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Michael Kozemchak and his Filipino Grandmother
"me so cool. me gotz bb-gun" - closet weeaboo
This fag totally likes buttsex

Thdrkside also known as vanstriker/vanstryker, wifiboy, Iamlegion9000, drewpickles9000, therealsbc, vanstruck, cerealguy1992, crispin, and other aliases that start with "(the)bastardofbodom(101,5, and other various numbers) or you can simply call him by his IRL name Michael Kozemchak. Michael is a sad human being that sorts out his frustrations by being overtly racist (explained in detail later) or spamming forums (ex: newgrounds, modelminority, youtube). He's a self proclaimed Christian and believes in "scientific christianity". In Michael's spare time he spams forums about surviving after being hit by van (which he does almost every fucking chance he gets), he boasts about it yet he fails to realize that being hit by a van is nothing to be proud of; here's some food for thought, have it ever occurred to Michael that it actually makes him sound fucking retarded? I mean, for fucks sake you got hit by a fucking van! It's like boasting about getting raped by 10 guys and not contracting AIDS. When Michael is not spamming forums about his retarded van story, he likes to spam AZN forums to try and convert "asiaphiles"; he proclaims that Asian women are not interested in Caucasians and are all racists. Ontop of that, he uses his van story as to why he was "cured" of his "asiaphilia" (LULZ Sounds like an angry weeaboo to me)[Evidence[1]]. To substantiate his claims he has gone through a number (over 9000) sock accounts to spam his hatred for Asian's and Asian dating (search bastardofbodom101, thebastardofbodom5, bastardofbodom, drewpickles9000, therealsbc, captainmal777). The greatest hypocritcy out of all of this nonesense is that he is 1/4 Filipino himself and he still claims that he is fully Caucasian (conflict of interests much?) To put simply, Michael is an insane and hypocritical idiot that lies about almost everything in a piss poor attempt to somehow lessen the blame on himself. Did I mention that he got hit by a van?

Update - Michael BAWWING on the Clock Crew chat about his info being posted [2] [3]

*Attention* If the links do not work it's because our butthurt buddy here deleted them. Copy the links and Google cache them if you're really that fucking interested

Michael's anti-AZN/ Asiaphilia spamming

This all started in a little forum based community called yellowworld where Michael had an account called "wifiboy". Michael's posts were more or less about his fondness for AZN's and whatnot. Unfortunately, he got a ton of backlash from other AZN posters for not being fully AZN and thus sparked his bigoted opinions.

Here's a funny comment from our special buddy:

"The reason that Asian male/white female relationships are hated, and deserve hatred, is because the Asian men are normally hypocrites that have one night stands with white women but will harass Asian women for even considering white men.

I am not saying all Asian men are like this, but the ones like this, like the ones on this website, need to be ground up and turned into soilent green"

Which is comment cited here - [4] (You can see the comment by clicking on Kozemchak's sock account "Crispin Callahan" -which is accessible in the comment section- and it redirects you to all the comments he has posted. The actual comment is 5 posts down)

Links: [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

Now this starts the domino effect from youtubez(therealsbc, thdrkside, bastardofbodom accounts, newgrounds(thdrkside, cerealguy1992), and another forum called modelminority (vanstriker/vanstryker)

UPDATE Kozemchak has gone back to his old ways to "convert" asiaphiles (yet he is one himself). He has taken his bullshit to a new site under the pseudonym of Crispin Callahan (In reference of his yahoo answers name "Crispin C") on a site in the name of []. There you will see the tard talking about how Asian women and White Men are the most scrutanized biracial mix out of the lot without giving any supporting evidence.

Here's some hilarity ( ctrl + F search (crispin)): [10] [11]

Or just a general broad search of his bullshittery : [12]

Michael's Van incident


Need I say more?


