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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

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I look like a homo!

Ross Lumbus is an Asspie retard and closet homosexual who shits his crap in the number of ways proving he has internet disease. He's a cleaner because he can't get a better job. He has been butthurt by ED as a bum chum of Flardox and has been trying to baleet the article on him calling members of ED "paedos". He has a litany of ED usernames that are boring and predictable - Ross Lumbus, Rossco, RossLum, Ross.Lumbus, Lumbus.Ross, Lumbus.R, Lumbus-R, Lumbus, $Rossco$, XRosscoX, and ZRosscoZ]. Most of them have tried to blank the article and have also attacked the talk pages of Endedrural, Drunken Lazy Bastard, and White Mystery threatening all of them. He also threatened SecurityBot! He loves Jack Thompson and uses his techniques with lollerlegals and has now issued a Final Warning to members;

You suck fucking bastards. You will remove the bullshit about me, and stop menacing minors like Flardox and Joeker with the stuff on them and remove that as well. Or I'll run your fucked arses through the courts for a litany of offences against children. Each and every one of you. And don't think I won't fucking do it, cunts. Leave these boys alone, delete the articles and go fuck yourselves.

Mommy, my butt hurts bad!!!

The edit summaries contain the following butthurt proclamations:

  • leave the boy alone
  • I said leave the boy alone you bullies - he's a minor
  • i told you guys to leave him alone - paedophiles
  • i'll keep coming back until you permanently delete the articles, cunt!
  • leave this boy alone as well! PAEDOS!!
  • you paedos are going to DIE!!!!!!!
  • fuck off security bot!
  • this is fucking pathetic
  • ban me again - and you're dead fuck wit
  • DELETE THIS, PAEDOS!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm not stopping you fuck wits
  • pay proper attention!
  • get fucked
  • fuck off!
  • you're dead fuckhead
  • get fucked cunts! (he's been butthurt by this article!!)
  • delete Flardox and my article shithead or DIE!!!
  • I'm not stopping, cunts, until you do as you are told!
  • I'll fucking sue!!!!
Hi Dad!!!

It has been revealed that Ross has an Autistic kid, and it is reported that he had to fight for access to him from his ex-wife so he could practise scientology on him. Ed Rodriguez may be a his mentor.

A visit to Flardox's little blog reveals more about this faggot:

Come on Scratcher you red headed freak your song is playing



—And Ross wants to dance with him!

"What are you hiding now?" Which naturally begs the question "What has he hidden before". The answer to both is nothing.



—A flasher!

Anyhow I do not take it personally. I think you are funny.



Liar, liar, pants on fire!

I offered not to post on this blog for Flardox's benefit Phil not because i was running scared.



—Admission on offer!

Oh get fucked Wacko. There is nothing I have said or done to prove my sexual orientation one way or another.



—Wacko proves Ross to be a faggot

You want me to be homosexual? Fine - Run with that.



—We will!

My only reason for starting to post again is I saw Scratcher there demanding apologies. I get a bit over-protective. I saw that and out comes my big stick. Tongue



—Look out for the tongue!

Of course Wacka calling me gay is like being called out for being a virgin. Kind of silly irrelevant and harmless.



—Yup yup and so is attacking ED - not

I am not controllable by you and will not be repressed by you.



—Ohhhhhhh BUTTHURT!!!!

I am more tenacious than you, I am just a thick-skinned, I can be just as nasty, arrogant, opinionated and righteous and will not just do what most do and either avoid you, ignore you or laugh at you



—Threats and being an Internet Tough Guy

Flardox was being a good friend and looking out for me.



—The bum chum confesses!

I am not gay but I think there is no big crime for gay people being gay.



—So why deny it?

See for what you see as hostile and tortured I see as having fun



—Hostility is fun and Ross is whining!

I won't debate with you any more. You are no fun.




Besides your understanding of cause and effect and a remedial understanding of causal, correlative and co-incidence is severely challenged.



—Ohhhhhhh Big words!!

Oh BTW I am hostile generally - Grumpy Old Man by own admittance




Wilky was one of my GF's. My ex-wife marriage with my wife was a couple of girlfriends ago.



—And he can't keep any!

I have beaten shit out of guys for less in or outside of pubs.



—Oh gee more threats!

Where your women rapists are in society. Show me.




Still I kicked your arse!



—Typo! Should spell LICKED!

The following was revealed recently on the Intensity Squared forum

Hey guys how are you all. My apologies for not being online. After recovering from Gall bladder surgery I got a nasty dose of Pneumonia and it knocked me pretty badly which is to be expected after te year I had healthwise. New system at work I had o get used to , time off, loss in pay.....lets say a bit on my plate.

More whining. A little bit of sickness and we have a horrible health crisis!! Get over it!

I curtailed most online activities. Good new is I have managed to rally and going into 2009, I have only a skin cancer as a pressing concern and general lack of fitness (though I have dropped 2 stone since the start of the year). It will be a great year of this I am firmly convinced.

So he's going to be an hero and use cancer as an explanation. We can't wait!

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