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Rifqa in garb that warrants an honor killing. Allah Ackbar!

What do you do if your family is torn apart by a religious cult? What if some church official meets your daughter on Facebook and persuades her to run away, 1,500 miles from home, so that she can live in that church official’s Florida home? Well, if you are the member of a rabid, bomb-tossing Arab family, you demand the return of your daughter so that she can be whisked away to Sri Lanka for that time-honored tradition called “honor killing.”

If you happen to be members of the white-bread and very Christian community of New Albany, Ohio, you will see this as yet another chance to shit on Islam…because, well, they deserve it. And if you happen to be the self-important kid, Rifqa Bary, who is the center of this massive shit-vortex, you will allow yourself to be brainwashed just like millions of other defiantly stupid teens across America.

The only thing keeping this story dragging itself through the news media is the fact that Fathima Rifqa Bary's family is Muslim. In any other context, the family hiding her in Florida would be arrested, and the young girl immediately returned to her home and parents.


Rifqa, when not running from her parents, lives in the wealthy community of New Albany, Ohio.

 I'm sure by now you've heard of Rifqa Bary? A 17 year old of Sri Lankan descent, who converted to Christianity, ran away from home, and took refuge with a pastor whom she met on Facebook just 3 weeks before. Rifqa's family, including her older brother, have told 10TV News that the accusations of honour killings, and the alleged threat to her life, only came after her meetings with Pastor Blake Lorenz, who leads Global Revolution Church in Orlando.


In June of 2009, Rifqa was catapulted (quite willingly) into the national spotlight as yet another simpleton American who was feeling the cold, deadly clutches of fundamental Islamic fury and hate. The fact that she was feeling this hate from her own family was not lost on the media and the Christian right wing community in which she lived. In reality, she was just another spoiled, butthurt, and disaffected youth going through a rebellious stage. The religious community to whom Rifqa Bary was attached wanted the national media and state lawmakers to see things another way, namely that her parents were dirty foreigners, they were indifferent to her rebellion and were going to deal with their child the way Sri Lankans normally do, by threatening her with death.


<video type="youtube" id="M6P9Fzw9arQ" width="200" height="200" desc="Meet the parents. I may be wrong here, but it looks to me like that little girl can probably take daddy." frame="true" position="right"/>

The Columbus, Ohio suburb of New Albany is known for being a lavish bedroom community that offers its residents the finest of living accoutrements. This fine living also extends to the children of the community, who since they never had to work a day in their lives and are pretty much set for life because of their parents affluence, grow bored and find better and better ways to get into trouble. Rifqa, a cheerleader for the New Albany high school, despite her very dark and evil appearance, felt that her family was something to be ashamed of. Because of her shame, she began to alienate herself from her family members to the point where she was sneaking out of her house late at night to attend Christian church ceremonies even though the remainder of her family was of the Islamic faith.

At some point during all of this religious backstabbing and sneakery, Rifqa made contact with the Xenos Christian Fellowship church. Xenos, well known for being a cult that brainwashes their members, saw Rifqa as a notoriety cow of epic proportions and began spoon-feeding her bullshit about the religion of her family and her heritage. Sometime during all of their religious conditioning, Rifqa made contact with the wife of a Christian pastor in Orlando, Florida. This is when the shit really started to hit the fan.

Xenos Christian Fellowship

Xenos alien church cult founder, Dennis McCallum.
Rifqa with her Xenos pal, Tayee Adrian.
Rifqa's Facebook showing her last log in...That's myspace you retard
...and that she really wants to meet her maker.
He told me if I loved Jesus, he would go all jihad on my ass. I got the fuck outta there.
Fundies Blake and Beverly Lorenz.
Yes, they teach from the Bible and encourage you to know your Bible. They even suggest you learn how to read it in Context. But do they really practice what they preach? No. God never suggests, nor does Jesus (if you really read your Bible), that people control other people.


—Some ex-Xenos freak who is still crying about the whole thing.

Founded during the politically and socially turbulent times of the late 1960s and early 1970s that also birthed such churches as the Manson family and the Jim Jones' People's Temple, Xenos Christian Fellowship is a home-based church that is proud of its heritage and message. What they don't want you to know is that they practice brainwashing techniques similar to cults like the Branch Davidians and the Moonies. They seek out young people who think of themselves as outsiders and offer them a chance to "fit in" or "belong" within a religious community. To fish in as many members as they can, they comport themselves like a "young and hip" version of the Christian faith, even though they are mostly angry men with control issues. Once you become a member of the Xenos Fellowship, you are pretty much told where to live, what to wear, what to eat, who to date, and what to think. Refusal of the above demands will result in disciplinary actions up to and including expulsion from the Fellowship. To a normal person, this expulsion on the surface appears to be a good thing, but to a member of the Xenos faith, excommunication is comparable to the end of the world. Rifqa became heavily involved in the cult.

