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This failed abortion has gotten more pussy than you'll ever get.

Roy L. "Rocky" Dennis is the main character from an old eighties film titled Mask about a sick fuck with a very hideous face that should have been aborted long ago. He is based on an IRL freak with the same name and disgusting facial deformation. In the movie, Dennis falls in love with a blind girl (because let's face it, no woman in their right mind would want someone as ugly as he is). When he scores his dream girl, he gets separated from her and suddenly dies. A similar fate which is bestowed on you, minus the girl of course.

MASK Comic

A few months ago, some guy on LiveJournal named James Harvey shat out a little comic series about the movie MASK. Upon viewing of these comics, one will find they are a perverted work of art straight from the anus of hell, somehow being both amazing and lulzy. In it, Rocky begins to discover the real reason why women were created other than being in the kitchen and becomes a pimp whoring his former blind love interest. Once an ugly freak around whom no one wanted to be, Rocky begins making quite a name for himself by satisfying all the lonely customers seeking a little female attention.

With his blind girlfriend now just a paperweight to him, Rocky practically becomes a don. From sawing her legs off, to injecting heroin into her system, the webcomic seems to get the true moral of true love more than the movie ever could.


MASK: The Rocky Dennis Story About missing Pics
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IRL Rocky(The Ballad of Roy Lee Dennis)

An unfunny parody of Rocky from a horribly unfunny show.

Unlike the comics, the movie is based on the fascinating life of Rocky Dennis, the aforementioned hideous mutant with the fucked up face. Of course, no one wanted and not even a mother could love a face like his. Ol' Rocky was born on December 4, 1961 and died when he was still an angsty, depressed 16 year old boy. He was blessed with a wonderful rarity that only occurs once out of every 22 million births, so of course his condition was special. But just like Juliana Wetmore, another repulsive freak that is an eye sore, Rocky's mother didn't get an abortion like she should have long ago.

Compounding this mistake, he lived a shitty life like all freaks and got treated like the vermin he was. His brother died from AIDS (srsly) and Rocky himself wasn't expected to reach adulthood due to his condition. From this cautionary tale, we learn the importance of coathangers.

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