After acting like a fucktard, someone finally came out to expose his bullshit. This person somehow got his email address and his IRL name (The retard send a PM with his email address in it. His identity was found when the email was searched via facebook). As expected, Michael closed his youtube accounts (thdrkside and thebastardofbodom5) and BAWWED to the NG forums for help. LINKS: [13] [14] When presented with proof in the form of pictures he cried the photoshop card, yet the links in the picture were real and directed to the exact comments that he said. In a pathetic attemp to confuse other users after posting an anti-semetic thread that clearly shows that he is capable of extreme prejudice (ontop of all the evidence against him that he is a racist), he tried to use the old "my account got hacked *sob*" ruse, however that got debunked later after he finally admits to creating the page (fail).

Links:thdrkside's holocaust post: [15].
Google Cache because the faggot deleted everything including his NG account. Pussy: [16]
Links:Thdrkside admitting his idiocy: [17]. Cache:[18]

Thdrkside gets his panties in a bunch

After many failed attempts to gather others to his side, Mikey makes a desperate attempt to silence his enemies in the form of legal action. He pulls out his shrunken e-penis and waves it in a last pathetic show of bravado but everyone knows that the truth about him has been exposed. To nobodies surprise; No one gets sued. Butthurt Michael strikes back like some retarded internet tough guy to somehow compensate for his rediculous efforts of legal action (which is shown in picture 1)

Michael threatening legal action. OMG NOEZ!


Michael's Videos

This is the video he DOES NOT want you to see (originally from his now closed "captainmal777" account):

UPDATE: Faggot Kozemchak flagged the original vimeo video. ( or watch here:

<video type="dailymotion" id="xp4g4x_animals" width="510" height="510" desc="This was originally from Michael's "captainmal777" account before he closed it." frame="true" position="center"/>

This is Michael's retarded video on his IAmLegion9000 account:

Update: Faggot Kozemchak deleted his videos.

Michael Fails at Getting Dox

It’s sufficed to say that our little mentally challenged buddy of ours has lost sleep over this ED article. He searches Google for hours on end to find some sort of personal info that he can get his hands on against his foe. After searching the interwebz he finally thought he struck gold: a gamespot user of the same moniker as NG’s celticfrost777 has posted his email address on a forum. Michael finally thinks he got some dirt on his opposer and threatens to tell everyone the newly acquired dox that he has obtained. However, the user at gamespot may have the same username as his target, but celticfrost777 from newgrounds and gamespot are two totally different people. Michael finally realizes his fucktarded mistake and responds via PM desperately trying to make amends by bribing NG’s celticfrost777 dox of the owner of Stormfront. Michael fails yet again… An hero is imminent, ladies and gentlemen.

Mikey's Dox Failure About missing Pics
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Uber Butthurtz

Just like what Stalin and every other butthurt tard did to cover up a story, they deleted every piece of evidence that was against them. And that's exactly what Michael did.

He ...DELETES FUCKING EVERYTHING. This includes his facebook page, youtube videos, even his NG account.


[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Michael's alias's

  • Thdrkside (Still open on newgrounds. Closed on youtube) *update* closed on newgrounds
Thdrkside (Mikey) making up a story about being hacked, but confirms being behind therealsbc and wifiboy
Wifiboy confirmed once more
  • TheJerkPirate (banned or closed)
  • Drewpickles9000 (banned or closed)
  • Bastardofbodom (banned or closed)
  • Bastardofbodom5 (banned or closed)
  • bastardofbodom101 (banned or closed)
  • thebastardofbodom (banned or closed)
  • therealsbc (banned or closed)
  • fuckthe44 (banned or closed)
  • vanstryker/vanstriker his name will not appear because he closed his account, but you can see what he posts since he is the only use that is not names but other users refer to him as "vanstriker".
  • captainmal777
  • Cerealguy The fucking retard was trying to garner attention by starting "thdrkside" threads and using his cerealguy alt to defend his main account.
  • iamlegion9000 (current youtube account)
  • wifiboy confirmed:

Michael's Info

Name: Michael Kozemchak

Email: [email protected]

Cell phone number: 1 (571) 241-3860

Facebook (Faggot deleted his Facebook page)

Michael's Myspace

Michael's Youtube account

Michael's Yahoo Answer (account is on private but you can search "Crispin C. and yahoo answers" and find his questions/answers

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