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Cory's ego is actually much bigger than this
and your talent is what exactly?

YouTube fakelebrity Cory Williams (also referred to as Mr. Safety, but only by himself) is an Internet lolcow, a professional New media Parasite and a figurehead to a few YouTube Nobodies. Cory owns the YouTube Favicon.png Smpfilms advertizing channel on YouTube. He is notable for creating shit like this [1].

As a reward for constantly whining for assistance from the YouTube Staff, YouTube Inc. have given Cory Williams thousands of dormant "zombie subscriber" accounts by featuring him on the YouTube homepage and placing him on the (now disused) YouTube Signup_invite page. They have paid and promoted him as well by making him a YouTube Partner. When the YouTube Community ignores Cory Williams he goes back to cheating using YouTube video autoplayers on MySpace to create fake view counts for his videos which propels them onto YouTube's high profile Most Viewed Page. Cory tries to use a facade of respectability to scam businesses into becoming advertizing sponsors for his YouTube videos and for Cory to collect charity money for charities that do not exist. His channel has become a neverending advertizement-segment. Consequently, Cory has a deep-rooted fear of people reading Wiki-Truth articles about him, (predominatly on Encyclopedia Dramatica and The Other Wiki). Welcome to the fucked up world of Smpfilms.

Probably the single most interesting way to look at Cory, is to view him as a case study of narcissistic sociopathy. This is the alpha male; the archetypical high school class president. The sort of person who, in later adult life, tends to do extremely well in either politics or on Wall Street; not because of any kind of genuine merit whatsoever, but because of their inherent, pathological need to be at the top of any available social hierarchy, and the degree of proficiency that they develop in doing so.

The main reason why people like this individual end up being hated to the degree that they do, is not really, as some claim, because of their lack of integrity. The real reason is envy.

Deep down, a lot of us really want to be like Cory. We want the attention, and the ability to manipulate people to get what we want; morality be damned. Cory is representative of the type of person who not only has the desire to create a pile of human corpses and climb to the top of it, but also has the ability to actually achieve it. For the rest of us basement-dwelling, neckbearded beta males out there, that hurts.

Help help you!

Mr. Safety most notably polluted the Internet by branding a San Francisco YouTube gathering (February 2007) with his own "As One" logo and declared that from that day on "where two or three gather in my Name, there I am in the midst of them and deserve all the credit" - Cory 18.20. Noone wanted to go to to any YouTube meetups after that, since noone wanted to be just another chair-filler in a Cory Williams advert.

In March 2007, NickyNik and Cory rehearsed for a skit on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, however, the staff of the Tonight Show decided to not use it at the time because it was utter crap.

Three months later (22 June 2007) Cory Williams was given a two minute pity slot on the Jay Leno Tonight Show where he babbled incoherently about his girlfriend and hats. NickyNik then snapped the kneeling Williams with a large elastic band whilst Cory told the unimpressed audience that he was a New Media Consultant.

Jay Leno's obvious "WTF is this Internet shit" attitude may have been down to having mercilessly Goatsed his online NBC forum for the previous 24Hrs as revenge for a failed attempt by Carson Daly (of NBC) to steal their Rickroll joke.

On April 1st 2007 Williams proposed to his girlfriend in a YouTube video. It is rumored that he intends to use the same attention-grabbing ploy again and video himself dumping her either sometime in December 2007 or earlier if he drops 5 places or more on the YouTube most subscribed list.

A seekrit video has been found where Cory Williams confessed that everything that he had gained from YouTube was down to cheating.

Quote from Cory Williams' self-written and self-deleted Wikipedia article

He has acquired over 15,000 subscribers and over 7 million video views. In 2005 his YouTube account was being moderated by a friend of his who used an auto refresher to get his videos more views, which is why his user profile shows that he has watched over 400,000 videos


Wikipedia on Cory Williams

It is believed that this "friend" was actually Cory's mom, who fights his battles for him on YouTube and Stickam and is the driving force behind all the cheating that goes on on his YouTube channel.

