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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

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It's Sharolaid, Bitches!

Sharolaid is an unfunny, white, and autistic faggot who acts like a Nigger on cam. Imputable to the fact that Sharolaid acts black and in conjunction, is stupid at the same time, one can denounce that Sharolaid is a Double Nigger. Until last Thursday, it has been believed that Sharolaid suffers from internet disease, which is what causes him to be such a faggot, but now that actual research has been done, we can conclude that it is actually the Internet that suffers from Sharolaid. Sharolaid claims to have pwnt many, when in reality he is the one who is getting pwnt on the daily since the decline of Music Television.

Early Life

Teen Angst

Sharolaid wasn't always Sharolaid. Born the name Billy Myers, the washout was sexually abused as a juvenile by his alcoholic father. He grew up in a relaxing environment around blacks, and because of this he yearns to challenge his father's white supremacist wishes. Instead of flourishing into adulthood as a dark-skinned, bottom-feeding Caucasian, Sharolaid; whose father is now referred to as [email protected], grew up as a civilized, law-abiding black person. Being the pariah he is, Sharolaid feels that wearing black makeup whilst dressed as a black woman commissions him to say NIGGER in the presence of IRL black people, making Sharolaid equivalent to that of a a white trash HOMEBOI, who worships Chuggo and the Insane Clown Posse, but with less baggy clothes, stupid backwards hats and chains, yet a lot more make-up, purses, nail painting, penis tucking, dresses and eye-liner. At night, Billy would often masturbate to gay porn immediately after he began to use illegal drugs, and at the age of 12 he was already a crackhead. As a teen, Sharolaid worked part-time in the part of town most intellectuals refer to as "The Projects". Given the fact that Sharolaid was a proud member of the black community by the age of 16, he was granted access into Circuit City by the mayor and was the first black person to ever bear the privilege of operating a public computer. The day after that happened, police investigated the defaced building, which was missing 4 computers, 12 DVD players, and a half-eaten, week-old bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Sharolaid's Return

Until last Thursday, Sharolaid had been under the radar. He recently came out of his black person expecting a warm welcome into modern civilization from the small Mexican child who constructed it. This is all documented in the police report, with contributions from the aforementioned Mexican child, before he had been devoured like a drumstick by the now poverty-stricken Sharolaid. Sharolaid, who was now fueled by Mexican carbohydrates, began working hard to rebuild his internet fame, but after six minutes of wetback ingestion, Sharolaid gave lazily up on his endeavors and decided to hire fans instead of winning them over. The formula was utilized like this: Sharolaid would approach an unfortunate pedestrian on the street, strip them nude, and give them gonorrhea-contracting oral sex, if the terrorized victim gave in, he would be required to add Sharolaid as a friend on MySpace and award Sharolaid $10.00 for his efforts. This method is now widespread and adapted by a copious quantity of basement-dwellers; mainly SxEphil.


We Bust Hoe's Heads

Because Phillip de Franco hadn't caused enough damage to society, Sharolaid had begun to form a sewing-circle of gonorrhea-infected initiates named the B.H.H. Essentially, the B.H.H. was supposed to stand for "Busting Ho's Heads", but because Anonymous heard through the grapevine that Sharolaid was now on the internet, Honorary Ed Lolington forced an emendation. The group is now referred to as the "Butt Hurt Homosexuals", and any homosexuals that were offended by this revision should have thunk twice before being born gay.

Sharolaid Video Player

GayDiamond Drama

Anonymous first discovered Sharolaid and the B.H.H. after driving GayDiamond batshit insane. Sharolaid laughed at the fact that GayDiamond was an utterly talentless and unfunny squander of sperm. But that was followed by Sharolaid's sudden realization that the two actually had something in common, causing a bond to form. Relevantly, this type of bonding has also been observed in a septic tank between two pieces of excrement. Sharolaid, being the leader of a large group of intelligent human beings, directed conscripts to the internets of Anonymous members after GayDiamond had been plowed. Anonymous was overwhelmed by the numerous scholarly hate comments the BHH had shit out, and in fear of getting their feelings hurt by these prestigious savants, Anon agreed never to write an article about them on the internet.


Sharolaid is so fail that he had to steal the idea for the B.H.H. from The Maury Show.

