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These two asswipes have about 1500 videos between them and we have no intention of watching any of them. However, they are reportedly full of racism and Elliot Rodger levels of woman hating. Feel free to look for it yourself (and bring us back a link).

...if you start getting involved in BDSM and whips and leathermasks, one day down the road you're in a place where you're not even getting an erection and there's three midgets running around with gimp suits on...


YouTube Favicon.png Aurini explaining
his sexuality

The Sarkeesian Effect is a documentary, never coming to theaters near you (or anywhere), by MRA's and KKK members "Director" Davis Aurini and "Producer" JordanOwen42 (why the fuck are they giving themselves titles? They have no credentials and their entire crew is literally two people). The movie will focus on how much they both would like to fuck Anita Sarkeesian and why they are lonely virgins. If it ever reaches the screens, prepare to see a poorly lit, poorly edited lackluster documentary filled with logical fallacies and the biggest hard-on for Ayn Rand. Ironically, much like Anita's scam, they will take in thousand of dollars and not improve their content in any way. Like, they won't even deliver a fucking documentary. Once they have received enough funding they will abandon the project and leave you all with your dicks in your hands.

Oh, and the movie also features Jack Thompson.

The Sarkeesian Effect is a video project that will explore, analyze and deconstruct some of the most common tropes and lies of Anita Sarkeesian. The series will highlight the larger recurring patterns and conventions used within Feminist Frequency rather than just focusing on actual topics. We're going to need your help to make it happen!



—From their money-embezzling site

The Creators

The masterminds behind The Sarkeesian Effect

Feminist Frequency Navigation:
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Joss Whedon ValisHD


What a fucking slob
Look at all this support

Before becoming an unsuccessful YouTuber, Jordan was an unsuccessful musician, for a band nobody has ever heard of the music of whom sounds like someone raping a litter of cats wearing a barbed wire condom. His only YouTube claim to fame was when he had a conversation with VenomFangX's dad, so he already has a reputation as a creepy stalker that looks up people's phone numbers and calls them at their homes. Perfect for proving feminism is wrong and people who dislike it aren't creepy harassers. Before setting his sights on Anita Sarkeesian, Jordan Owen had previously reserved his throbbing men's rights hateboner for another feminist, Gail Dines, who Owen was afraid of because he thought she was going to use her evil feminist witchcraft to magic away his pr0n.

Jordan is also a known furry and has admitted to stroking his tiny hairy dick to the animals in his favorite game "Inherit the Earth". A game so shit that despite two Kickstarters trying to revive the game nobody actually funded the crap.

Jordan himself is a pathetic, archetypal InCel woman hater. Fat, hairy, lonely, porn-obsessed and fluent in Japanese. Jordan spends his days recording videos in his underpants for YouTube that are all about four hours long, in which he calls women derogatory names for not sleeping with him and then wonders why no woman wants to sleep with him. His interest in making this movie comes from the fact his Patreon only makes $4 a month. In short, he is exactly what you would imagine when you try to envision the sort of person who obsesses over Anita.

He has also made several bizarre claims regarding Anita Sarkeesian that even his fellow GamerGaters have thought were a bit weird. In a Skype chat with Mundane Matt, for example, Owen stated that in order to more easily deceive the public at large, Anita Sarkeesian 'bleached her skin and learned to smile like a white person'. It is actually possible to HEAR the 'WTF?' expression on Mundane Matt's face as soon as Jordan makes that statement.

Owen arguing against Gail Dines... in his bath tub.

If you seriously watched all 52 minutes of this shit you have no life.

Tim Schafer? Never heard of him
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Devin Faraci's yearbook photo.

Because Jordan knows absolute nothing about games, it shouldn't surprise anyone that this randroid couldn't tell the ugly mug of Tim Schafer apart from 24 other guys and mistook him for Devin fucking Faraci. So instead of doing any fucking research the retard made a reactionary video, like always, and he was made to look quite the fool by serial pedophile Sarah Butts. But that didn't stop him and his gay lover from latching-on to GamerGate in an attempt to use their autistic hate-boner for Anita to make more money.


His fucking book
Owen book cover.jpg

This fat fuck actually wrote a book called "Eros Empire". Obviously no one read it and he had to make a petition to try and get himself interviewed (no one signed it). Still, it's worth mentioning because it's exactly what you would expect of Owen. The book is a suspense thriller about the fucking porn industry with pictures of tits right on the fucking cover. So this is a book about Owen's one and only hobby which he wrote while imagining himself as the hero and jerking off. Also, as you would expect of Owen, the book glamorizes the porn industry... But he's not a misogynist!

