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Doing it wrong

Kieran Thain [1], also known as "Smeef" "Smough" or "X_I_LOVE_SHEMALES_X" is a 15 year old memer from Scotland who faked himself to pseudo internet fame by pretending to get his penor stuck in a roll of tape and posting it to 4chan's autist board known as /b/. 4chan, being full of gullible queers, took the b8. "Tape dick," as he was called, was then reported on by internet news media groups who apparently have nothing interesting to report on. Little did they know that it was a lie the whole time (the faggot was only pretending to be stuck), and that the penor belonged to a 14 year old virgin normie. Tapedick has entered legal proceedings to sue the shitty news group for distributing cp.

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