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What he actually looked like.
The infamous rucksack.

Salih Ab'del Habib Mahmuud was a Moroccan loser who lived in Cologne, Germany. After failing at robbing a nerd with a knife someday in January 2008, Salih was stabbed to death.

Because nobody important in Germany gave a shit and the murderer was set free, all the muslim faggots in Cologne caused a giant media ruckus and a flame war between Arab and nazis lasting until the very moment you read this.


Early Life

Salih Mahmuud, formally Salih Ab'del Habib Rahmad Sha'hur bin Laden Hussein Mahmuud, was born the 6th of July 1990 in Cologne, Germany, as the youngest of 5 children. His parents, both Moroccan, came to Germany as guest workers 40 years ago, like all foreign scum that lurks Germany nowadays. Trying to guarantee their children a better life, Salih's father gave his best as a full time unemployed fatass, while Salih's mother worked as a cleaning lady in several clubs. Salih succesfully finished elementary school and the Hauptschule (German term - school for handicapped people and retards), planning to attend the Realschule (German term - like the Hauptschule, but less retards) soon.

Daily Life

Salih was a normal arabic kid in Germany. If he didn't fail at or totally skipped school, he was a disgrace to society. Having nothing better to do, Salih started playing soccer at the age of six, frequently visited the local mosque where he contributed to xenophobic hate speeches and joined antisemitic art class. Being the role model muslim he was, the young Moroccan also went clubbing, drinking tons of alcohol and fucked several arabic sluts.

Criminal career

Since being a criminal and a racist is an arabic tradition, Salih started early with beating up younger German classmates and continued with small time crimes like stealing. His father stated that he was very proud of his son's deeds and only wished he had also commited the crime of honor killing.

The fateful day and his death

On a memorable day in January 2008, Salih and his friend Can were roaming the streets looking for possible victims. When they spotted two nerdy looking geeks with glasses, Can and Salih threatened the boys to give them their rucksacks. After losing his patience, Salih punched one kid in the face. Both surprisingly und funny, the German Russian took his hidden knife out and stabbed right into Salih's dick, who somehow still managed to run 70 metres before he finally died.


Since our Russian hero acted in self-defence and nobody likes Arabs, he wasn't charged. Everbody should be happy about this little accident, however some muslim faggots in Cologne's ghetto decided that it's indeed racist if a foreigner gets stabbed by another foreigner and protested against xenophobia. Some of Salih's friends created memorial pages which were deleted for the most part due to "racist" comments by Bernd and wasted some of Jewtube's bandwidth by posting shitty videos.

Good Memorial Video

Learn German, Read This

Empty Memorial Page

Best Available Memorial Page


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