Once, in one of his many, many TL;DW videos about the porn industry, when addressing the issue of whether or not the porn industry is rife with abuse, rape and other sleazy goings-on behind the scenes, Owen cited his own book and the fictional characters within it that he himself created as proof that no, the porn industry is a wonderful, enlightened industry to work in and all pornstars are perfectly happy in their work. All those ex-porn performers who've come out and said otherwise? Well, they're obviously lying and just trying to get attention! The opinions of my fictional characters from my fictional story made up by me are all the proof you need!

owen's book review

owen's book review pt.2

"Waste of time and money"
owen's book review pt.3


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Astute observers may note something of a disconnect and inconsistency in Jordan Owen's character, considering his obsession with pornography and the porn industry, as well as his hero worship of Ayn Rand—the mother of objectivism. Indeed, Jordan's pornographic interests are actually in conflict with the theory of objectivism: as the following quote from the director of programs at the Atlas Society, William R. Thomas, will demonstrate.

The trouble with pornography is that it tends to present a physical fantasy of sex. This can give the viewer or reader a sense of false emphasis, an overemphasis on the visual and the physical aspects of sexual desire. It can associate sexual pleasure with stylized ideas of beauty and stereotyped conceptions of sexual encounters. This is not all there is to sex and love. In addition, a great deal of pornography trades on fantasies of abuse or degradation, to say nothing of peculiar fetishes. Again, in the context of a rational life, there is nothing wrong with indulging one's tastes, but to the extent that one's tastes relish a denial of the essential humanity of sexual and romantic partners, it seems to me questionable whether fascination with these kinds of representations is either rational or healthy.

Another danger of pornography is that it can serve as a substitute for normal sexual stimulation. This could leave one numb to an important dimension of relations with others.


—William R. Thomas, basically saying that Jordan Owen cannot live a rational, logical life, because he's obsessed with porno films.

Aurini On Jordan
I strongly suspect that he undermined this project because of an irrational jealously of Roosh, and any man who’s able to relate to women easily..Eventually leading to a panic attack that got him kicked off of an airplane – the last time I saw him in person



Aurini explaining how much of a loser Owen is


Finally realizing that he would never reach even 10,000 subscribers, Jordan has decided to leave YouTube and focus on other things he fails at.

I leave having accomplished nothing except having made a complete fool of myself


—Jordan The Emo

Lawlsuit and new channel direction

Having tried to create another Sarkeesian Effect scam, this time about the rise and fall of Sierra Online, because a talentless idiot with zero video making skills would be better than this and this and these, surely. But actual game journalist, Serena Nelson, whom Josh Mandel, former video game designer of Sierra Online his voice to a game in her honor, decided to write a damaging article on Jordan's scam:

In addition to the use of flexible funding, which alone is enough to get myself and plenty of others to shy away, all we get are promises that this’ll be a great documentary on one of the most beloved adventure game companies and a short interview with Al Lowe. While the film maker briefly talked about where the budget is going it’s in rather vague terms and when I brought up my concerns in the Sierra Gamers Facebook group Jordan kept on deflecting my questions. And I’m far from the only one asking questions.


But the piece by Serena, a respected member of the adventure games community, was enough to make Jordan incredibly butthurt and actually threatening to sue her(Baleeted). But alas, because of the damage that one article did on his non-reputation. We here at ED thinks it is shitty lie by Jordan, as most of the damage was done by this article. But because he doesn't have enough money to actually sue her, he is asking his idiotic followers to give him money. Unless they will leave him alone, he never wanted to do videos on gender politics anyway, he will turn his channel into a music only channel. Another thing he fails at.

In Summary

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Davis M. J. Aurini

Davis M. J. Aurini is a woman hating, white supremacist nationalist (there is a difference!) with either a skull he moves around all over his house so it can be in every video he makes, or literally hundreds of skulls littered around his apartment that may or may not be real.

Much like Owen, he can't say a single thing about a woman without calling her a whore, slut, bitch, cunt, skank, prostitute, etc. Unlike Owen, who is the fat weeb sort of MRA, Davis is the second kind of MRA who is a "Supreme Gentleman" that dresses in cheap knock-offs of expensive clothes that make him look like a British professor in hopes that some woman actually falls for it and fucks him. Unfortunately, they don't, because rather than having the desired effect of making him look classy and sophisticated, it actually looks contrived and douchey, so he constantly whines about women not wanting beta males like him.

