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Toby J Rathjen
Birth January 12, 2001 (Currently 18 years old)
Status Hacked and Terminated, Had 4 accounts.
IQ Less than 40
Mental Age 5 Years Old
His Family The Monkeys including Mikey Rizzo
Species Monkey
Nationality Canadian
Favorite Game Splatoon
Alias(s) Monkey, Toby J Fagjen, Toby J Fatass, Toby J Fatjen, Nigger Monkey, Toby Gay Fatjen, Tobese Gay Faggot Nigger, Splat Toby, Shit Tobese, Splat Tobese, Splatoby, World's Fattest Monkey, Pure Autism, Toby James Rathjen, Toby Jeffy Rathjen, Donkey Kong

Toby J Rathjen is an autistic manchild monkey living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is currently living his shitty life in his parents house whining about how he's getting dislikes, haters and how he is constantly getting hacked. Because of the content he posts and how retarded they are. It is assumed he attends special needs classes learning basic math and failing at it horribly. His mother would drive him to school or he would take the Special Education Bus just to get there. It is also assumed that he also still wears diapers to this day. Toby J Rathjen probably gets bullied at school and rightfully so.

His Early Life

Born in January 6, 2001. This cancerous mistake of a child was born out of his mother's fucking vagina. Being diagnosed with autism in 2002 or 2003. He spent much of his shitty childhood as an autistic faggot. Toby J Rathjen later discovers the cancerous gaming company known as Nintendo and he gets aroused by it, This along with many others things leads him to become an autistic fatass just like 03bgood, Mathew Davis, and BrandonTheMovieGuy.

His shitty house tour. His mother makes an appearance.

His Home

Toby's current home is a pretty old house just North of the skyline currently present in Edmonton. Built during the 1960's, The house spent it's rather normal first half of the century. Things are about to change and his house is at risk of becoming a shithole worthy of being condemned. There was a blue house on the other side of the street close to his that was either destroyed or demolished some time in 2011. Toby's house may end up like that house.

His life on YouTube

Since December 1, 2015. Toby J Rathjen has been posting shitty videos on many accounts. Despite many account terminations and hacks, He always comes back. He won't fuck off!

Round 1 (December 1, 2015 - March 4, 2017)

His first channel that had 100 Subscribers before being hacked in Early March 2017. He has several substantial view drops in certain time periods.

Round 2 (March 4, 2017 - March 9, 2017)

When the first tumor is removed off YouTube. That fatass monkey spawns another tumor later rightfully being hacked days later.

Round 3 (March 9, 2017 - March 30, 2017)

After being hacked by The Internet Ranter again and rightfully so with his phone data being fucked. Toby spawns not only one. But two of his tumors on March 9, 2017. His official and his gaming channel. His Official for really stupid shit and his Gaming channel for horrendous gameplay videos. On March 15, 2017. Toby J Rathjen started false flagging videos with his first victim being BetterSkatez after he made the video "Toby J Rathjen at the Edmonton Valley Zoo"

Round 4 (March 30, 2017 - April 27, 2017)

March was coming to a close. Toby J Rathjen gotten hacked on his official channel by The Internet Ranter. Toby J Rathjen wakes up to find himself hacked, He sadly gained access to his account but later things get better as Toby J Rathjen continuously gets hacked to the point where he was completely locked out of it after The Internet Ranter put his phone number on that account. Toby J Rathjen once again launched another atrocious channel. His gaming channel was hacked days later. After rightfully getting 2 community guidelines strikes after posting some fucked up shit on the internet including links to Splatoon porn. He spawns another tumor and later calls it The Splatoon Fan where on that channel has posted the worst the Toby has shat out. Videos of his amiibo's covered in his cum which he calls white ink. Which he started obviously enough with Splatoon amiibos. Any normal person would consider this disgusting and fucked up. Luckily the channel with such fucked up content was hacked later which resorts him to use his account that has the 2 strikes which was later terminated by BetterSkatez in April 27, 2017.

Round 5 (April 27, 2017 - May 2017)

This faggot never fucking leaves. He spawns yet again. Another tumor. During his first few days. He rightfully gets 2 strikes on that video threatening to stab his haters. It was terminated again later on in May.

