, circle-jerking hater of everyone's beloved hated google goggle wearing Youtube trolling expert and Internet Marketing Expert, LifeInATent. That's because UTF1127, contrary to popular belief, surprisingly likes to be on the bandwagon of the stupid masses, and back then LifeInATent hating was cooler than sticking your tongue on frozen carbon dioxide and more politically correct than burning American flags for the Taliban! Hey, we now know Johnny Danzy isn't as dissentful and smarter than the average Youtuber unlike what he wants us to believe!

Despite the fact Johnny Danzy is now kissing all of LIAT's special parts as badly as he does to TheArchFiend, he still wants to keep that generic, "dissentful" hippy rage video on his channel because of supposed 'historical' reasons. In actuality, it is not like people would actually give a shit about this kind of childish Internet drama in the future, so it is obvious UTF1127 is keeping that video along with his other anti-Lifeinatent videos on his channel for collecting additional adrevenue. What a greedy Youtube partner you have become Johnny Danzy (despite the fact you rage against those things)! It is obvious he is doing this for the additional couple of cents or bucks he could make from those videos even though that money is barely enough to afford a few extra coffees! Shame on you Mr.Archfiend and LifeInATent slave! Who will you sell out to next!?

His most recent LifeInATent "apology" is now apparently quite obviously a shameless publicity stunt for getting a shout out from the Greatest Goggle Wearing Camper ever! He gained a few hundred subs & tons of extra publicity from this and an xxx amount of extra ad revenue. Just like he brilliantly planned!

Between Undertakerfreak1127 and RantingRamsay

At this time utf is starting to say smart remarks on rantingramsays' channel saying "Your channel has gone to the dogs, sir. Well, your comment section at least." referencing the people that utf doesn't like commenting on rantingramsays' channel comments. I suspect things between undertakerfreak1127 and rantingramsay will soon get rocky.

UPDATE: 10th June 2011: RantingRamsay made a video about the flame wars going on in his channel comments, ramsay still wants to remain neutral so he deleted the comments that had nothing to do with his channel, Undertakerfreak1127 was the one that started the flame war by saying the comment below!! Undertakerfreak1127 just can't stand when someone remains neutral. We'll see what happens.

UTF comment on RRs' Channel

Fanboys/Former Fans

You'll notice that most of these people are also archfiend fanboys. That's because archfiend promoted undertakerfreak1127 heavily and most of archfiends fans are now UTF fans.


SolarflareFTW was one of those fanboys who used to kiss UTFs' feet. But since UTF told him to "unsub" because he was subscribed to some "haters" he lost all respect for undertakerfreak1127. He then fell in love with "Lindsey" aka "Brooke collins" and had cyber sex with her on xat even though he was 16! He still believed she was 16 even though it was proven that she was 13. He saw no problem with this and wanted to "Go to las vegas and sweep her off her feet". He closed his account and started another account called "Fluttershyguy" where he continues to spread his MLP (My little pony) disease and continues to have desires to fuck a 13 year old girl. He blocks everyone who messages him... have a nice life in jail andrew!


Boonypoo has also turned against UTF, after SPDM twisted his arm and became an alleged member of the 3k army. He told UTF to unsubscribe from his channel and then UTF told TheArchfiend to block him. What a douche.


TheArchfiendLive was a former archfiend and undertakerfreak fanboy douchebag and saw everyone who disagreed with them a no-life troll. Undertakerfreak "never trusted" him because he was friends of "StPatrickDayMassacre" and the other "Slanderous Trolls". AFL called him out on one of his videos because he was making money off of someone elses problems, of course being UTF he didn't take it very well and argued with him and told him that he was right, then resorted to name calling etc... AFL is now seen by UTF and his fanboys as a "traitor" and a "slanderous troll".

Jex64/Adam Nardo

Jex/Jex64/Adam Nardo is a very loyal Archfiend and Undertakerfreak fanboy. Jex is always a moderator in UTFs' chat and does undercover work for UTF. He likes to spy on other chats and liveshows, he posts quotes from other peoples liveshows into UTFs' BlogTV chat, he likes to wear sunglasses and take gay photos of himself, Jex is like an agent that works 24/7 and stays in the chat. He was brainwashed by TheArchfiend and is now paranoid of anyone entering the chatroom. He will kick and ban you if he suspects that you have any connection with the "Slanderous Trolls". Jex gets paid with archfiend and undertakerfreak fucking him in the mouth and therefore getting oral herpes.


Blackoutworm is a very confused little boy. He just doesn't know what he is...when talked to about undertakerfreak he seems to be understanding but the very same day you'll see him being very understanding of undertakerfreak... he just wants to be another fanboy fullstop.