His views on women are the typical "They only date jerks and friend-zone nice guys like me", which he spouts as he literally wears a fedora (along with a turtle-neck that makes him look like a giant penis). His views on African-Americans are: "NIGGEEEEERS!!!!!" His videos are reportedly brimming with racism, anti-Semitism and misogyny (despite avidly vowing he is not a Klan member, a Nazi nor an MRA), but these claims could not be confirmed because no one can stand watching these videos due to his grating voice and obnoxious smug giggling.

Ironically, given that Jordan Owen is a staunch defender of pornography, Davis M. J. Aurini vocally despises the porn industry, seeing it as "degeneracy" (possibly his favorite word) invented by the filthy hook-nosed kikes in order to corrupt the glorious white utopia that is 'Merica.

Guess what? He's got a book too!
Autrini book review4.jpg

Aurini's "As I walk these broken roads" is a man-handed metaphor for how feminism is bad and how all men are pussies according to his outdated perception of masculinity that he himself doesn't live up to, unlike his self insert, Mary Sue hero.

owen's book review

owen's book review pt.2

"Don't buy"

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The skull

If you had the misfortune to ever see one of Aurini's shitty videos, you might have seen that he likes to keep a skull in the shot, so he can appear edgelord. As people are fucking retarded and Aurini's video quality is that shit, they actually wondered if edgelord had more than skull or he just liked to move it around, as it is the closest he will ever get to another human being.

Aurini BTFO'ed by Shoe0nhead.jpg

In what can only be described as autism and shitposting, Aurini engaged in a TL;DR conversation with residential coal burner shoe0nhead, thinking that the slut would actually debate him, when she like everyone else in the universe just wants to troll this spastic sperg. But yes, the skull has a name. It is named McCarther, because why wouldn't it be? What else would you name your best friend?

Their "credentials"

The Sarkeesian Effect: Inside the World of Skeleton Warriors or "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb" will feature music by Jordan himself. Why hire an actual composer when you can just use some of your old material for audio? Exactly.

Hell is just this song forever

The directing will be done by the amateur Davis Aurini, who only has released one thing other than shitty boring YouTube videos, when he wrote the script for a short film that you have never heard of. A short film that cost $10,000 to make. A short film so shit that comments and ratings have been shut down. Way to go on free speech.

An actual good film that cost $10,000 to make.
A brief plot synopsis of Davis M. Aurini's film, Lust In A Time Of Heartache.
Aurini wrote this garbage? Surely that
makes him qualified to direct a documentary.

Excellent writing that encompasses the transitions from one cinematic style to the next. At first I was concentrating on the technical problems and lackluster performances, however, after about 5 mins in, the pacing kicked up a notch. Well done, sir.



—YouTube comment

A proper review of the film

Sometimes non-professionals and film industry outsiders use their unique perspective to create interesting works of cinema that challenge our perception of the medium and exist outside of convention.

Usually though, the result is not good (much like anyone's first experiments with an art form that is unfamiliar to them.) This is fine except when the creator tries to inflate the piece into something much more than it actually is. In this case David Aurini and his friends decided to play Bruce Lee under a bridge and call it a surrealist, neo-noir film.

The entire first half of the video is just Aurini acting the part of brooding, no-nonsense genius as he drifts through different scenes of unhappy, bickering men and women. It's difficult to draw any meaning from this because Aurini's narration is about as captivating as an economics lecture, and the scenes which are supposed to serve as some sort of counterpoint to his diatribe, are inaudible. There was no sound mix in this video. I doubt there was a proper mic. Aside from Aurini's droning spiel you mostly just hear the lilting score and a couple of sound effects that were crudely dropped in.

To actually delve into a technical criticism of the video's cinematography would be both cruel and missing the point. Like doing a close reading of a 1st grader's journal assignment when really you're just trying to see if he could spell a few words right. That said, Lust in the Time of Heartache doesn't manage to spell many words correctly.

The last five minutes are pretty boring. The diatribe (of course) continues, but for some reason Aurini's character is being attacked by a bunch of deadly henchmen. You know how your 14 year-old cousin makes videos of him and his friends play fighting and puts them on Youtube? It's exactly like that. Fortunately this does lead to the only worthwhile moment in the entire video. A guy gets stabbed in the groin. It's pretty funny. If you'd rather not waste your time watching this movie just to see a groin stab, I'll save you the hassle and just tell you that it's at 6 minutes and 20 seconds in. He gets both kicked and stabbed in the groin.