Xenos means "Alien" as in the members of the Church, called "Xenoids," should be aliens in this world, seeking only their home in Heaven. Ex-Xenoids speak of years of rigid social control and peer pressure before they could get out and ostracism once they left. Stories emerge of "Leaders" running a "Ministry House" where groups of older members live together and host "Home Church" to "Cell Groups" of high school and junior high aged members. The group takes 13 and 14 year old girls out on "Bible Study" camping retreats with college aged boys.


—Doesn't sound like a bad deal until you start the Bible bashing part.

How to Brainwash a Rifqa

Xenos church members explained to Rifqa that because she was now guilty of Apostasy (renouncing a former religion) she was, by Sharia law, going to be killed by her parents. Since the members of the Xenos church had no real information concerning the Bary family, they hit upon a plan to discredit the family within the eyes of their own child by insisting that despite the fact that they had not been to mosque for several years, her parents were fundamentalist Islamic whackos who were already guilty of mentally and physically torturing their daughter. Never mind the many facts that young Rifqa had seen and experienced in her young and impressionable life; some of life’s best advantages including fine cars, a beautiful home, money to spend frivolously, a loving home life where her parents only cared for her and her total welfare, and one of the best pre-college educations anybody could ever hope for. No! She was the victim of an oppressive and backwards religion where family members, by some draconian and medieval law were going to be required to cut off her fingers, legs, and eventually her vagina if she didn’t straighten out her infidel ways. Rifqa, being a dipshit teenage girl, bought into the line and ate it right up.

After Her Escape

After Rifqa disappeared July 19, her family searched for clues about why she left. They found a computer flash drive and were stunned by what they read. Contents of the flash drive were given by Mohamed Bary to the Council on American-Islamic Relations of Columbus, Ohio and contained this brief amount of lunacy:

  • The writings reveal a young woman who has embraced fundamentalist Christianity, who has stood outside an abortion clinic, duct tape across her mouth, alongside other protesters, and who has dreamed about Armageddon.
  • She must convert her family to Christianity, she wrote, including her older brother, Rilvan, 18, who worships "demonic music."
  • She must approach strangers and talk about Jesus. She saved a list of tips on how to do that:
  • "Do NOT be sneaky," she wrote. "Sit down . . . get to know them . . . (Ask) would you mind for 5 min if I share the gospel with you."
  • She compared herself to the Old Testament heroine Esther and wrote out or saved religious pep talks.
  • "What does it take to be a prophet?" she wrote. "If I am a friend of God I can be prophetic. . . . You have to want it. Everyday pray for prophesy."
  • 250 pages of Facebook preaching and blogging by a young Columbus evangelist, Brian Michael Williams, 23, a former Ohio State University sociology student and Rifqa's religious mentor

Moving to Florida

Honestly, we didn't know why she left.


—Mr. Rifqa, sharpening his genital mutilation tools.

In July of 2009, Rifqa packed up her bullshit and found a fast train bound for Orlando. There, she moved in with Reverend Blake Lorenz and his wife Beverly (founder of something sinister called “Global Revolution Church), who housed her illegally for three weeks. During this time, further brainwashing occurred, namely consisting of a litany of anti-Islamic rhetoric involving honor killing, or, if that didn’t work, deportment back to the family’s ancestral place of origin, Sri Lanka…which by all accounts is even worse than death itself.

Eventually, the Lorenz family figured out that they were breaking the law and brought Rifqa to Florida’s Child Welfare Services. Then, as if to conveniently cover their own kidnapping asses, they told Florida authorities that they were only housing Rifqa because they feared for her life and didn’t wish her to be killed by stoning in public. By this time, everybody had pretty much figured out that the good Reverend was really just trying to get into the little brown girl’s panties but because he was white and a “nice guy” no charges were filed.


<video type="youtube" id="MRDyOaCJ3t0" width="200" height="200" desc="Some guy who is no good at pronouncing Islamic stuff." frame="true" position="right"/>

So we're dealing with liars. And what's worse, they train other fake apostates! This is the sourse. This is the propagandist. The brainwasher. Ergun trains anti-Muslim propagandists. Jamal is a student of Ergun. Rifqa is a "friend" of Jamal. These are the people who turned typical arguments between a completely westernized teenage cheerleader and her liberal parents into death threats and honor killing from Islamic jihadists in Rifqa's mind.


—OHSHI- dox dropped on the conspiracy.