Blackoutworm, by the way, is a back up account of [2] who is the arch nemesis of Lifeinatent--the goggly-faced Youtube marketing-expert who UTF use to bitterly hate but is now a loyal fanboy of. Blackoutworm aka Blackbustercritic became a fanboy of UTF AS SOON AS he watched UTF owned the living crap out of Lifeinatent...just like how water in a toilet becomes undrinkable for a obedient dog AS SOON AS its master dispenses some yellowish fluid in it! But BlackOutWorm, if he were that proverbial obedient dog, he`ll still drink that deliciously coloured toilet water! Anyway that nice, little proverb just shows how loyal of a fan BlackOutWorm truly is!


GodfatherScooby is a 60-year old dildo who sucks UTF's cock and has co-hosted in a few of his live shows. He is a pedophile like SolarFlareFTW and wishes to fuck TheArchfiend, UTF and little girls all at the same time.

CammehYaBams/Libertarian Socialist Rants

See CammehYaBams


First of all his Username is a blatant rip-off of another Youtuber, who use to but sadly no longer acts a lulzy Youtube White Knight of Justice, but other then that, there isn't much to write home about for this fanboy on this page....we hope that we don't need to document anymore of UTF's prominent fanboys! Again, like the above fanboy (who's name will hopefully never ever get mentioned again!) guess how we easily found out that he is a fan of the Pansy Omnipotent UTF?....go check his channel page you lazy bum!...anyways he does pretty much the same thing as the above UTF "inspired" fanboy, but he is possibly over 9000 days older than CYB...ok this fanboy documentation is getting boring now, so let's move on to some more interesting stuff.


A timid, soft spoken asspie. Used to be a loyal UTF and TheArchfiend fanboy but when "StPatricksDayMassacre" went after UTF and CammehYaBams on his "BustedGamesTVBackup". But soon later he got attacked by trolls and haters thus making him close his account. On his oniision account he made two videos about UTF but they got removed. On his TrollerassIsBack account he declared war but ended up getting hacked and suspended. Grotange and Derpydosh fap eachother at night.

Epicsniper3x and DerpyDosh

They two fags used to be UTF fans. But started trolling undertakerfreak1127 and fapping to My Little Pony. When Derpydosh tried to troll undertakerfreak1127, he got blocked by undertakerfreak1127 and began jacking off because of his failure. Then Epicsniper got blocked but didn't jack off. He continue to troll (via video) and get flagged. Besides, Epicsniper is a huge nigger faggot anyway. Derpydosh is also a sadistic british cunt.

Documentary on the life of Undertakerfreak1127

John Is Paranoia


The latest series of events to happen to ol' Johnny boy was this little catfight he had with TheAmazingAthiest's gay lover MrRepzion. Now upon first impression of this, you may be fooled into believing that a flamewar between the bottom bitches of two more popular and (but still equally untalented) YouTube ranters would create serious amounts of lulz, but in the end, all it did was just make UTF more of a scumbag than he already was.

It started when MrRepzion made a video calling out mutual enemy, sxephil, for making bot accounts to increase his number of subscribers. However, when people called out MrRepzion on his bullshit, he made a video apologizing for his lying-ass. Even though that apology video has been around for a while, Johnny still thought it was necessary to make a calling Repzion a liar. And thus, the flame war began! What followed was a series of videos created by the two, calling the other person a liar and a hypocrite, resulting in massive butthurt among the internets.

So as the bitch-fight ended and John pretty much became the guy that came out on top, a new challenger appeared! While he was sitting in the sidelines in the series of arguments, TheAmazingAthiest decided to make a video with Repzion, showing off people who dislike himself, and call them idiots. One of the people in the video, just so happened to be UTF.

Of course John Danz, being the adult that he is, responded to the video by filing a privacy complaint, ultimately censoring the video. As you may suspect, most of UTF's fans did not take kindly to Danzzy-boy's cowardly approach to addressing criticism and made a video defending his pussy-ass behavior.

Basically, he bitches about how it was his right to file the complaint and that he should be forgiven because TheAmazingAthiest is a bigger douchebag than he is. No one was really buying in to his bullshit, except for his fanboys (Yes John, even you have fanboys), his pimp, and his co-hoes.

Before we end this section, we here at ED would like to give a special message to John.

Dear John, why did you have to stoop this low over a stupid video? Why couldn't you just ignore it, or do what you do best and make a video rant about it? But no, instead you had to take the most childish, pussified and cowardly route there is and false-flagged TheAmazingAthiest. You know, TJ may be an e-begging scumbag, but he isn't someone who gets massively butthurt over a 15 sec clip of himself on some youtube video. And you may bitch and moan about it was your legal right to do that, and that TJ is an asshole for blocking people. Newsflash Johnny, TJ also had the right to borrow a portion of your video and block users as well. Don't put yourself on such a high and mighty pedestal because your less of a cunt than he is. We hope TJ'S fanboys false-flag your channel to hell, preventing youtube from showing your smug, hypocritical ass on the internet again.