Cory Williams deleted his self-written "Cory Williams, E-famous Personality" Wikipedia article due to a srs e-terrorist threat (which often metamorph into srsly frightening scenarios involving ruthless name-calling on Wikipedia).

As One

Concept and music stolen from John Lennon, er, copyright Cory Williams

"As One" is a gathering of YouTube's online community. We come together to prove to the world that we are a real community with real relationships formed by real people. Many years ago, the Internet promised to bring people together from all walks of life around the world, but many were skeptical about meeting others online. It was hard for people to truly relate to each other due to the nature of online communication. Then when YouTube was created, we were able to see and speak to each other freely, expressing ourselves openly to who ever was willing to listen. Through YouTube, people were finally able to relate, help each other, and be heard. So I created "As One" to help take this newly evolved community to the next level and bring us closer to the dream of a world, as one.


Cory 8.15

"As One" was really just a vehicle for Cory Williams to;

  • get paid for promoting DirectTV's "The Fizz" cable show,
  • get only his gathering videos featured,
  • get put on the signup_invite page for the hundredth time,
  • promote himself outside of the community on YouTube.

777, the TL;DR history, even on >> fast forward >>

Podcasting101, New Media Parasite (NMP)

Podcasting101 (another New Media Parasite (NMP)) announced a new YouTube gathering on 7 July 2007. He decided to brand it iTube NYC to claim all the credit the same way that Cory Williams had done with the As One San Francisco gathering. Podcasting101 used Nalts to front his heretical grab for YouTube power and attention because he was too creepy to pull it off by himself.

Nalts asked his New York e-pal xgobobeanx to make promo videos for the gathering and act as its host.

Producing101, New Media Parasite (NMP)
Smpfilms, New Media Parasite (NMP)

xgobobeanx asked her e-pal Producing101 to help organize the event.

Producing101, (yet another New Media Parasite) allegedly spent an evening rolling joints and getting completely stoned while watching Cliff Richard's Summer Holiday movie for the 9000th time. The movie, (which is legal in Canada if you are only caught with one copy for personal use), allegedly inspired his plan to drive a bus from San Francisco to New York, meeting up with hundreds of YouTubers along the way and arriving just in time for the gathering which would be held in a YouTube Favicon.png disused theater that would be refurbished for the event (srsly).

In a haze of weed-induced paranoia Producing101 got everyone already involved with organising 777 (known as the Committee) to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This dumb move stopped everyone involved talking to everyone else, both inside and outside of The Committee (since they had no idea what they could and could not say and were afraid of being dragged into e-court). This sudden and unneccessary silence made everyone claim that the Committee were an exclusive bunch of elitist bastards, and all the members of the Committee (except Nalts) were afraid to say otherwise because of the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

When Cory Williams found out that he was too late to grab the easy money and free kudos that would go with being a figurehead for the New York gathering (and all the future YouTube gatherings as a result) he decided to try and kill 777 by arranging for anyone considered e-famous on YouTube to be half-way around the world in Australia on that day at a different "As One" gathering. Noone was interested.

At the invitation of The Fizz-backed Katiesopinion crew, Cory then tried to arrange a gathering in west Philadelphia (where Will Smith was born and raised, a place which, on the playground, Smith spent most of his days, and which, more pertainently, was only one hour's travel away from New York). This meetup was arranged for 30 June 2007, a week before 777. By doing this, Cory hoped "As One" could steal the buzz from "iTube NYC" and cut the 777 attendance in half. Noone was interested.

Producing101 needed some money to buy a bus so he approached Cory Williams to see if DirectTV's "The Fizz" would front him at least some of the money. After private negotiations between Producing101 and Cory Williams, the 777 gathering became an "As One" overnight.

To seal the deal Producing101 organized the making (by the Committee) of one of the worst emo-bullshit-filled videos to ever hit the most viewed pages on YouTube (As One - NYC 777). The video was posted on 9 different YouTube channels at once and stirred up a shit-storm of epic proportions. The fact that both Nalts and Podcasting101, the people who had originally initiated 777 had been left out of the decision-making process and the associated failtastic 777 video caused a huge rift and eventually Flame wars between both the iTube NYC and As One camps.

