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Furnished by butthurt and powered by BAW, The Nice Guy Comic is the 2004 response to TEH EVIL EMPIRE of Womyn which has been cockblocking Tim Wyatt and Michael O’Connel since they found out their dicks had more than one use. Of course anyone familiar with the whole Nice Guy bullshit will know how this pans out, the hero (tall, good-looking, and nice! [read: O‘Connel in his wildest dreams]) tries to get with numerous chicks but just can’t because he’s too nice! Not because he’s far too clingy and manipulative but because he’s just TOO NICE! Meanwhile his roommates continue to score more pussy than he because they are the antithesis of his dickless ways. Therefore, The Nice Guy Comic is the basement dwellers’ manual on life telling them that in order to land some secks they must become muscle clad misogynists who play sports and beat them hoes. Once they do that, they can finally beat the final boss of pussy and complete the game of life.


  • Jeff: The floppy haired beta male that tries to get laid…but can’t because he suffers from “involuntary decency," not because he works as an office drone and wears the same clothes day in day out.
  • Frank: The character which acts as the polar opposite to Jeff, a perverted woman-hater who is still butthurt over his last girlfriend, likes boobs and porn. Still gets laid though.
  • Peg: The jock of the gang who gets his dick wet come rain or shine. He’s the role model for Frank and Jeff, despite being the most likeable and ballsy of the three. A hint which not even O’Connel and Wyatt gets.
  • Becki: The object of Jeff’s affection with self-esteem issues. An air head and badboy addict just like all of the women in this NICE guy comic. Is frequently stalked by Jeff who in turn is used as an emotional tampon.

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