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Shi'ites or Shia (عيال القحبه او الشراميط) are the group of retards that decided to make a cheap ripoff of Islam by following an entirely different prophet, believing that god didn't aim when he sent his prophet powers to Muhammad, they first started when they didn't know who to make the next Caliph; which caused a divide between them and the Sunni, which still goes on to this day for some reason. Shi'ites believe that Islam is basically a monarchy, and that Muhammad's inbred descendants should be the next Imams.


It was founded when an Imam thought that Muhammad didn't fuck up Islam good enough so he decided to fuck it more and added blood rituals and sperm eating rituals to Islam.

The founder was actually a Persian troll who decided to see how retarded Muslims are anyway, by adding a new type of jihad that involves hitting yourself. Obviously this is better because Muslims now have their own birth control which is murdering themselves for no reason (not that kamikaze bombing was a good reason to start with but it still helped reduce their bunny like birthrates).


Ali is Muhammad's son-in-law cousin and is a known troll in the middle east who used to burn Muslims who followed him for the lulz. Somehow him burning people convinced them that he is god and that he is delivering his judgement to them, truly a display of sand nigger intelligence.

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