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Hey! It's Ricardo Lopez 's retarded cousin!

Thedramatube (or Casey Nunez[1] aka Casey Kaine The Psycho Hurricane aka Crackhead Frankenstein) is part of an international YouTube Watch Dog Consortium, and best known for going into Stickam chat rooms to threaten users that masturbate on cam [2].

Casey claims to be a race car driver, professional fighter, roadie, FBI agent, prison volunteer, presidential aide, astronaut, DJ, musician and defender of the internet - all while keeping up his steady occupation of spending 20 hours on YouTube uploading videos from his grotty trailer park caravan.

Casey states that his 15 year old daughter was "violated" online. Instead of realizing that he has failed as a parent, he blames everyone else, and has taken it upon himself to scour the earth for online bad guys.

Casey claims to be friends with people such as Motley Crue, Jake E Lee, Ozzy Osbourne, Pink Floyd, Tommy Lasorda, Lenny Kravitz, Howard Stern and many more famous celebrities.

Casey also is known to say "literally" after literally every sentence or statement.

About The Drama Tube in his own words

Certified by YouTube - e-sane
Casey outside his plush mansion - Rich and beautiful.
I'm 6"6 245 latent homosexual and come from New Orleans Louisiana USA. My friends call me "Beefy Tits". My grand father was A pitcher with the N.Y. Yankees that's how I came to have the Name Casey and more than likely where I Got the explosive knock out Bone crushing power of my right punches and kicks. My Power high Kick is 96.6 Inches or 8ft. At Age 16 I ran away with The Royal Hanneford circus and have done dates in every State in America over a 20 year period with my personal favorites being Michigan adventure in Muskegon. The ice palace in Tampa Florida, the mid Hudson civic center in Poughkeepsie New York and also the Yonkers raceway during the New York State Fair. My All time Favorite Date however by far would have to be The Great Circus Parade in Milwaukee Wisconsin since Its held during Summer fest so I always got to get in free to see all of the shows with my circus pass. I was a tour Guide here in new orleans on a mule drawn carriage at Jackson square and I also Worked as bouncer at the Tricou House 711 Bourbon Street where I lived in the Haunted 3rd floor attic suite which over looked bourbon street. In 1984 I became friends with Tommy Lee of the Heavy Metal Band Motley crue and Jake e. Lee Lead Guitarist for Ozzy after coming to their aid during a fight at the Dungeon in new Orleans.


—Sounds normal so far . . .

I was actually engaged to a very beautiful and famous Danish Celebrity of sorts LouLou barbagallo (Diva Models) who came to America to meet me less than a week after meeting in ICQ Chat. louLou took me back to aarhus Denmark where we lived and were engaged to Marry and had actually started plans of having a child togeather with some medical help since LouLou had problems getting pregnant before her meeting the Rich and famous (Tue Madsen Ant farm Studios) during the annual Diva Christmas Party in aarhus. I am a huge fan of the UFC as well as a fighter. My daily workout includes an average hike/hunt through the Louisiana honey island swamp of 12 miles through dense vegetation and waist deep water in areas that are home to poisonous snakes and dangerous alligators as I hunt for wild hog. There is no rush quite like the rush of taking on a 350+ pound animal intent on taking you out as he lunges at your throat with razor sharp husks. Its a sport and a challenge unlike any other. It takes a gun to kill a Deer but it takes Balls to catch a Hog! While my Gun Collection is quite extensive My Favorite addition is a .17 Cal By Rossi that has a kill range of 2 miles and equipped with a 72x42 Night Vision Scope with rounds that travel 750 fps Faster than a .22 magnum round. Already available for this fine weapon are the following.... Night Tracer, Hollow Point, And Armor Military Ballistic.


—Watch yourself around this tough guy.

I am actively involved as a community advocate as well as founder of solomons porch world outreach ministries.

I Regularly Lecture Inmates from Juvenile Detention to death row Facilities including Nelson Coleman correctional center Kilona, La. Sherman Revard youth study center Gretna, La. Union correctional center (Death Row) Raiford county Florida. I have received several awards from former mayors for my work in the community and have been featured on the local news many times. One of my investigative reports that involved my playing the role of a 10 year old girl named April as I lured pedophiles as the news cameras rolled. Another one of my similar investigations was featured on the national news recently. in 1990 I started a feeding of the homeless at Jackson square in the New Orleans french Quarter. To date over 300,000 hot meals have been served at THE WALL with hundreds showing up for the nightly tradition that starts at 9pm at the foot of Esplanade avenue at the River.



HATERS ARE NOT WELCOME HERE! This place is not my place. This place is OUR Refuge. We Are One! We Are Power! We Are The Drama Army! And this ship is officially under the command of The PSYCHO HURRICANE! Who after Emerging from the Toxic flood waters of Hurricane Katrina deep in the Louisiana swamp's experienced sudden powers never before seen by man nor Beast as he is transformed from a normal human being (Casey Nunez) into a force so deadly and lethal (The Psycho Hurricane) that Hardened criminals and haters alike crumble to ashes under his gaze and you tube accounts magically and mysteriously disappear from thin web air.