YouTube Favicon.png As One - NYC 777 - 8 March 2007 - From The Commitee

LisaNova made an equally epic parody of the As One - NYC 777 video. After LisaNova's video was posted most of the Committe removed their "As One" videos.

YouTube Favicon.png LISANOVA does MR. SAFETY and the AS ONE Gatherers

A barrage of hate was posted on Cory Williams' copy of the As One - NYC 777. It was plain to everyone that the shit-storm had been caused by Cory Williams being part of 777 and had nothing to do with anything else that anyone had said or done (which was still largely secret). Cory Williams was (and is) just hated on YouTube for being a lying self-serving bastard.

In a last ditch attempt to stop the Committee scrapping the lucrative Fizz's "As One" involvement in 777, Cory attempted to lay the blame for all the infighting and community anger on Producing101's doorstep. A feud errupted between them both. Cory investigated Producing101's background and found dox proving that he was a fraud who had never worked as a producer, and had been unemployed for the last nine years.

Cory Williams sent the dox to Producing101 on 12 March 2007. Fuckwitted as ever, Producing101 replaced Cory William's e-signature on the dox with HellionExciter's e-signature and dropped them on himself, instead of just shutting the fuck up like Cory wanted. (HellionExciter eventually made a YouTube Favicon.png video based on these dox over 3 months later).

The 777 Tour Bus concept after one (NMP) drama-whoring shit-storm too many

The dox kicked off new shit-storm less than a week after the As One - NYC 777 video fiasco. The infighting meant that one of the New Media Parasites, Smpfilms or Producing101, had to leave the Committee. They both fought tooth and nail and they both fought dirty. Producing101 became more and more insane and eventually Cory Williams won by default. Producing101 was kicked off the Committee with a loud "Fuck you and fuck the bus you rode into town on".

Cory found that people where still spitting-nails everytime the "As One" gathering was mentioned. In a shrewd move to keep the hate off his YouTube channel he announced that he was stepping down from the Committee and was going to take a background role. He then slunk off and waited to see if the remaining organizers would either fuck up or cry for his help (neither of which happened).

With all of the New Media Parasites out of the picture for a couple of months and all the Non-Disclosure Agreements used for toilet paper, ordinary YouTube nobodies who just wanted to meet up quietly put the event together.

Cory Williams came back just before 30 May 2007 and tried to kick off drama in the hope that he could convince the weaker-minded members of the Committee who had forgotten what a bastard he was to feel sorry for him and let him make 777 an "As One" event again. When he failed to do this, even after his spy in the Commitee dropped the Smpfilms/xgobobeanx/Committee email below, he set about poisoning the minds of his local LA "YouTube Rat Pack" and started recruiting allies to help him make 777 as commercial, uptight and click-orientated as his San Francisco "As One" had been.

777 goes to the mats

"Tell that bitch Jill, I will fucking destroy her..."
typical 7 7 7 pedohpiles, just hanging out looking for Ytask and YTU

The following is a press release masquerading as a private email

From: mrsafety, smpfilms

Date: May 30, 2007 1:55 PM

Subject: RE: "Cory hopes we fail." - What?????

To: Jill <xgobobeanx>


Karen and Joe were able to get back to me just fine and we were all on the same page (as far as they told me). The last time I was able to get contact with you was when we spoke on the phone, immediately after the meeting and I thought everything was cool. The reason I stepped down was because I was trying to take the stress off of the team... besides, I didn't stop helping, I just stepped down a rank... I was still doing the website and promotions (after the location announcement) like I said I would. I'm not bothered by the name change... I'm bothered because you assumed that I wanted you to fail and those kinds of assumptions are not very kind when you speak them to others. I have read an email were you stated that assumption to several other people, so you can't say you never said it.

You knew I was still helping you Jill... you knew I was waiting to hear back from you regarding the location of the gathering so I could promote it on the website and in a video... heck, everyone knew that I was still waiting for more information from you so I could help (it was posted publicly on my website for a week)! So why didn't you contact me and tell me you were switching to podcasting101's website??? You don't like the guy, but you'd rather talk with him than me??? That felt like a major slap in the face Jill.

