They see me rollin'

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Typical example of this meme in use.

They see me rollin'... They hatin' is another textual meme which has been floating around on teh chans for some time now. It takes its name from the lyrics of a Chamillioniare song which the author of this article has not heard because he does not listen to shitty rap music or whatever the fuck Chamillionaire is. This textual meme takes its form in various image macros and demotivators, often featuring retarded children like Juliana Wetmore, cats or fat people on motorbikes or wheelchairs (hence the "see me rollin'" part) which is considered to be their version of riding on their pimpmobile. It is assumed that the "they hatin'" part refers to either discrimination against them, or jealousy, although why one would be jealous of them remains a mystery.

The meme has been shaved down to just rolling, but it has been seen in the form of rollin, rawlin, rooolin, and rolla, along with whatever the moron posting thinks is lulz, which is stupid because the whole thing is completely retarded. if you see this word, it is a sign nothing interesting is happening and you should just leave. Now people have been slapping it on on other subjects,so rather then it saying rollin the pic would end with another word ending in ing, but without the G.

Do a Google image search for the phrase and you'll find that most of the shit related to this phrase that originated in 4chan has now been stolen and put on Ebaumsworld. Encyclopedia Dramatica in turn is stealing these images from Ebaumsworld for great justice.

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