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[SORE THUMBS and WICKEDPOWERED] were written primarily for the money, not because they're the kind of thing I love to write.


— Chris explains his comic in a nutshell.

Sore Thumbs is unofficially the worst webcomic ever created. It has a bad plot, a worse premise, and is populated by a cornucopia of two-dimensional ideological stereotypes that vaguely substitute for real characters. It reads like God Mode if the writers were drugged-up hippies, or at least it would, if the writers were cool enough to do drugs. But they aren't, so they had to make do with the burlap sack of horse shit that is their political views and sense of humor.

Yeah, the whole comic is basically like this.

Things that Make this Comic Bad

  1. The comic is about video games, although you'd be hard pressed to figure that out (considering only one in fifty comics actually includes a video game reference). The most unoriginal and overused of all topics to make a webcomic about. The artists no doubt put a full half second into deciding what to make their comic about. Yet, even so, this comic seems to exceed all others in raw badness.
  2. The webcomic second theme is "politics". Not politics as in making fun of stodgy lawmakers, or rebelling against the establishment, or dealing with foreign relations and public policies, but solely making fun of republicans. Not that this makes the comic bad per se, but in that these attempts at humor are pathetically low-brow, essentially resembling the jokes a 13 year old boy who just discovered politics (and decided he was a liberal) would make. This is a classic example of making something that could be funny unfunny.
  3. Typical anime/manga art. Tragically unsurprising of modern Japanophile-gamers, the artist cannot find their own unique style, and so pilfers from the Nips while under the impression they are "cool". The artists then makes a marked effort, just in case we miss the "point", to draw all the liberal characters as pink-haired or muscle-bound sex objects and all the conservatives as ugly beady-eyed creatures.
  4. Sucky plot. Admittedly, few people read enough of the archives to really find out the story line (there really isn't one), but those who have attempted have found out that it really is just making fun of the ugly republican (who is basically a stereotype Jew) as he does evil/stupid/greedy things. Everything else is really just obscure pop-culture jokes and romance between the two liberal sex-objects.
  5. Sucky Characters. First, note that the writer is so out-of-touch with reality that he essentially believes that the republicans are a race of hyper-rich retards who consider the president to be a god and go out killing Muslims on the street (rather than the rednecks and rural businessmen that make up the actual demographic). He does not just joke about it, he really believes it. With the exception of staunch, outright communists, most people will cringe at these pathetically unrealistic antagonists. Of course, like every other bad webcomic, there is a small, cute animal that mauls the Republicans in a "funny" way, in this case a tiny bear. And the muscle-bound "good guy" is, of course, an Iraq war veteran and a former member of the "working poor".

To conclude, this webcomic is absolute shit. Big surprise there. It is not the slightest bit entertaining, will not teach you anything about video games or politics and is little more than an excuse for the author to submerge you in their own socialist/geek pipe-dream.

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