Round 7 (July 9, 2017 - August 5, 2017)

Why does this faggot keep coming back?! He started off spawning a tumor called "Toby J Rathjen Official 3" and then later uses another "Toby J Rathjen Official 2" account created in late May. Yet again posting fucking horrendous and severely autistic videos on youtube., and he Changed his Username to "Splat Toby" back in Around July 2017, His channel was terminated in the Early hours on August 5, 2017 (MDT) by Anti King Warrior ATP aka. XExtras 1996.

Round 8 (August 5, 2017 - August 23, 2017)

Oh My God! Why does this monkey keep coming back? he spawned another tumor called "Splat Toby Returns" with Another Account after 2 days of his termination. Can't this nigger monkey just fuck off for once?! on Mid September 2017, He started making My Own Song Videos in Caps claiming that is his song when its really not, he sometimes sings a song from franchise, etc or steal songs and claim that it's his own, he changed his Username to "スプラトビー" (Translated English as "Splatube"), on October 16, 2017, He was banned from making Videos for 2 weeks but will be making a retarded alt account where on that account he posts once again more retarded cancer., on Very Late October 2017, he changed his Username to "Tplat Soby", Splat Tobese has been getting copyright claims from Barron Trump since November 1, 2017 leading Toby to rage like a monkey yet again. on November 4th 2017 he got terminated by due to copyright claims Fake Barron Trump. His Tplat Soby account was terminated minutes later. and His Alt Account got terminated also, Let's hope Tobese never comes back.

Round 10 (November 9, 2017 - November 18, 2017)

Motherfucker! This monkey just won't fuck off! Toby has officially made another YouTube account on November 9, 2017. Prior to this. There was an account known as Tplat Soby which led many people to speculate that Toby has returned which was later disputed as some troll re uploading his pathetic retarded videos. Toby however has one account still remaining on YouTube known as "Calamari Fan" but no activity has happened on this account ever since Toby's channel termination. Just when it's though that the nigger monkey has fucked off for good. He just had to come back once again! Fortunately enough. After a few days Toby seems to upload no all that often seeing one upload a day. Toby either closed his channel or got hacked on November 18, 2017.

Round 11 (November 18, 2017 - January 27, 2018)

Of course he comes back at the day he got terminated on his 10th Account. This monkey always keeps coming back. This Monkey came back as *Splatoby* as He Spelled *Splat Toby* incorrectly. Toby doesn't seem to be as active as usual anymore. Toby's retarded fans consider "Monkey" a 2 year old insult yet Toby still gets butthurt like an SJW every time people call him a monkey, As proven with a recent conflict Tobese the monkey had with KermisVoyager1997. Toby has made a gaming livestream on December 15, 2017 which happens to be so bad even Toby titles it as the worst live stream in existence, despite this, Toby still whines about people disliking his stream. His account was closed on January 27, 2018.

Round 12 (January 27, 2018 - Present Day)

At this point. It no longer matters anymore. Toby intentionally closed his account due to the strike one his account which doesn't allow his ability to livestream (Which still didn't happen yet).

Leaving YouTube (February 6, 2018 - Present Day)

Toby finally leaves YouTube after more than 2 years which at this point nobody really cares anymore since YouTube has become the North Korea of all websites. People got other more important things to worry about.

Toby J Rathjen's Retarded Fans

You might not believe but this faggot apparently has fans despite Toby's outrageously horrendous and retarded content he's put out. They're just as retarded as Toby himself and that's saying a lot.

TheKidPresident0000 TobyJRathjenRocks!

(Real Name: Corey Daniels) A retarded autistic nigger who is the number one fan of the nigger monkey He forces other people to like Toby and he is also a nigger false flagger like Toby and would false flag any rightful Toby hate video. This Faggot used to be "Toby J Rathjen Fan" on January 2017 but he got terminated on May 2017., but Now he changed his username to "TheKidPresident0000 TobyJRathjenRocks!" since May 2017 and got terminated 4 times, He also steals videos, profile pictures, etc like a monkey and claiming as his own when is not, He even called People "THEIF" whenever when He steals a thing on the internet like a retarded monkey, He can even make a video that "Someone stole his Profile Picture" when he steals Profile Pictures himself.

Freddy Fazebear 2007

A 10-Year old Toby fag named Kellen Robinson who attends special education like all other faggot nigger monkeys who play shitty games such as Roblox and Splatoon. Constantly makes fake suicide note videos because he's too much of a coward to really commit suicide. This is something that Toby Fags (including Toby himself) should actually do.

