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Snafu comics is a webcomic website, where all the webcomic wannabe outcasts congregate together and post their shit for webcomic fanbois to fap to. They also are bedraggled with DeviantART accounts and thus provide much faggotry as a result.

The roster is split between talentless hacks who haven't figured out what drawing is, 20% comics by Bleedman, and 60% comics by people who wish they were Bleedman but get butthurt when someone mentions to them that they are obviously copying his "style" .

Snafu comics could be summarized as a hive of faggotry, containing talentless neckbeards who spend their waking moments masturbating collectively or attempting to become the lead aspie out of the whole fucking cuckoo's nest.


Now we know her name, where she lives (lives in Fresno now with a mormon), her real gender and how to kill her.

DevianTART account

Email: dave[email protected]

Dave is creator of Snafu-Comics and TIN: The Incompetent Ninja. Dave is the webmaster of his site (so don't afraid to ddos it or flood his forum to make his life happier). Dave is prolly the least talented person on his own website which leads us to believe that he is hiding behind his wall of OMG POPULARZ artists to gain popularity for himself.

I'd definately check it out though since I'm pretty sure it's the cure for cancer


—Dave - Lying to get hopefuls to click his link

Fact: I've jerked off at every job I've ever had besides when I worked at Wendy's. Not out of respect of handling food. I just didn't work there long enough to get the chance.


—Dave - giving advice on getting a job


Supposedly the head-honcho OMGFUNNI comic of the website. Fans are obviously blinded by the occasional chuckle you can gain from the masses of homosexual themed comics.

TIN: The Incompetent Ninja

"I'm trying to figure out some kind of super simple stylistic look for this comic to make it quickly. I think I almost have a good method down but not quite. Anyhoo enjoy the comic."

You know what the result is.

This demonstrates Dave's lack of art skillz and unfunny nature. If only he took his own advice when 'It Began'


See Bleedman's very own article for all lulzy details on this pedoujin artist.

A preview of the gayest shit you'll ever see.

"Bleedman" is a massive azn pedophile, who rose to internet stardom with his gift for redrawing animu versions of Cartoon Network licensed characters in a blatantly sexual tone without being prosecuted.

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi

The piece of crap that started it all. The weeaboo flock to this comic like flies to a pile of dog shit. The Powerpuff Girls are just there as an excuse for Bleedman to draw panty shots and action scenes. Cartoon orgies ensue.

Grim Tales

Grim Tales is based off of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. The comic is decent, has a few laughs here and there, a child molester getting his hand chopped off and incest.

Grim is a lemon party member, married to Mandy. Mandy is married to Grim. She's over 20. MiniMandy is aborted daughter of Grim and Mandy. Shakespeare fangirl. In love with her brother. Grim Jr is aborted as well. Not as smitten with his sister. They had to make out in order to lift some spell Satan made.

Oh, and also, Mandy did WTC and the holocaust.

Sugar Bits

This is Bleedman's first attempt at an "original" story. But in reality, everything from the story to the setting to the chracter desguin is completely derivative. The only thing missing if for him to change the characters names to "Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup", since anyone can tell it's the same characters only in a different outfit.

In essense the comic is everything you have come to expect from Nego: Panty shots of little girls, implied nudity of little girls and even a furry character who is also a little girl and is seen partially naked at some point.

This comic is likely not going to be updating as it used to. Sometime in July of 2013, the main writer of the comic "Dondi" passed away due to cancer. The latest update seems to reflect this, but it's generally expected the comic to simply peter out and end like most of the comics on Snafu.


Holy Jumping Jesus Christmas Biscuit!
typical cam whore shot it is too
Endling is so misunderstood

DevianTART account

Email: [email protected]

Endling is creator of Ever After. He is the fucked up emo of the gang, making fellow emos 'smile'. One of Endlings' more curious characteristics is that he thinks he is a nigger. Also, according to his latest journal, he has diverticulitis which makes him literally 'full of shit'. Like his pal Dave, Endling has somewhat a pencil in ass for drawing. It's a shame he's not the sharpest doorknob in the bunch.

Ever After

Ever After is an emo comic that Endling has trouble being consistent with and has 10 fucking pages of pointless intermission that Dave uses to whore out Bleedman.

I'd just like to mention, once again, that Everafter is a big experimental sorta progressive comic. Which means.. it's bound to change. Anyone who's been around to my DA account knows this by now, having seen Red and the rest of the cast's design overhauls since these early prologue pages.


—~Endling - Making up excuses for not being able to draw the same thing twice


DevianTART account

E-mail: [email protected]

Herms is creator of Sticky Floors. He is the resident otaku having drawn fanart for 95% of fandoms. A primary way to be a typical fan is to scream out that you saw him at 'Otakon' or have bought something off him. Not to be confused with multiple hermaphrodites.

Herms is also the artist for the Sonic Comic series comic #186.

Sticky Floors

A go nowhere comic staring Herms' characters. His style reminds snapesnogger due to a lack of noses. Most of his comics are only amusing for revealing how much of a pervert he is, otherwise they have a TL;DR quality.

It is also a know fact that mistaking Herms for Bleedman will result into another TL;DR comic, and a Wall'o text to match. We're glad to know that we aren't the only ones who know Bleedman as the sick fuck he is. Although sauces say Herms is heading up the road himself.

Herms promotes Niggers and Rape
Not to mention, he's pretty, and witty, and gay


DevianTART account

Email: [email protected]

Happy is creator of Invader Zim: Manifest Doom. He is yet another emo tard who could possibly have talent did she not waste it on Invader Zim-bullshit. It's a given that she doesn't have much brains either.