There is some speculation that the rapid escape of Rifqa was not only pre-meditated by the girl, but also aided by members of the Xenos Church. Her bus ticket from Ohio to Orlando was paid by an unknown person, which suggests that there was a premeditated support for Rifka Bary to flee her home. Some have gone so far as to state that Rifqa was not put on a bus at all, but rather driven to Florida by one Jamal Jivanjee, who claimed to be an ex-Muslim Christian now living in Columbus. Muslim internet detectives soon found dox on Jamal and his fake Islamic teacher Ergun Mehmet Caner and outed them both as long time radical Christians who had never been members of the Islamic religion. Whatever the case, Jamal, and his pack of fake cronies have disappeared and are not answering the telephone.

Back to Ohio

The NOOR Islamic Community Center. Members want Rifqa dead!
Rifqa's attorney, John Steinberger, is scared for the girl's life.
Steinberger says this is what will happen.
Rifqa, attempting to look abused and scared.
he doesn't know what she's talking about, I want her to come back home. I love my daughter whether she's Christian or anything else. I want my daughter back.


—Islam truly is the religion of peace.

In a rapid investigation, Florida Child Welfare Services concluded that Rifqa was not being abused by her family, nor was she being forced to participate in evil Islamic rituals involving goats. They did conclude, however, that she was full of shit, her parents were members of a loving family, and that the whole thing was a case of Islamophobia, further exacerbated by meddling Christians and hyped up by a media looking for any excuse to pick on little swarthy people from far off and misunderstood lands.

They wanted to put her on a bus back to Ohio and told her to STFU with her whining; however, this was stopped at the last minute when the family's legal status was questioned by a Florida judge.

Yesterday Judge Daniel Dawson laid down the law and said in no uncertain terms that Rifqa would not be returned to Ohio until the immigration docs were produced.


—Right wing triumph! Oh wait, now they can deport her back to Sri Lanka...

Legal Proceedings

<video type="youtube" id="3b-PPsBKP3I" width="200" height="200" desc="Two idiots arguing like kids on a playground." frame="true" position="right"/>

Rifqa giving brainwashed testimony in Florida.
Rifqa seems to have an "eye" for the spotlight.
Mexican Islamic fundamentalists? We are doomed!

Back in Ohio, the Florida investigation was brought before scrutiny from all sides of the affair. Some people claimed that Rifqa was spoon-fed keywords with which she was to use to demonize her parents. Others stated that Rifqa was a dead duck as soon as the whole affair blew over. And finally, miraculously, the State of Ohio concluded that Rifqa was just another attention whore.

During the investigation, several things came to light concerning how Rifqa would answer questions if asked by Family Services personnel:

  • If asked if you were scared, tell authorities that you were forced to live within an oppressive home where abuse and mental threats such as public execution were often discussed as a way to deal with wayward teenage activity.
  • If asked about the cruel and harsh mannerisms of your father, answer that he often beat you despite the fact that no corroborating evidence has ever been found.
  • When asked about your school activities, answer that father thought you should be chained up to the wall in the basement…not educated like some infidel Christian whore.
  • When asked about Cheerleading at your high school, repeat over and over that your father did not understand the nature of cheerleading, nor did he approve of such blatant sin. In fact, since you allowed portions of your skin to be visible to other men, you should be publically flogged for your transgressions. Never mind that your father had several pictures of you displayed around the house in which you are overtly wearing your school colors and your cheer leading outfit…or the fact that he signed the permission slip allowing you to cheerlead in the first place.
  • When asked about violence, say “yes, lots.” Even though the only thing ever remotely violent that ever occurred within the home was when your father picked up your laptop (angrily) and grounded you from it when he found out that you used his credit card to buy the damned thing.
  • When questioned about your family, remember to mention that several teachers offered to house you because they were worried about your welfare. When asked who these teachers were, draw a blank or make a name up.
  • If the subject of home life quality should be raised, mention that you lived in a loud environment that was not conducive to growing a family. Also, forget to mention anything concerning your older brother who often had parties at the house when he was supposed to be watching you while your parents went away for the weekend.
  • Whenever you can, attempt to link your family to some sort of terrorism.

Status as Citizens

When asked for comment, Pedobear insisted that Bary be kept in the United States AND with her Christian brainwashers rather than being sent back to Sri Lanka or to her Muslim family. Apparently, Pedobear has connections to the Christian brainwashers via the Catholic Church. In fact, Bary would never be brainwashed if she were a 70-year old hag rather than a ripe loli, and as long as she remains in the United States, Pedobear will always be just an MSN chatroom away. But things get complicated if she moves to Sri Lanka. Pedobear detests flogging or public lynching.