Random Apple

A hypocritical Brony fag who's also a Toby dick sucker. Originally seen commenting on videos on the comments sections of KermisVoyager1997's videos Late 2016/Early 2017; Though unlike other Toby fags knowing of KermisVoyager1997. Random Apple isn't seen hating on KermisVoyager1997. KermisVoyager1997 speculated Random Apple as a traitor since June 2017 and confirmed it several months ahead. Random Apple thinks of Toby J Rathjen as a troll for some unknown reason although Tobaby Gay Faggot is a fag who takes trolls way to seriously and sends death threats to them.


Another Toby fag who thinks Toby is a troll. He's also a fan of King Warrior [ATP].

Shit that Toby gets aroused by

  • Splatoon
  • Child Pornography
  • Mario
  • McDonalds
  • Every other Nintendo game not mentioned on here
  • Stealing other people's videos

Shit that makes him cause autistic meltdowns

  • Criticism
  • Getting called a monkey (because he doesn't want to admit the truth about his species)
  • Call of Duty
  • Getting Terminated
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Sports Games
  • BetterSkatez
  • John Anderson (first known hater of Toby to discover his cancerous content)
  • ExecrateAutists1990
  • KermisVoyager1997
  • Getting banned from Youtube
  • Having his videos reuploaded by someone else.
  • Literally any video game not made or distributed by Nintendo (because they're not autistic enough for him)
  • MrBeast

Known enemies of Toby

  • John Anderson
  • The Internet Ranter
  • ExecrateAutists1990
  • Flame Kid
  • Faggot Melon
  • Pewdiepie is gay returns (also Barron Trump)
  • BetterSkatez
  • KermisVoyager1997
  • krapplefag
  • Claude Productions Inc
  • Tyler Skovdal Studio
  • Solar X-2000
  • The Mlgest II
  • Ethan Davis
  • Sam Chen

Toby J Rathjen and Criticism

It's no surprise that Toby J Rathjen is one of these autistic faggots unable to take criticism. Like a lot of little 5 years olds on the internet, Toby J Rathjen would force others to like his videos as well as threatening to kill others disliking his videos. Toby J Rathjen like other dumb autistic faggot niggers on the internet would also false flag videos that are about criticizing him.

Toby J Rathjen reading hate comments, This was reuploaded as the monkey deleted it for unknown reasons.
Toby J Rathjen gets butthurt at a troll video.
Toby J Rathjen's failure to roast someone. Sadly, the niggers of youtube removed the video that Toby has false flagged.
This video used to have the worst like to dislike ration being 150 dislikes to absolutely no likes, Complete 100% dislikes. As of April 15, 2017. This video has 177 dislikes and sadly 2 likes.

Toby J Rathjen Gets Hacked

Toby J Rathjen constantly gets hacked, and rightfully so.

Toby J Rathjen and Splatoon

Like all Nintendo games that are released, Splatoon panders to basement dwellers and boy, these faggots are not disappointed. Toby J Rathjen is no exception as he likes to jerk off to hot gay Splatoon porn. Since Late March of 2017. Toby J Rathjen has been sharing links in his own comments sections directing them to the disgusting cancerous Splatoon porn that only dumb autistic niggers with down syndrome would enjoy.

Stolen video of Splatoon characters having gay sex.

Toby Cums On His Figurines

Since April 8, 2017, Toby has decided to make videos showing his figures covered in his own cum which he calls it "white ink". Any normal person fucking disgusting. Keep in mind that Toby Gay Fagjen was 16 years old at the time. Many YouTube users reported it. YouTube, the same video sharing site that took down Dillon the Hacker's channel for puking in a video refuses to take down the videos of figures being covered in cum by an underage fatass.

Prepare to be disgusted.

See Also

  • Mikey Rizzo - A brother of Toby J Rathjen.
  • Matthew Davis - He has also revealed out his address at the same.
  • 03bgood - Another fat faggot with autism.
  • TheMysteriousMrEnter - A person who also watches children's cartoons at such an old age.
  • Trigglypuff - A fat SJW who whines a lot like Toby. She is also fucking fat!
  • Splatoon - A shitty rip off of Call of Duty, except this one panders to manchildren and dangerous weapons are replaced with sex toys.
  • Nintendo - The #1 company for manchildren.
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