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Scot DeiCas aka IHitAWallofAssholes is a 48-year-old troll, acid-tripping freak, child porn enthusiast, and school bus driver unemployed. Scott is known for his hilarious V-logs where he rambles on about taking LSD. Scott is also known for stalking people on YouTube and making lulzy death threats, which ultimately lead to him being thrown in the klink where his gay pedo ass belongs.

IHitAWallofAssholes: A Chronicle of Online Faggotry

Scott DeiCas, 48-years-worth of lulz wrapped in scary camo.


Scott DeiCas aka IHitAWallofAssholes what the blonde kid from The Blue Lagoon would look like if he were a crackhead


This is what Scott has written about himself on his YouTube profile:

I apologize to the people I have hurt in my life. I am sorry for what I did to you.

I am the leader of the LSD revolution.

It will be a nonviolent constitutional revolution (sorry Field Marshal oldhacks). You will gradually come to see that THIS IS the revolution.

Just like during the Vietnam War Era the revolution will be lead in great part by LSD users.

If you have a problem with that tell LSD not me; I am just a messenger.

If you are also claiming to be the leader of the revolution please partner with me.

Please join me immediately in helping me shut the YouTube harassers and K Street down.

You do not have to associate yourself with me or LSD at all.

In that case I recommend you get behind my gay partner JonPaulDorn.

If you are being harassed anywhere; whether it is on YouTube, the internet, the work place, school, school bus, neighborhood, etc. report it to me immediately. I will work with you to bring it to an end as quickly as possible.

I have made threats of grievous bodily harm to individuals and push LSD here on YouTube. I naturally think the FBI is continually monitoring me. They know that I am considering distributing LSD freely and/or at cost by mail.

LSD is not a high school drug. This is primarily because it causes radically dilated pupils that gradually return to normal after about twelve hours on one hit. For people with light colored eyes it is a dead giveaway. The effects of LSD, or the comedown, combined with an overreaction from the detecting authority can be an explosive mixture. Here LSD may have thrown a monkey wrench into a relationship big time.

My instructions to a LSD user who is detected by an authority is to start making a continual attempt to stay calm through the entire encounter. Mental preparation is helpful. Think about how you will act if detected while you are tripping. Do not try to set anyone straight; humor people and do not profess your love for them. Tell them that you will discuss the dilated pupils at length in the future and go to your room. You should fulfill your promise within a week. You have the right to remain silent. If questioned by the police I believe it is uncivil to lie. I recommend "no comment". Confessing is unwise.

My instructions to anyone who is concerned about someone who has dilated pupils is; do not be. If you feel that you must have an explanation wait at least forty eight hours before bringing it up. Keep in mind that it is psychedelic drugs that generally cause dilated pupils. Psychedelic drugs are not physiologically addictive and there users very often have no interest at all in physiologically addictive drugs or ecstasy. Psychedelic drug use can greatly raise someone's level of assertiveness. Historically LSD has been shown to have this general affect the most. Keep in mind you may be dealing with a person who may have recently made a rapid transition from childhood to adulthood. Also the individual may have closely scrutinized their treatment as a child and may now be very well ready to voice any grievances as an adult. You should back away from any confrontation rapidly and if you still need an explanation wait at least forty eight hours before bringing it up again and come at it from a different angle.

My LSD affected sister, Grace Slick, will explain to you how it will all go down in Jefferson Airplane's Volunteers.

If anyone is aware of where I can get David Bohm's books, or a book, in ASCII form please contact me.

If none are available; I think it is important that someone scans his books into ASCII form. Formula should be omitted entirely.

Report 169:

We are Volunteers of America.

A Typical "IHitAWallOfAssholes" Video

A lot of fucking nonsense in a dreary monotone about the wonders of LSD. Remember, LSD is not a high school drug, so only school bus drivers should be allowed to take it. Here's an example of a typical video from the fucktard.