All-in-all, this movie way too proud of itself considering that all its got is one decent nut shot in 10 minutes of molasses mouthed dreck.

Their Equipment

Both being scam artists of the highest degree, it would only stand to reason that they know even less about video editing than Jonathan McIntosh who at least actually has taken some courses in video making. So obviously these retards bought something that is for amateurs.

Consumer trash

The Canon VIXIA HF G30 is a new, high end, consumer-level camcorder

Once the production is done, this will become my camera



—Jordan Owen showing his true intentions with the documentary

Davis Knows All The Keyboard Shortcuts To Editing


Whether it be because he has major USI combined with delusions of grandeur or he is just dumb as fucking shit, Davis has expressed that he knows all the keyboard shortcuts and he can edit as fast as anyone in Hollywood. Not that he knows what the fuck a wipe, a cutaway, normalizing or any other standard editing tools are. Knowing the keyboard shortcuts is also completely redundant, as every single professional non-linear video editing tool comes with the option to change single shortcut. He also uses the software Sony Vegas which is used by about 0.01% of Hollywood, because it is only for shitty YouTube videos, not actual mainstream productions. Because of his claim, the hashtag Twitter-favicon.png #IKnowAllTheKeyboardShortcuts was created to poke fun at this dumb motherfucker. His statement is so fucking stupid that even The Onion published an article moar than 40 years ago, making fun of that exact phrase.

#IKnowAllTheKeyboardShortcuts About missing Pics
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The "Documentary"

Obviously a scam

The movie itself is expected to be a masterpiece of shit. While Owen and Aurini posted videos of themselves circlejerking about how this movie will get them on The Daily Show (we swear we're not making this up), the rest of us see it for what it is: A low-budget, conspiracy theory documentary made by two losers with no credentials (film making, academic or otherwise) who will embarrass themselves with their crazy wife-beating advocacy before pocketing most of the money. They are like Michael Moore if someone split him into two people but in the process lost most of his brain.

Of course this movie couldn't be made without other people's cash, as why would anyone ever pay to see crap like this in cinemas? It is quite clear that a project this stupid would not be able to make money the proper way, so of course the staunch Randroids Owen and Baldy Aurini believed the best way to fund this movie was by asking for hand outs. This is also not the first time Jordan has asked for money, because when is not busy being a welfare queen, he has a Patreon-favicon.png patreon that nobody pays into, as nobody is interested in his shitty TL;DW videos. He earns a whopping $0.003 per hour, as his videos are usually 4 hours of droning on about how Ayn Rand will save the world.

He also e-begged so that he could afford taking his disgusting cat to the vet, as it is the only thing closely resembling pussy or interaction that he will ever receive. Some anonymous donor YouTube Favicon.png even gave $1200—which he used on hookers and blow due to the death of his cat. He also received yet another hand-out when the slob couldn't be bothered to buy a $100 webcam, so one of his retarded YouTube drones had YouTube Favicon.png to buy it for him all the while he was trying to monetize the video. His e-begging skills are truly unmatched as even Brett Keane sees himself jealous on this master scamartist.

So how much money do they need? A whopping $15,000 - $50,000!!! Since they are on patreon, there is no telling for how long they will continue to extort their retarded scam-victims, but one source says they asked for this money for a period of 5 months!!!. Making the most conservative estimation of the money they want to be $75,000, the most liberal $200,000 and the most realistic "whatever they can get before people catch on and stop paying them".

In other words: They expect to make a movie about Anita using more money than she ever got while producing even less content than her despite the fact she only delivered 1/3 of what she promised.

YouTube skeptic, Thunderf00t, pictured here totally doubting the intentions and aptitude of Davis Aurini.
Karen Straughan discussing men's rights.
Damn it, Jerry!
Hot damn, Mercedes Carrera!

People Featured In The Film

As well as Owen and Aurini, the film also features interviews with the following people, all of whom were chosen because they are experts in the field of video games and not just because porn addict Jordan Owen just wanted to hang out with pornstars and sex workers and right-wing nutjob, Davis Aurini just wanted to hang out with other right-wing nutjobs.