In a quest to save the Air Waves Of YOU TUBE From filth garbage and slime. Trolls Must GO! AND WILL GO! Now you come in here and violate the law and are a U.S. resident your ass is going to prison plain and simple! PLEASE TRY ME!


—And we did.

Gallery of Nunez

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Casey Nunez: Internet Hero

82-year-old Jackie (otherwise known as Mama Fratelli) speaks out: "Where am I? What is this place?"

When Casey made his "My Multi-Millionaire Friend" (Bawwwleeteedd) video, he stated "I'm like an internet hero". This is absolutely true. Here are some of the heroic deeds he's done since coming to YouTube:

  • Casey came to YouTube making lots of threats toward haters, trolls, spammers, pedos, mean-comment-leavers and jaywalkers. He stated that he was recording everything for law enforcement and court cases. He peppered these statements with how cool and well-known he is, dropping a veritable assload of celebrity names, which of course, legitimized all of his claims. After he had effectively stirred up a hornet's nest of people screaming for his blood, he did an interview. He interviewed a nice little old lady who had lost everything to Hurricane Katrina, and threw her phone number out to the wolves. Casey was shocked when 500 people he had threatened to put in prison and/or kill, called the number, wanting his head on a platter. The heroism was so thick you could cut it with a knife.
  • Casey wanted to partner up with Renetto to fight crime on YouTube, fight HellionExciter and TheBoringDispatcher IRL, and try out the new KY with "warming sensations". Casey made a video in an attempt to woo Renetto. He got no response. Casey then admittedly used one of his sockpuppets to contact Renetto, and was extremely butthurt when he got no response. The following videos and quotes best summarize the heroism of this episode:
  • YouTube Favicon.png Paul Robinett"O will you join me? (Gone)
  • YouTube Favicon.png RENETTO YOU ARE A PATHETIC SCUMBAG! (Gone)
  • "Renetto, I feel your pain bro" -March 1st, before breaking into tears
  • "Renetto, your a disgusting pedophile" -March 4th
  • "Renetto, I want to Join up with you, I want to be your tag team partner Renetto, because I think you Rock" -March 6th
  • "Renetto, you're public enimy #1 in my book, you know why, because your a fucking lying punk" -March 10th
  • Casey made the video linked at the very top of this section, where he bragged about his "multi-millionaire friend" Finis Shellnut. He then heroically took about ten shots of Finis' signs that had his phone number in big letters. He got similar results to the first time he threw someones phone number out to the internets, and it was indeed, heroic.


Casey is a fan of craigslist
  • Casey is actually insane, and mentally unstable
  • Richard Windmann scares the living shit out of Casey
  • Casey is a pathological liar, it is unclear whether he actually believes his own shit.
  • The psycho hurricane lives in a half way home
  • Drama Tube believes he has a special relationship with government officials such as Bill Clinton and Dubya
  • Drama Tube claims to be an ex-stripper
  • Enjoys threatening various YouTubelerities
  • Claims to work for YouTube
  • Claims to have left YouTube after getting "fired", to go work for LiveVideo [3]
  • Claims to work for the Internet Police
  • Claims to work for Stickam
  • The Psycho Hurricane claims he received his first gun at the age of two.
  • Claims to know Famous psychic Michael Brady. Michael's fame is questionable at best[4]
  • In an interview with tcserson The Hurricane claims to be hung like a horse.


I'm fucking real, can't you tell! I am not retarded or insane, I am for real!


— Casey Drama Tube The Psycho Hurricane.

Look here my nigga, Hellionexciter. IEhfd resf Brain! You see this Hellionexciter ? This ice cube has more intelligence than you. Bee Boo Bot.


—Drama Tube

I CHALLENGE YOU TO GOOGLE SEARCH "i'm feeling lucky, Casey Nunez thedramatube Psycho Hurricane


— thedramatube.

Retarded kids are better off dead



"Mr. Hellion Exciter, who is you nigga?"


—Drama Tube.

"It's the fastest growing show in internet broadcast history, literally"



Current Activity

  • Proving that he’s nothing more than a mere clone of Argent009, Thedramatube deleted everyone’s comments and blocked anyone who made fun of him.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Dramatube info.PNG

These YouTubes Are Cleaned - Mission Accomplished

Casey's new movie is going to be coming out any day now
The day the internets became Fukking Serious Biznitch for the Robinettes

Apparently Casey has completed his job of cleaning up YouTube. There are now no more "haters" or "trolls" on YouTube. He has run them all out. Casey says so, so you can bank on it. He has now moved on to LiveVideo. Although the LiveVideo admins have no problem with banning anyone, Casey is coming aboard to send threatening emails, and make even more ass-kicking videos about how cool and interesting his life is.