Sharolaids Stupid Catchphrases

Total Faggot

The BHH Strikes Back

Recently Sharolaid found out about his ED entry. He pretended to love it claiming that it would further help him increase his interbutts popularity seeing how he is an attention whore. However to the contrary, the B.H.H. vandalized this article. Seeing as they couldn't win they got even moar butthurt and ran away crying like babies. See history of this page for moar butthurt blanking in progress.


Sharolaid's Ugly Secret

Sharolaid has a AWESOME Boyfriend. It recently came to attention that Sharolaid has been hiding his ugly ass boyfriend from all of his online followers. His boyfriend name is Gary. At first it was said that he was a relative who took the homeless Sharolaid a couple years ago but actually Gary is a faggot with low self esteem who tested positive for HIV in the early 1980s when AIDS first came around and Gary was still a teenager and had teeth. In return for somewhere to live Sharolaid calls Gary his boyfriend even though they cant have sex because of Garys AIDS and Sharolaid really does not love him. They live in a small shack with the only people who associate with them - the homeless cats of the neighborhood. This relationship is pathetic. Gary begs Sharolaid for sex and Sharolaid begs Gary for meals. Gary locks Sharolaid in the shack while he is at work which is why Sharolaid is always online. He has nothing to do or nowhere to go. Gary is secretly jealous and wants "fame" too but Sharolaid never lets him be seen because he doesnt want people to point out the obvious - HOW UGLY, OLD & DISGUSTING GARY IS and that this relationship is disgusting. Gary is jealous and a pedophile. Sharolaid is using him for money and a place to stay.

A truly repulsive individual.

Sharolaid And Stickam

Stickam is ALWAYS giving me a problem. Anytime I try to go live it gives me all kind of errors saying shit that it failed to connect to the server or some mess...And then went it actually works, it'll lag like FUCK, and then the room will reset. I don't have the patience for it. It's because of all of these little faggot fake ass people up on here 24/7 slowing the shit down. Sorry babies, until this website improves, I'm not going to use it."


Actually the real reason you haven't been seeing Sharolaid is because she's still living with her "boyfriend" Gary and doesn't want you to know, as well as having been humiliated by the leaking of TWO jerkoff videos.

Sharolaid Quitting The Internet Drama


It is with great sadness that as of Last Thursday due to extreme butthurt over this article and some drama within the B.H.H., Sharolaid quit the internets. However it is now known that Billy is just laying low making new retarded videos. However we can all hope he quits the internet again and actually an hero's this time.

That's right, AIDS baby, no cure for it. That means I'mma be here to piss you off while I got a big of jolly grin. :-D


— Sharolaid Returns

Sharolaid has quit the Internets various times. Her first time in 2009. right after Obama was elected president and right after he took office.

Then after some more faggotery, he reinvented himself in 2010 as Vaneesha Jones. Due to the Fact that he gave up the clothes away he couldn't do the Sharolaid characters we all know. and reinvented himself as a mammy named Vaneesha Jones.

Sharolaid is now back again a third time. Sharolaid says that he never made any money as Sharolaid and is now back to try and help himself with all of the work he has done. Orly

Now that Sharolaid is back Sharolaid has a new youtube channel called YouTube Favicon.png TheSharolaidZone

A Challenger Appears

Since the upload of the jack off video Corey and Billy have been duking it out on Stickydrama.


That last pathetic attempt at an insult must have really burned.


Quit repeating yourself and come up with a better comeback. It ain't that hard, baby, it just requires a functioning brain.


—Billy talking about something he doesn't have.

If you meant "Fuck Sharolaid's video", or "Fuck Sharolaid".Then I have to say fuck you, and 4chan.Sharolaid ftw


— A butthurt Sharolaid fan

This is the perfect way to own some little "Turbox" faggot. They need to get a better username, move outta they momma house, and stop gettin they virgin school buddies to mark the TRUE comments down. Don't mark my comment down, FIGHT BACK you lil bitch.


— A Failed Actor lashes out

Sharolaid Stole The Idea

Sharolaid is a blatant rip off of the great Shirley Q. Liquor. Want Proof? well The Sharolaid character began around 2006 and Shirley whom is a white man in drag acting like a nigger started around 1998. Shirley Q. Liquor Wiki


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