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The quality for the fanart is just as awesome as the comic.
Moot warned you Kimmo.

Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff is an incredible webcomic that makes you want to pour hydrofluoric acid on your eyes for the fact that it is the greatest thing you will ever see, and sight no longer matters. The author states that he does this to keep it more ironic. Millions of reasons as to why it is "the only website on the internet that matters" become apparent the moment the page first loads, but none of them matter because today i put jelly on this hot god.

The Comic

The comic centers around two hella sweet bro gamers, referred as "sweet bro" and "hella jeff", getting into crazy hi-jinks and shit you'd have to be HIGH just to DO. Unlike those copy and paste webcomics made by noobs abusing Photoshop's dodge/burn tool, SBaHJ is crafted by master artisans with only the finest software known to man.

Dave Strider, the genius behind SBaHJ.

It originates from a separate comic called Homestuck, which is frequently shat over by /co/. Homestuck is a somewhat complex comic in the style of old text-based games, full of mind fuckery and time travel. It centers around 4 13-year-old kids who play a game which inadvertently fucks up their world, in favor of creating a new world. Dave Strider, one of the kids, is the current author of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. He is probably a raging faggot the coolest fucking guy you will ever know, or hope to be. That is all there really is to say on the matter.

The creators have announced that they are making a movie.


  • Sweet Bro: The stoner with the beard and a red shirt. Tends to fall down stairs a lot and loves to throw nacho parties.
  • Hella Jeff: The stalker with the blue shirt.
  • Geromy: The new friend.
  • Squirrel: A squirrel who likes to steal Sweet Bro's games.
  • The Big Man: The basket-ball player. He HASS the rock.
  • Barack Obana: The president.
  • Peaches: The "newd dog."

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