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I'm gonna fail when the next poster pwns me!

Like most eromenoi in 4chan (and any other *chan, for that matter), these newfags, after seeing how some faggy functions work by putting magic words in the proper field, try their luck with saging. Like most of the stupid-infested population there, they think it makes them cool to spam sage in every thread they see. Too bad we can't see their confused faces OTI, wondering why the furry porn thread is still making it to the front, which tells you how many furfags dwell there. They don't seem to realise that saging isn't an anti-bump.

It is believed that sagefags are a cancer that even a certain vicodin addicted doctor can't cure.

Although, some might argue that this is the doing of trolls, just to annoy people.

Sagefaggottry should not be confused with Sagebomb, which is done in a true /b/-tard fashion.

Tips to getting rid of sagefags: Say virgin alert

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