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Last known photograph of Rodney before he was knifed by emo scene girls
No srsly this is an accurate depiction of Rodney Caston as his alter ego, Largo.

Former gay-lover of Fred Gallagher whom he broke up with in mid-2002. Co-wrote the wapanese webcomic Megatokyo until it jumped the shark. Up until 2001, MegaTokyo was mildly funny (but only to 13 year old boys who think Leetspeak is cool) however, Fred had some "creative differences" with Rodney which led to the break up.

Rodney had wanted the strip to stay as a perfectly normal comic format and story, but Fred insisted on fagging it up by making the strip go on 300 strip shonen-like storylines, throwing in a bunch of unnecessary angst, random japanese culture references that noone gives a shit about, and more pedophilia.

This division is now known on the internets as the "Great Suck", as it was responsible for transforming a mildly funny, if unoriginal webcomic into military grade weeaboo pedophilia.

Rodney is guilty of numerous crimes such as internet trolling, malicious neglect leading to widescale weeabooism, promoting Leetspeak, and for trying bring back the pompadour, srsly? WTF?!?!

Rodney has since retired from comics having been traumatized by the "Great Suck". He hasn't done much afterwards apart from crying alone at night, drinking heavily, and seeking revenge. Some say he became an anon and stopped being a productive member of society, others suggest he found inner peace and now drifts from town to town, in order to hunt wild weeaboo for their pelts.

Rod Goes to Mayor (Linden)

Recently he has returned to working on his master plan to ensure that all of humanity will waste their lives online as he did with his. To this end he now works for Linden Labs, where he is known as Rodney Linden.

Rumor has it owns a weeaboo like sim where he and several other trolling butthurt furfags run around and be anon Yaoi addicts complaining that people are mocking them and revealing their true identity. The link between him and his actual SL identity is quite unfortunately clear, as when you look around for him he's looked like he's been attacked by emo scene girls]] and weeaboo pedophilia addicts.


His lack of personality gets him even more butthurt when he can't even phrase a single sentence without making your head spin.

Dongs power the RODNEY CASTON style of things.

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