Of course, it was again a lie. He was only gone for 3 hours (!!!!). Trolls are currently searching their anuses for a mirror of this video.

He literally cries in the above video (try licking the monitor to taste the salty tears).

This movie made his lulz potential above 9,000. Unfortunately, he is no longer lulzy, as all he can talk about is his Jesus juice.

PRO-TIP: Make 12 YouTube accounts telling him he's gotten boring now and you would like to see the old flaming trolling faggot Casey again. Just your average trolling and flaming will set him off.

Fun With Socks

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


In a daring and lulzy display of self-pwnage, Casey Nunez inadvertently brought about his own demise on YouTube. Casey made several videos in which he had phone conversations with someone claiming to be Renetto's wife. In these videos, he heaped praise on her, made several innuendos about wanting to pork her, and tried to convince her to leave Renetto. Upon hearing about this, Renetto immediately got on his hotline to Steve Chen, and had the mongoloid banhammered. And so ended "the fastest growing show in internet broadcast history", TheDramaTube.


Casey puts a shoe on his head. It was for the cancer patients.

The tapes Renetto doesn't want you to see

Both Andrea and Renetto have said in videos that the call to Casey was real.

One ED-Member had contact with Casey Nunez through the whole banning period. The EDiot asked if Casey wanted ED to mirror the video's Renetto obviously doesn't want you to see. He said "yes please, let the world know" (You may ask him this yourself) Since the video's and all it's mirrors have been deleted on YouTube OVERNIGHT (over 3 mirrors!!!!) they are put on rapidshare:

You can see Renetto also saying in his video his wife indeed did talk to Casey, saying "God only knows what they talked about."

In the tapes you can hear what she talks about, and it isn't nice.... Obviously Renetto doesn't want you to see these videos.

Renetto wants to make Casey his bitch.

Renetto the Wife Beater

thedramatube beats off

In his comments section, Casey posted an email he supposedly received from a neighbor of Renetto's, outlining Renetto as a wife-beater. However, it's nothing more than the Hurricane's ridiculous attempt to be a hero, secretly masturbating all the while to Andrea's videos and fantasizing about raping her in the ass with his minuscule dick. The "email" is as follows:

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Dramatube email.PNG
A screenshot of the e-mail itself.

However, we know that this can't be true for a couple of reasons. A.) Casey is a fag with unwarranted self-importance and B.) Renetto is too much of a weak pussy with a (hard to believe) even bigger sense of unwarranted self-importance to beat on anything, with the exception of Casey's dick, or at least that's want Casey wants.

Casey Goes After ED

Casey has once again turned his attention to ED, by setting up an online petition and making a video about it [5]. Good luck Casey.

Casey Wants Mr Pregnant

Casey offers to "tap the ass" of Mr Pregnant in a feeble attempt to stir up forced drama.

The Casey Nunez Fan Club

Proving that no one told him it was wrong to speak ill of the dead.

In February, vlogger theboringdispatcher sadly passed away. Whilst most of his fellow you tubers put aside their differences for once in their attention whore lives, Casey (along with Channelreviews) went out of their way to make Roger’s passing all the more touching; In Casey’s case, he made the sweeping epic “Roger is DEAD and in Hell”.

Although most people saw it as a new level of fucktardary for Casey, Roger’s sister happened to stumble across it and became Casey’s number one fan. She opened up a channel on Live Video called caseyisanasshole [6], then set up a club dedicated to worshiping ol’ Casey, called People Against Casey Nunez, [7] with the inspired motto “Casey Nunez Must Die”.

With this in mind, some would say that Hurricane Katrina was God’s way of giving Casey a big hug.

Casey Threatens Jim Riley

NOTE: This is a GUMMY video.

Casey Nunez? A Pedophile?

Yes....I believe so, LOL

proof of such pedophilia

Casey Loses Everything

After Casey made his own website he asked his friend aussiejas (AKA MyAussieDay) to help with his website. AussieJas got into Casey's website and posted a porno that Casey was in. What is even funnier is that carriage riders were directed to the website and saw their tour guide in a big screen porno. What is even funnier is that aussiejas hacked into Casey's PayPal account and emptied $1,700 dollars from Casey's account. Moral of the story: never trust Australians.

Casey Makes YouTube Partner

After making the Lulziest video ever declaring it to be "Raining Oil" in his neighborhood of River Ridge La. The lulzy video was picked up by Russia Today, The Drudge Report, and other suspect media outlets garnering over 800,000 views (See link below) proving that fucktardery and persistence can make anyone famous (see Pee Wee Herman) Since then his views have returned to normal and he has been seen e-begging for donations.

Casey's Video on his HistoryTours Channel (over 800,000 views)

TheDramaTube's 2015 Return

After a long absence, Casey returned as The Drama Tube in 2015. Asking after his old nemesises such as Renetto and HellionExciter.

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