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Classic Asian humor.
A well-thought-out opinion on race relations in today's society.

Single Asian Female was a shitty webcomic about a single Asian female. It is written by a single and psychopathic Asian male who secretly wishes he were John Cho, despite John Cho being an Americanized Asian.

In the "About" section, there is a heading which says "Is the comic strip meant to be funny?" The answer is, apparently, "No, the strip is not meant to be funny, but educational and an avenue to promote discussion about issues in our community." This is a bit of a shame because it is funny, much in the same way that the guy who stands on the street corner yelling about Jesus is funny. Likewise, it is also incredibly preachy and makes little to no sense whatsoever. Yes, this is a bad webcomic — which is what makes it a good webcomic.


According to SAF, the world is divided up into two halves: Asians and non-Asians. The primary focus of the comic is the importance of racial purity. "What's she got that I don't?" thinks our single Asian female. "I'm taller, prettier and Asian! Why does he date a white woman when IT IS HIS DUTY TO MATE WITH ACCEPTABLE SPECIMENS AND NOT DILUTE HIS PROUD ASIAN BLOOD.

Keep looking through, you'll find a whole host of this stuff. White guys are portrayed as being rapists and creepy sexual predators who lust after single Asian females in order to get at their exotic sideways vaginas. Then there are the self-loathing Asian females (apparently) who get it on with white dudes because they simply have no pride in their Asian femininity; shocking, truly shocking. Now, while this is all completely true (especially in Australia, whose unhygienic troglodyte white males are all Patient Zero for yellow fever), the comic's presentation so embarrassingly fails to convey the point that it ends up arguing in favor of the whities.

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The Unquestionable Truth

For example, take a gander at Jackie story arc. What starts out as an apparent conversation between friends about how people can be overbearing and bigoted about mixed-race relationships turns out to be an overbearing and bigoted conversation about how the white devil cannot be trusted, will ruin your life, and will leave you as a single Asian female forever. Ethan Lee knows how it is, ladies and gentlemen! If you are a woman and dilute your proud Asian blood by having a half-breed child, you will doom yourself to being single and Asian and female!

Luckily this story has a happy ending, involving a single Asian male who happens to be a software engineer! No stereotypes thar! He likes children and is the perfect guy, so hooray for Jackie and here's hoping she forgets her disgusting, pale-skinned, round-eyed mistake.

Ironically, the author of this comic is a man, revealing the fact that its entire purpose is to express fear about cock size.


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