Interestingly, for a documentary subtitled 'Inside the World of the Social Justice Warriors', at no point in the documentary do they actually deign to interview any social justice warriors for an insight into their world.

Among the people interviewed for The Sarkeesian Effect:

  • YouTube fedora-tipping elder god and regional finalist of The World's Thickest Neck Contest 2014, Thunderf00t - who would later desperately attempt to deny any association with the project, despite the fact that his name is one of the first names listed in the opening credits crawl and that he is literally the first person they interview.
  • Founder of A Voice For Men, Paul Elam. Ya, rly.
  • Karen Straughan, a prominent female MRA who somewhat physically resembles Pinocchio. This resemblance is confounded by her propensity for telling outrageous and unbelievable lies and her hanging around with Paul Elam in the mistaken belief he can help her be a real boy.
  • Jack Thompson, who is unusual in that unlike most of the other participants in the documentary, he is actually somewhat tangentially related to the world of video games.
  • Token Black, a black, African-American black man who is black. Davis Aurini is given the job of interviewing him, to prove how hardcore super not racist he is, because he can sit in the same room as a rubber-lipped treeswinger for five minutes while managing to hold back the urge to vomit. Token discusses the #NotYourShield movement, and how certain opportunistic and morally bankrupt ideologues try to use minorities as a shield to push their own political agendas.
  • Jim Goad, anti-PC libertarian edgelord who blames it all on the homocommies.
  • Some random fat Jerry from Parks and Recreation-looking motherfucker who was a male feminist until he got called out by a woman for being a condescending, patronizing douche, who tells a very long, rambling, uninteresting story that lasts about half an hour and never really goes anywhere and that really ought to have been cut for time.
  • Mercedes Carrera, a dumb spic whore who licks balls for money.

Anita complains to Patreon. Patreon don't care tho


In one hilarious turn of events, Anita was actually fooled into thinking these two idiots would produce something of value that would in any way make her look bad and complained to Patreon in a panic. In-spite of her mobilizing her army of retards to send the site's owner death threats, he did not cave and their page is (sadly) still up (probably because he gets a percentage of any money donate).

Immersed in Subversion: Control the Culture, Control the Man

Is the puke inducing title of Davis' version of The Sarkeesian Effect, but it is not his version of it, it is completely unrelated.

"Immersed in Subversion contains footage originally filmed for use in The Sarkeesian Effect with permission of The Sarkeesian Effect and the persons it depicts. This is a separate, independent work that should not be considered a "version" of The Sarkeesian Effect or derivative of it."


—Just like Jonathan McIntosh's media remixes?

Because you can not just say "A Davis Aurini" production, you need a production company name to appear professional, so Davis had to come up with something that reflected on him as a person and his editing skills, so the name Gamma Level Productions was chosen. Seriously. The "documentary" is thankfully only half the length of The Sarkeesian Effect.

This is documentary is about Anita Sarkeesian... but this documentary also isn't about her, not really.


—Actual quote from the movie

The movie is overtly pretentious, just like Davis himself, and for evidence of this you just need to know that the last 5 minutes of this trash is Davis reading a poem by Jungle Book writer Rudyard Kipling. He thinks the movie gets its bad rap because it is on YouTube, and not because it is utter fucking garbage, made by a talentless hack with no skills and a voice like a washing machine.

Don’t get me wrong, Immersed in Subversion is something I’m genuinely proud of; it’s not just a good film in spite of the circumstances, it’s a bloody good film period! The problem with it isn’t the film itself – it’s the fact that it’s on YouTube. As Marshall McLuhan said, “The medium is the message,” and no matter how good the film is, it’s nothing but a “YouTube Movie” as far as most people are concerned.

The whole point of filming it was to get it onto Netflix; to get it into the mainstream; ...
That movie could have changed the landscape; shifted things in our direction. Putting it in the mainstream would have allowed viewers to pattern-match to the same struggles that are happening everywhere; but as things stand, without that appearance of endorsement by the assumed experts at Netflix, it’s about as useful as a sports car at the bottom of the ocean.



Archive today-ico.png Davis Aurini - Not realizing that his movie is garbage

Davis kicked off the project (twice) for ruining it with pure incompetence

Owen ended up having to kick Davis off the project when he found out he was stealing money to buy himself a car, lawyers were then involved and they kissed and made up...


He (Jordan Owen) does not have the technical capacity to put this film together the way it needs to be done.