Scott Fought The Law and the Law Won

Below is taken directly from The Daily New Cannan newspaper:

Scott DeiCas of New Canaan pleaded not guilty Wednesday to charges of threatening Weston officials. The former Weston school bus driver also pleaded not guilty to holding police officers at bay during a 10-hour standoff at his home.

Weston police have charged DeiCas with first-degree harassment, third-degree computer crimes and possession of child pornography. From New Canaan, he faces charges of second-degree harassment, second-degree threatening, first-degree criminal mischief, interfering with an officer, resisting arrest, use of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance. DeiCas will return to Stamford Court on Dec. 21 for a pre-trial hearing, according to court officials.

DeiCas was arrested in July after a the standoff at his home on Ponus Ridge Road, where Weston police had appeared to serve him with a warrant. DeiCas worked as a school bus driver for Weston Public Schools from 2007 to 2009. He is accused of making a suspicious phone call on July 29 to a Weston Board of Education administrative assistant. Weston police said DeiCas angrily asked for the Weston schools' director of finance and operations Jo-Ann Keating to return his call. Weston Police also said that threats were made against New Canaan First Selectman Jeb Walker and New Canaan police officers during the standoff.

DeiCais is also accused of posting a comment on the Weston schools Web site on July 30 under the name "DEATH" that read "be ready Zionist scum." In addition, he is accused of posting a link to a video -- made by an individual in Colorado -- of a "killdozer" reinforced with concrete that drove through town buildings. Another video comment read, ""KILL THE BEAST; I will start with the Weston, Connecticut Town Government!!!"

Weston police said in September that they discovered child pornography while searching DeiCas' computer.

DeiCas' attorney, Mickey Sherman, said he is waiting for reports from doctors to determine "that he is not a danger to himself or the community." "We'll do our best to work things out," he said.

Child Porn, Eh?

Who woulda thunk Everybody thought that this guy would turn out to be a creepy ass pedo. Scott has now joined the ranks of other famous sexual deviants like Gary Glitter, That Annoying Fucking Scottish Guy From The Alexander Keith's Commercials, Graeme Stephen Tucker, The Amazing Atheist, and Michael Jackson. Well, where Scott is now people like him are real popular. And by popular, I mean he's going to get shanked in the shower by the other in-mates. And if that doesn't happen, he'll most likely be someone's prison bitch where his very survival hinges on how well he can toss the salad, or go down on a black person. Scott is most likely going to be raped anally on a daily basis, so by the time he gets out, he'll be all literally butthurt.

Jedimasterbooboo and IHitAWallofAssholes: A Love Story

It seems that Scott has found a kindred spirit in Theresa Sheller, a bat-shit crazy femiNazi scum-bag and stalker in her own right. It seems that even though Ms. Sheller is fond of sending people numerous comments at once, harrassing them, stalking them... (see her ED Page she's not too fond of getting the same kind of treatment from like-minded weirdos like Scotty Boy.

From Theresa's LiveJournal:

I looked at the clock; it was 1:34 am. I looked at the clock; it was 1:34 am. At first when I realized it I was amazed you had gone so far outside my vast box of expectations.

Then I quickly realized I should have seen it coming. I am not bringing my ego in here but lets face it, our egos are here anyway. I could not truly enjoy the amazement because I was so tired. Then it turned to a feeling of betrayal when I thought of Inmendham being involved.

I imagined you forwarding my PMs to him or just parts and having a laugh. I love you both but I think you can relate to me fearing his hard edge.

Then I remembered how I told you how much I liked Inmendham. I started feeling that it really did not matter.

I have not watched your latest video but I totally trust you now.

I now understand my you posted though PMs. They were a select set that caused me no major embarrassment and helped the stupid people understand what you are about.

Just imagine all the love and the pride I felt for you as I fell asleep. I slept well and felt completely differently when I woke up. Then I saw you had made a video about me and I felt so much joy.

You are the best girl friend ever. Not just for me either. If not the best I think you know, one of the best.

I had been thinking and thinking about who this person really was.

Every time the answer came back a young man who I, possibly, would be willing to share you with.

Obviously I did not mean at once. I was talking about a two bedroom situation but obviously a three bedroom would be better.

