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This article is about a person with Asperger Syndrome on IRC. For the Comedy Central jew, see Daniel Tosh

Tosh is a wannabe hanger on of irrelevant Troll organizations.


Tosh is actually not capable of having a girlfriend. He has autism of an extremely high degree, and as such is incapable of handling any sort of human contact. It is often rumoured he is kept in a cage by his masters.


You often can know Tosh is on IRC when a characteristic string of ^G (console beep) gets sent. Also, his typing is often unintelligible and disasterous. In fact, it is often surmised that he is just a bot.

< tosh> ^G^G^G^G^G^G^G^G^G^G
< tosh> aslkjdhasiduashdsadASUDHASDUSAHDUSADHSAUDAS
< bleep> wtf?
< bleep> plz do so :DM

Tosh Farms Brah


It is rumoured that Tosh is in school, but it is often believed that he is just sent to a daycare that specializes in highly-autistic, nonfunctional members of society, which describes Tosh perfectly.

Quitting IRC forever

Tosh's ex-girlfriend getting fisted in the ass

Tosh left Bantown forever after never having completed a single project. Having failed to obtain citizenship he has permanently cemented his position as town mugu. He left because Crayolacrime gave him pictures of his then current girlfriend Slinx getting fisted in the ass. On LiveJournal he defriended all Bantown members except zb who he was sucking up to in hopes for a job at OKCupid.

Male Prostitute

< jbs> GAY 4 PAY ?!?!?
< tosh> how much you offering?
< jbs> $5
< tosh> dude that's way below market pay $160k in NYC
< jbs> $6
< tosh> Ok. Sure.

Einsteinaspie.jpg Tosh is part of a series on Aspies. [Back to your happy placeSperg out]

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