I may not agree with the way you are dealing with your problems (no one else on the team had any problems), but I hope you really do come through for the people who attend your gathering. These people deserve a drama free gathering. With that being said, I'm not even going to say anything publicly about your shift against me. This gathering stuff was started for just one reason... to bring people together... not to talk bad behind backs or make uneducated assumptions in public.

I don't mean to sound like a prick (ED - LOL, too late for that), but I'm not going to attend your gathering. Your the host and it's pretty obvious that you don't want me there. Enjoy the gathering and I mean that in a non-sarcastic way. Let's just stop talking from now on and leave it at that. I don't want the issues between us to effect the experience of other first time gatherers. I have removed all information regarding the NY gathering from my website since it's no longer needed anyway.


PS... you might want to tell podcasting101 to remove all those fake RSVPs from his website, because there are a few people that are on his list that are very upset that they're on there. It may also dissappoint a lot of misled people who'll come to the gathering just to see their favorite YouTubers (who aren't even coming). Don't let the people get misled.

When Cory Williams' spy on the Committee dropped this and other Committee emails all over YouTube, Nalts, who was by then back on the Committee, contacted Cory Williams and they posted this shared video YouTube Favicon.png MrSafety Wants 777 to Fail - 3 June2007 - From Nalts.

Despite being as welcome as a turd in a spacesuit, Cory Williams still claimed he was going to 777 right up until a few days before the gathering. When word spread that Cory was not going to 777, hundreds of YouTube members decided to make the trip to New York and the final attendance was over 9000 people (or at least 100 people, depending on who you ask and whether they were actually there).

Cory Williams - Evidence of Pathological Lying

The YouTube Terms Of Use have been rewritten to accomodate people selling and advertizing from their YouTube channel. The only problem with this is that unlike Old Media where advertising is regulated, New Media Parasites are able to make any shit up that they want and present it in their advertizements as fact, which of course is a deplorable and not something that good people would ever engage in.

After hearing disturbing rumors, Encyclopedia Dramatica researchers where dispatched to verify the "truthiness" contained within the stream of non-stop adverts on the YouTube Favicon.png Smpfilms channel.

The most recent video on the Smpfilms channel was chosen as a test sample.

The video was YouTube Favicon.png Jumping Stilts - A NEW Sport With Super Human Abilities!


  • 1. Cory Williams claimed that he was not selling the stilts, just telling people about something that he thought was really cool.
  • 2. In the video he claims that he saw the stilts being used in YouTube videos then he went and got a pair.
  • 3. In the sidebar description he stated that children could get the stilts for free by asking their parents for the money up front and then getting a job as an uninsured underage stilt-walking street advertisers.

After some brief enquiries Encyclopedia Dramatica learned from the good people at ;

  • 1. Cory Williams has been sponsored by, the company listed in the video's sidebar description, since the 4th June 2007.


  • 2. He was introduced to the PoweriZers product a year ago when he saw a guy in San Francisco wearing them.


  • 3. When you get a job to pay for something you are not getting it for free.

Telling children to risk their lives on a busy street corner to pay off a debt of over $300 to their parents (that they would never have had in the first place if a New Media Parasite had not smooth talked them into it) is about as close as you can get to child exploitation without getting arrested.

It was concluded from the available evidence that Cory Williams lied about his part in selling the stilts. Cory Williams also lied about how he found out about the stilts. His interest in the stilts was motivated by a sponsorship deal and not because they were "cool". Most damning of all, Cory Williams' is willing to recklessly endanger the lives of children just to line his own pocket.

Update - 27 June 2007 - Cory Williams admits to lying

On the 27 June 2007, Cory Williams posted a video in which he admitted (after a 5 minute rant over other inconsequential allegations) that he was being sponsored by

YouTube Favicon.png I, MR. SAFETY, AM A SELL OUT!!!

