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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
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Essentially a child with a beard.

SonofOdin29 (aka Omeed Mirhakkak) is your typical 20-something year old manchild who holds cartoons in a regard so high, he shows no hesitation in attacking people for simply not having the same opinion as him. Sometimes he blames this on his crappy home life, but it's obvious that he just wants to be treated like everyone else. He's not painfully special, but give it time, and he'll join the ranks of the major lolcows soon enough. It should also be noted that he changes his fucking avatar every few weeks. Serious.

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A typical reaction.

Who is This Fucker?

On the surface, Odin appears to be a child, making videos involving outdated media clips and over-discussed topics and shit involving Thomas the Tank Engine, which is his primary fandom. But once you take a deeper look (or simply visit his Facebook profile which he conveniently linked in his channel), you will soon realize that he's in his twenties, and behaves like anyone else of that age on the internet. Along with the aforementioned videos, he also did some song cover videos, which are now long gone falling a thorough rape by his critics, save for one, which given his behavior warrants an archive for posterity. He has been on the internet since 2006, blowing through three prior accounts (likely doing the same shit on the accounts) before settling on his fourth one and spreading to deviantART and Facebook. It doesn't take much to provoke him. All you have to do is simply like something Odin hates and he'll:

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Electric Boogaloo
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Given the choice between two, I choose the Grinch, at least he could fucking sing.
  • Act like an asshole towards you.
  • Make a meme/status post.
  • Cry for sympathy.
  • Try to reconcile as if nothing had happened.
  • Rinse and repeat.

What Makes his Hate Boner Strong

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Whenever he pleads for sympathy.

How to trigger him

  • 1. Tell him you like Ariel
  • 2. Tell him he's too old to like Thomas the Tank Engine
  • 3. Tell him his song covers suck (extra points if you tell him that Ariel could do better)
  • 4. Tell him you like Mr. Enter's videos
  • 5. Call him a hypocrite for using clips from Nostalgia Critic's videos in his when he says he hates Nostalgia Critic
  • 6. Tell him you like Nostalgia Critic
  • 7. Remind him of his past mistakes
  • 8. Get into a debate with him
  • 9. Call him pitiful and a manchild
  • 10. Call him out

What he never shuts up about

  • 1. Ariel from The Little Mermaid
  • 2. Thomas the fucking tank engine
  • 3. Nostalgia Critic
  • 4. Mr. Enter
  • 5. "Overhyped" Movies
  • 6. His past mistakes
  • 7. Internet Reviewers
  • 8. Dragon Ball Z
  • 9. Fictional Characters
  • 10. Being Pitiful
  • 11. Deviantart Users
  • 12. Real-life views and life choices he hates
  • 13. His misanthropy
  • 14. The idea that more people "complain about" characters he likes than about characters he hates.
  • 15. The statement "At least X has manners!" when comparing people or characters to one another.

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