Megan is going apeshit mad over UTF1127 blocking her friend, Brian, on Skype and threatening to take him off of YouTube in retaliation.

A vicious false flagging campaign culminated in Youtube run by LifeInATent and MeganLeeHeart raping John's account with suspension. His butt buddy, TheArchfiend, has this to say on the matter:

What's even more lulzy is that a change.org petition (originally YouTube Favicon.png TheMetallicaguru's idea) had been wrung up by a Canadian girl, YouTube Favicon.png QueenyMartha, to reinstate UTF's account. It'll be about as effective in changing Youtube's mind as changing your Failbook display picture to the Equal Rights picture to change marriage laws in the U.S. If you want to entertain yourself, though:



MeganLeeHeart aka Chrissie Barmore as TimeWithMegan flapping her lies in the wind that LIAT did it and not HappyCabbie.

With the help of HappyCabbie and the collective effort of all of Undertakerfreak1127's friends and rivals combined, Undertakerfreak1127's account is finally restored. LIAT & Megan are not pleased and instead try to selfishly take credit for themselves. But you can prove LIAT wrong with these following videos where he's against bringing Undertakerfreak1127 back and is found contradicting himself.

The Troll Posse Members


Former Members:

















Fake/Assumed Members:

TheBrainEnema- A emo whining old hag who is never an member of Troll Posse to begin with.

  • Cameron, who is going to get his ass spanked hard by his momma for "slandering" BloodyBucketSinister and getting involved in an "gang". Hilarity ensues as the skyne call ended.

TheGeno360 - A future man-child who does YouTube rants and wears sunglasses in the house like a badass who has never been in the troll posse.

undertakerfreak1127 - ...jus....jus no

MrRepzion - Really guys?

MrFrankCalzone - While he was involved with UTF drama 2 years ago he was never a TP member

RickyMcGinnis - Someone who has been in a total of 2 calls and was automatically assumed a member because of power-hungry basement fags in the group

MrHorrorKid1 - A massive TrollPosse 12 year old fanboy who sucks cock of everyone in the Troll Posse and got all butthurt mad because he was rejected, he's fag 9 material.

VlogRays - Cool ass dude, but never a TP member.

LifeInATent - Unless he invests at least half his 17 million dollars he has in his russian bank accounts into TP members pockets, he's not a member.

http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVHHazJ9wAcOG6GseZkpbNA - Nope... just a fag who likes to complain about who isn't a member and who should be

Sai Chan - Naw, but did get jealous when she was rejected and someone else got in

TruthHurtsNetwork - Noooo... just is the leader of the Troll Posse fanclub! And I love it nigga -TTHN


On John's great new video TheArchfiend actually disagrees with him! To everyone's surprise, John didn't block Arch. Instead, he decided to be a fucking dickhole. So much so, that his fans even mass disliked the comment. He is truly a fucking faggot who needs to get his head on straight. The comment he made didn't even make fucking sense. Screencap taken by YouTube Favicon.png TheFrostReview (Show him some love).

Lol john and arch.png

John's Love Life

Surprisingly, this basement dweller has apparently had multiple girlfriends. However, these girlfriends of John's realized how much of a selfish piece of shit he actually was when uncovered from the humanitarian pose he often makes on camera.

While most normal human beings (compared to John anyway) would get over their lose, he actually wanted to share his story with his subscribers. This is quite possibly the greatest example of NYPA since John had foolishly thought that his subs were all his e-friends.

If you are a knowledgeable human, then you would tell John "Seriously dude, I don't fucking care. I did not sub to you for your shitty personal life." We all know that John wouldn't care himself if this happened to someone else.

This may show signs of John going on a shooting spree or watching My Little Pony porn since he's too upset to find a new girlfriend. For all we know, this further proves that John is self-entitled, weak, sensitive and disliked by anyone who doesn't sit on their computers ranting about cliched topics.

Sympathy Video

As John wanted moar YouTube jewgolds, he decided to make another sympathy video which was a follow-up to his "waifu" video, it was a video made for clickbait and was only for the money and not because he wanted to share his absolutely 100% factual opinion. He BAWWWED over the fact that he was "shy" and "lonely". Bearing in mind this is coming from the same dudebro who constantly abuses his subscribers who give him criticism and other YouTubers who stated different opinions that aren't his own. In this video, John states that he never goes outside to socialize with other people. That is hilarious! It only serves as ammunition to members of the Troll Posse but John was too stupid to think ahead. This video is significant for the fact the John just admitted to having no friends, being a complete and utterly wet pussy and a money grabbing attention whore.

Sympathy Video: The Sequel

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