Update - 21st November 2007 - Cory Williams' activities slammed on abc News

On 1st November 2007, Stiltwerks Inc. slammed Cory Williams in an ABC NEWS video for promoting a low quality "knock-off" product on YouTube. According to Jeffrey T Jay, the proprietor of Stiltwerks Inc., what Cory Willams is doing is "morally not right" and "its just dangerous".

  • abc News - Velocity Stilts - Inventor applies aerospace technology to get standard stilts off the ground - Comments regarding Cory Williams are made at 02:10

When Rubber Chickens Are No Joke

Cory Williams bought a few rubber chickens and sold them for charity in an eBay auction he promoted on his YouTube channel. He raised $605 in donations for the two $10 chickens that he sold. He then bought more chickens with the money he raised with the alleged intention of auctioning them off for charity too. This process was supposed to have been repeated until he had sold at least 100 rubber chickens, at which point he would hand the profits over to the charity.

YouTube Favicon.png TheeStranger made a video asking Cory Williams some hard questions like YouTube Favicon.png what was the name of the charity? and where was the money?

In response Cory said he had not yet picked a charity and (according to TheeStanger's calculations) at least 100 dollars had already gone missing.

TheeStranger said in a YouTube Favicon.png final response video on 18 May 2007 that he believed that Cory was telling the truth but that if he (Cory) continued to fuck up in the manner in which he was currently doing that the final outcome of the fundraiser would be a disaster (at least for the as yet unnamed charity, but not such a disaster for Cory who could end up with $30,552.50-$1,010=$29,542.50 lying unclaimed in his bank account).

Don't waste your time flagging. Just grow some balls or get off the site if you can't handle the content.

Update: - After becoming a YouTube Partner Cory Williams' videos cannot be flagged using the YouTube website's interface. If you find anything indecent, shocking or objectionable in one of Cory's videos simply fire of a quick email to [2] with the URL of the video and a request that Youtube shove a broom up your ass for being a retard. I repeat, fuck flagging. It's for prudish pussies.

Shit noone cares about

Safety selling his soul, as usual.
An uncanny likeness.
  • Cory Williams appears on MTV Scarred, an incredibly crappy MTV series hosted by the lead singer from Papa Roach.
  • Cory Williams makes advertizements for, a site that no one gives a shit about.
  • Cory Williams whines about so called "problems" in his life to get sympathy from his blind sheep subscribers
  • Cory Williams can be found doing the safety dance on Direct Tv's show "The Fizz".
  • Cory lives in Central California.
  • Cory Williams is completely obsessed with your mom.
  • Cory Williams broke up with his fiancé to date a younger girl.
  • Cory Williams unexpectedly kissed Kate Elliott (katersoneseven) after the New Years countdown.
  • Cory Williams complains about everything.
  • Cory Williams recently got in shape and feels the need to flaunt his body every chance he gets.
  • Cory Williams has an ego problem even though he's insecure.

More problems with music Cory stole wrote himself


YouTube has introduced new music signature detection software that spiders all the Partner's monetized video files looking for copyrighted music. This software is continually being updated and new music signatures are added every day. It turns out that some of the music that Cory Williams wrote himself happens to be the exact same as the copyrighted music that other established artists have written in the past, note for note. This bizarre coincidence stops Cory getting paid the accrued advertising revenue for any video that he is caught using stolen Cory's music on. As a preemptive measure Cory has removed 20 more of his videos to stop YouTube from sending the accrued advertising revenue from the videos to the people who actually wrote the music instead of Cory.

Mr. Safety's fanbois

Mrsafety fanboi.jpg

Fullmetalalchemist95 is a young internet tough guy, and smpfilms' number one fanboi.

Mr. Safety Exposed on Tyra

Bitch and lolzcow Tyra Williams exposed Cory "moneybags" Williams on her show, telling the world that he makes $20,000 a month on YewTube. The internetz came in unison. Fanbois rejoiced. Cory tried to cover it up, but Tyra bitch slapped him and said Mean Kitty told me to. The world was shocked.

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YouTube Favicon.png Mr. Safety hides behind girlfriend

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