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Then you should be thanking them for returning the radio, asshole!
This is pretty ballsy, at my work we live the crazy guy alone because he's a biter.
People having friends is a conspiracy against Targ.
Oh, it's all Obama's fault, okay.
Like 4chan would let a cat killer stay on the loose.
Targ in a single image.
The mind is an amazing thing, even moreso when it breaks down



Frequently while exploring the vast shithole that is the internet, you’ll come across crazy people. Crazy people are in no short supply to be found and usually can be turned into lulz without much effort, thanks to their preference for turning their crazy into works of “art,” be they drawings, poetry, videos or music.

But very rarely will you come across a crazy so beyond crazy that the creations they produce go beyond being funny and are truly frightening in displaying how absolutely batshit insane this person is.

Targ: The Comic

In Targ, Targ is our cat murdering, pedophilic, schizophrenic tortured hero who lives in a world of obscure, decades old machinery that are used against him. Refusing to acknowledge his own mental instability, he has created an elaborate idea of everyone in the world, including you, yes YOU, is out to get him. But he’s completely sane. Not crazy.

Not crazy.

Peter Perp

Peter Perp is the sister comic strip to Targ that goes behind the scenes of organized stalking to tell the story from their point of view. Basically it's just a big list of various things Eleanor has made up to explain her insanity.

According to Peter Perp, these organized stalking groups have the power to:

The Art

One of the most horrifying parts of this series of terror comics is the art. The art is actually made on on bitstrips.com, and is not original artwork.. However, a brief trip to bitstrips will show that there is a much larger selection of eyes to choose from that aren’t the unblinking, staring, dead, dead eyes that bore into your skull used for every character in the strip.

The Author

The author of Targ is Eleanor White, a completely innocent, completely sane self proclaimed victim of organized stalking.

Every minute of the day she is under surveillance by evildoers plotting to ruin her day in any way possible. These people have absolute control over her electrical appliances, including her computer. Yet they have allowed her to make dozens of these “comics” and compile a website filled to the brim with ambiguous and unverifiable “evidence.”

If this group of stalkers is so powerful and reach is so long, wouldn’t it be easier to just shut down her computer every time she tries to tell the world about her plight? Oh never mind, that’s just crazy talk.

One Anon's tale of phone calls from Eleanor:

She was our group stalking gem. A few of us were able to truly appreciate the poetic nature of her ability to turn ordinary words into something disturbing. She was convinced that the legal system and the police were all connected to breeding cults that were after here and everyone else. When she would call her voice was calm and her question was normal. This lasted all of maybe 20 seconds before she started to speak faster and get more agitated, and her thoughts process began to center around rape and rape like activities. The best way to handle her is to just let her go off for about 5 - 10 minutes, and then she would calm down and get off the phone. I truly welcomed her calls because each and every time she taught me a new interesting term for rape.

These are some highlights:

They are all on my lawn circlejerking for the breeding cults
New Zealand is full of freeholin' (rape)
Immigrants are here to wethole us (rape)
It is like swimming through a chocolate cake mix out there (she hates brown people)
Celebrities are in the back bellyhumping for the breeding cults (rape)
Chinese rack (this was used in the context of rape)

I used to try and take as many notes of the poetic rape language she used during the calls, but she would just get so frantic it was hard to keep up.



More proof. How can you say no to this?!

Here's a video on Eleanor's website of someone sitting in their car in a normal neighborhood and calling everyone she sees a stalker.

The Reason for the Crazy

People who want to help Targ are in on it!

There is a simple answer for every bit of “organized stalking” Eleanor encounters. She’s crazy. Well obviously. But REALLY genuinely crazy. Multiple personality disorder crazy. She becomes someone else, fucks with some her stuff, then reverts to “Eleanor” with no memory of it happening and suddenly OMG THERE’S HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE AFTER ME.

But why do all this? Why go to such lengths, spend so much money, just to screw with someone? Targ’s answer is simple: because they can. That’s it. Targ/Eleanor has no secrets, no "theories," no aliens hiding in her basement or undeniable proof that 9/11 was a Reptoid conspiracy. All this money and effort is put into screwing with Targ because they can.

Not crazy.

And on a completely unrelated note

Check out 4chan for the latest targets for group harassment via phone and computers by Anonymous users.

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