—[ Davis Aurini in a butthurt post]

But then, nearing the deadline, Davis had suddenly "run out of money", despite agreeing to a contract that says he's not allowed to touch the money anymore. So, in pure Brett Keane manner, Davis started yet another e-begging venture just mere weeks before the movie is supposed to be airing. He claims that he has run out of money, yet again. This time it is post-production. But what the fuck does he need the money for? It is a fucking online movie, so it can hardly be distribution. It is not to pay his employees, because there isn't any. In reality, he didn't run out of anything. He was just trying to scam people out of more cash so he could quit the project and steal what's left of the footage. YouTube Favicon.png Jordan Owen even calls out Davis on this, mostly because he was collecting money in Owen's name despite never telling him.

People don’t dress to express an inner truth. People dress to pretend they have an inner core, to act like there is a substance to that person, but it’s just an outfit you buy at Hot Topic.

What is a narcissist? It doesn’t mean somebody who likes attention. What a narcissist is, is somebody who at their core is nothing but rage, hatred, and shame. They need to create a shell around themselves. They need to constantly redefine it and they constantly need to be affirmed in that definition because there is nothing on the inside.


—Aurini describes himself (YouTube Favicon.png sauce)

Owen's finally kicked Aurini out for the final time and, upon inspecting the edited footage, realized Davis has been able to finish 2 months worth of work in 6 months time so that the movie was still half finished mere weeks before it was due to air. Despite Davis being a "pro" and Owen's not knowing anything about editing, he was able to finish the movie in 2 months and, despite doing amateurish work, somehow produce something that still looked better than what Aurini made.


What a quality poster. Most have taken him at least 32 seconds in MSPaint.
Note the My Little Pony avatar. Not a surprise.

The piece of shit masterpiece of investigative journalism is said to be released July 31st to coincide with a #GamerGate meetup, so they are bound to get nothing but brainless applause HA HA, DISREGARD THAT, ONLY EIGHT PEOPLE WERE SAD ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY SHOW UP FOR THIS SHITSHOW.

The Aftermath of Pre-Release

Because this is a failure of proportions of which not even god could have foreseen, the lulz and epic ownage of these two failclowns just keep adding up, as people are finally paying attention. Now people that appear in the movie, are actively using their time to go out of their way to explain how much of a cock-up these charlatans are. Yes, Thunderf00t, who somehow accepted being interviewed for this shit, has suddenly backtracked like a motherfucker and joined the skeletons in rightfully mocking this 5th rate pre-school documentary made for fun; as they have just received babby's first camera. In a TL;DW video, the incredibly intelligent scientist, Thunderf00t, explains how that he was duped into being interviewed in this schlock, and that they are incompetent film-makers, and have actively just been spending time in order to gain money, for nothing.

Not even creationists fail this hard

On September 14th, 2015, Jordan Owen emerged from the murky waters of his bathtub to proclaim that the movie event of the year, The Sarkeesian Effect, was now available for public viewing. However, rather than simply uploading this crowd-funded movie to YouTube where it could be watched for free by anybody, he decided he'd try and Jew his backers for even more of their welfare money by putting the two-and-a-half hours long men's rights circlejerk of a film up behind a pay wall on Vimeo instead, charging $4.00 to rent and $8.00 to stream.

Which you could well do if you're stupid. We at ED, however, urge you to simply download it for free here, instead OMFG ZOMG STREAM FOR FREE WATCH BRAIN DAMAGE -WARNED-, if you wanted to torture your loved ones or yourself. It is not worth wasting bandwidth on.

At time of writing, Jordan Owen is currently trying to Jew his retarded, women-hating subscribers out of even moar money to finance another documentary, this time about the ground-breaking and riveting topic of 'a bunch of games I like' - something that even the most severely autistic basement-dwellers across YouTube already provide for free for an audience of anybody who is interested in the form of spergy top ten lists recorded on their shitty potato webcams. However, as well as financing his newest film venture, Jordan is also seeking to monetize his YouTube channel so that he can pay off his credit card debts accrued during the production of The Sarkeesian Effect. Because even after the movie's Patreon campaign AND charging his followers for the privilege of watching what they already pledged their money to, Mr. Free Markets here STILL managed to lose money on this thing.


The Sarkeesian Effects About missing Pics
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SchutzstaffelIdeologie, Tradition, Praxis, und StolzMöchtegern-NazisFeinde, Verräter, und verboten

Featured article January 16th & 17th, 2015
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