I spoke of this idea to him because I wanted him to see his actions had been, in some ways, wholly caused by sociological factors and not psychological ones.

I wanted him to understand that it was the system and not him. He seemed to be totally reformed so I wanted him to know the new system was designed to satisfied not frustrate. I wanted him to have a chance at true happiness with you. You have to consider the tradeoff I was making. I put myself in his shoes and thought how excited he would be to get a second chance.

I had been a little worried that this guy could jeopardize our happiness but I just could not see how. I extend my offer to you, in regard to men, I am concerned about losing you to. I do that because you demonstrated so much maturity I have total trust in you.

Had you asked me my views directly I would have said I would like to have a life time monogamous relationship with you.

I have never more than vaguely entertained the idea of wife swapping or swinging. I do not have the proper personality for that and inevitably jealousy, in addition to other things, will limit any satisfaction you can get.

I then continued thinking what I wanted to say to this guy and I elaborate my position hence: I am willing to share you with one man who I approve of at a time (months). You will make every effort to see I do not get Aids, etc. Also you will not cheat.

You will request permission for any extra-triad sex and would abide by my decision with the right to appeal. For your arguments to fly with me they are going to have to make sense.

I have no doubt you are a world class debater with all the right position on the issues you are passionate about.

I think what happened here is a bunch of hockey players deliberately infuriated two American women, with less than perfect rational thought and debating skills, in a most unbecoming way.

I am not aware of a single specific infraction against them. I, never the less, would believe every detail of the exchanges once you make ten videos in a row that demonstrate you are clearly trying to take the next step that will bring us and your sons together.

The ten videos should not include any allegations.

No obfuscation while referring to what happened.

Either come clean or do not talk about it.

Dont keep spinning it.

If any video in the series does not pass you will be allowed to remake it but only if you have shown progress in other videos. Otherwise the counter goes down. I will make the rules up as we go along and will revise them to accommodate your reasonable suggestions.

I will not go into the other reasons I feel that he was someone I possibly would be able to truly trust, in the future, to the extent that is possible. I mean you are the one that fabricated it.

I just realized that the reason I was chided for run-on sentences most of my primary school education is that that concept is an instrument of oppression. No wonder it was so arduous for me to express myself in writing.

I want to thank you for laying off when asked. You are so cooperative.

I just want you to know how fun you have made the initial phases of this operation.

We need to take a serious break before I have a nervous break down.

I just want to warn you that JonPaulDorn is the sole reason I am worried about having a nervous break down.

I was frightened for you when he told me was talking to you. If he is bothering you tell him to stop and if he does not; report him to me or Inmendham.

The fact the people find him funny is a reflection of just how serious the situation is. The only thing he has is the fact that he got joint custody of his daughter.

All he does is think out loud and play dumb.

I have always thought that people who play dumb were dumb. I think part of the problem is this he has a mental problem.

He kept me up for something like eighteen hour straight. I had not been sleeping more than one or two hours at a time.

He would not stop PMing me and responding to comments with questions that generally consisted of a jumble or Republican talking points.

He has deleted about 3/4 of my comments if you dont consider the ones he allowed me to reword to his standards.

He is a total square and will not allow me to use the letters LSD in any future comments.

I have to go buy some refer now so I can continue the madness. I will have to hang out with the dealer, who is my friend, half the day or he gets offended.

In all seriousness Theresa I need some serious time for sleeping, yard work and relaxing.

It wont be long until I am feeling better.

You amaze me to no end. Please dont try to top your last stunt. Extracting that information from me is so helpful for both of us. Keep in mind, if you have any problems with what I said just let me know and I will apologize.

I have to revise my promise of PMing at least every twelve hours. I am to over tired for that to work so it will be every twenty four hours. My situation is serious but I am sure I will be fine.

You will be happy to know I have not had sex since 07/07/02. It was with a girl friend of two and a half years.

I broke up with her over the phone and have not seen her since.

I will never leave you.

I love you.

One Commenter Poses A Serious Question

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