I feel like such a dick-head. A douche-bag. Lower than a douche-bag. A freaking worm-whore. I feel like an amoeba that's stuck on the underbelly of a worm. For those of you who don't know why, please don't bother to understand.


—~Krusnik007 - doesn't like crits.

Invader Zim: Manifest Doom

Happy spiraled into depression when people started to think that Bleedman made this comic. If we were her, we would be glad to pwn off the responsibility for what we know is just another fandom rape. The blurbs to each installment of this thriller are truly awe inspiring and well thought out. Yet she claims it's everyone else who has the simple mind.

Welly, well, well, look at ZIM run. He runs fast...for a 2-D character.


—~Happy - showing off her vocab

The great Bleedman has recently created a poll on DeviantArt, the title being: "I wanna try workin on a page of a different snafu title, but which one?"

Most fans couldn't help but click on the "Invader Zim: Manifest Doom" button, and the pedo is currently planning on continuing this comic. Of course, the happiness is killed by one problem. Bleedman still needs Happy's permission. Raise your hand if you think Happy will like this.

Hopefully some lulz will come of this.


G-O is NOT a pussy

DevianTART account

Email: [email protected]

G-O or Giovanny Hernandez is a 22 year old pedo. He is creator of Training Wheels. He enjoys fandom rape and whoring himself out. Proof of all three of these claims can be found on his 'guest appearance' in the equally as shitty furry webcomic site VGCats. He also appears to be part of the 100% of tartlets who are 'A Graphic Designer/Illustrator'.

Interests: Women, anime, manga, girls, movies, comics, chicks, wrestling, and boobies.


—~G-O - is a sick weeaboo fucktard

Training Wheels

G-O has the uncanny style to make everything he draws look like little children. It should also be a trade mark quality of his that everything he draws is so unfunny it hurts

Obviously, his favorite sources of inspiration are Yu-Gi-Oh, Dave and little boys, which are coincidentally the three things he faps to each night. Please, don't leave your kids with this man.


Such a touching piece of work with perfect grammar

devianTART account

Email: [email protected]

Stan is creator of Titan Sphere. Stan is probably the least popular of the group, which is a mystery considering he is such an awesome mangaka!!!. He claims to be mid 20's, but if we had to take a stab, we would say he was 5. At least he has the confidence to be that far up his own ass. Growing fanbase? Unrealistic Expectations

Titan Sphere

Dinner plate eyes. Generic story. A totally killer title. Mary Sue characters. And of course ZOMGBOOBIES!!!!. What else does a totally 1337 manga need?

We warn you now, if you ever brave the depths of this comic, be warned that Stan has not heard of image re-size, and all his comics are fucking massive. We think he's compensating for something. You also have to be aware that although his drawings are of a certain standard, that he is an illiterate dumb fuck that cannot write something readable, let alone moving.

BlueFox & Technotroll

devianTART account (shared)

devianTART account (BlueFox)

devianTART account (Technotroll)

Bluefox Email: [email protected]

Technotroll Email: [email protected]

The n00bs of the Snafu-comics world.

BlueFox is an artist of Forgotten Tower and creator of Soul Frontier. It is a furry, girl (we think), weaboo and attention whore.

Technotroll is a writer of Forgotten Tower. He is self obsessed, talentless, a moocher and a camwhore.

Forgotten Tower

All Technotroll does on Snafu comics is write for this one piece of trash, giving proof that he is unfunny. BlueFox, obviously having the mental capacity of a teaspoon, adapts his shit to her Mary Sue characters. They're the unbeatable team!

Soul Frontier

An instant fail. BlueFox did this comic all by herself! What a champ! You would have to be blind to not be able to see every character in this comic has been copied from elsewhere, not to mention the drawing style thieving from Kingdom Hearts and Bleedman combined. She never has anything to say about her submissions, once again showing her excellent way with words!

Try and guess which ones are the guys. Also note the subliminal plugging of Bleedman's comic.

Alex Pardee

Shockingly, it would appear Alex Pardee does not have a Deviantart, and is actually a professional artist. He is only on Snafu because he's butt-buddies with Dan. Even the artists who rip off him do better art. [1]

...The only requirement was that i had to eat everything, including the brains. And since I passed away recently and joined the ranks of the stench-filled undead, I figured that a little handful of brains might actually be appetizing...


—He later went on the wear the head of the pig he had ate. I wish I were joking.


This is a comic where the punchline is exactly the same in every single comic. A common re-occurring theme in the comics is bunny's penis, proving that Alex is a massive furry.

On top of that, his comics feature bunnies receiving anal rape [2], bunnies with vomiting ears [3], bunnies with anus-mouths [4], bunnies ripping of Sticky floors [5], bunnies shitting gay rainbows [6], dickgirl bunnies [7], and plenty more of this humour.

What's the joke again?


—His_Last_Chance, QFT

William Gregory

This pathetic asswipe makes one of the worst drawn comic on SNAFU in spite of going to art school. After rebooting, deleting and changing his comic over and over, loosing his domain twice and trying to host other comics/make spin-offs of his own crap, he finally shut down his site and deleted his comic after he got a bad review from "The Bad Webcomic Wiki" he started to BAWW and sent them a long flounce.

A few months later he decided to reboot his comic. And by "reboot" we mean "changed absolutely nothing and joined snafu". Where he still hardly updates and draws like he has hooks for hands. In his spare time he still impotently rages about his inconsequential review and sends more angry PM to the sites administration.

Skull Boy

Gregory's retarded comic where he whines about high school crap despite being in his late 20's. What else is there to say?

Everyone Else

The rest of SNAFU are a bunch of no name hacks who never update and wish they were Bleedman. But never complain about them that because they ban everyone from their forum.

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