During the several investigations that were conducted by both Florida and Ohio authorities, the question of the Bary family's legal resident status was raised. If they are found to be illegally in the country, this opens a whole new can of worms concerning deportment and Rifqa's scheduled public stoning in a Sri Lankan public square. Right-wingers and Christians were quick to point out:

Bary came into this country illegally through Mexico. This is not the story he told to the press. He alleged he came to the States to seek medical treatment for Rifqa's eye, lost at the hands of her brother (another lie the family told. They said Rifqa fell and did it to herself). But the father never got Rifqa medical treatment. Her eye was never treated.


—If she knows what's good for her and wants to keep that other eye, she better calm this shit down!


Rifqa is the tip of the iceberg. There must be millions of young girls in mortal terror of their brothers and fathers, who go through life never knowing who or when their throats will be slit. The arrogant regressives are too busy groveling to the supremacist males of islam to care about little girls in danger.


—in Ohio???

It's amazing people do not believe in hell when they see what ugly humans do. hell is NOT a place I want to go because it is littered with the ugly angry souls of these jihaddis who murder thier own sisters and mothers and daughters. islam is not a religion but an ideology of hate.


—What's more amazing is people believed this girl over 50 other people

There is an upside. The parents have been very dodgy, dishonest even, on their immigration status. Time and time again they have ignored court orders to produce copies of their immigration documents. This is a key issue, because when Rifqa ran away, her mother had packed all of the family’s belongings and said they were going back to Sri Lanka.


—Right wing islam-o-basher, Pamela Geller

No. She will die, she will die in her society. Society won’t leave her alone. Even if the family, Mother and Father has a little sympathy, but not society, society is worse because she has gone too far. The society will never leave the family in peace. They have to take a stand for this, because it is the shame. Rifqa has brought a shame for their religion and for their society.


—A media contact describing what might happen to Rifqa in Sri Lanka. Maybe they will just beat her to death for being an attention whore?

It’s indicative of how sick our society has become. Spinelessness and ignorance are a lethal combination. Apostasy is the motive behind the death threat. Period. Of course the FDLE found no evidence of a threat, they did not investigate threats of a religious nature. Perhaps the upside (if there could be such a thing) to this terrible case is that the media is being exposed for their conquered, dhimmi approach to the story. And that is why new media/alternative reporting was so critical to this story.


—Geller tries to maintain her self importance.

Even conservative talk radio is silent about this. My talk radio show hosts here in central Fla. are silent. I called in a few weeks back on the topic. The host was very familiar with the story. Then silence. Has anyone heard a radio talk show host covering this important story?


—Maybe it's because they realize there is no story other than knee-jerk reactions?

The young lady has had many ideas programmed into her head, including the killing of one's daughter because of changing religion? In an extremist group, maybe, but Islam does not condone any such killing. If that were the case, David Bowie's wife would be dead by now - and how many years have they been married?


—Wait, how did David Bowie get involved?

Daughter runs away, daughter is found, daughter isn’t returned out of religious hysteria in this country, family has become an outcast for their religious beliefs – the end? Hmmm, not so much. There is a fear of Muslim people and those of Islam faith in this country for a contextual background to this court case, so let us not pretend this isn’t about the well being of Rifqa Bary as much as it is the idea of good versus an apparent evil/barbaric religion.


—From one of the millions of Facebook pages that have sprung from this controversy.

Question: How can a minor have her inter-state travel arranged without her parents’ consent and with the aid of a total stranger, who might have as well been a pedophile? Isn’t this illegal? If Blake Lorenz was such a Good Samaritan, and was so concerned about Fathima’s life, why did he not just do the “normal” thing and contact the local authorities in Ohio (CPS and/or police)? Blake’s intervention, especially based on his views about Islam and Muslims, can easily be seen as carrying an agenda beyond the “kind pastor” shtick.


—Now we are getting somewhere.

Thus, on Monday August 10th, a judge in the 9th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida placed the girl in the custody of the state’s Department of Children and Families. To add salt to injury, the court also ruled that Rev. Blake and his wife are allowed visitation to the daughter along with her biological father. What legal custody does this Pastor have over this minor? If anything Blake should be charged with arranging for illegal inter-state transportation of a minor, not be rewarded for his role!


—It's because Lorenz is white you fool!

The Ohio teen had planned locations thousands of miles away from her home -- known as "fire drills" -- where she could seek refuge. Orlando was her "primary planned sanctuary," and that's exactly where Rifqa ended up in July. Those were among the details of a Florida Department of Law Enforcement report that said investigators found no credible reports of threats toward the 17-year-old runaway. (and later, on Sept. 25th) A Muslim girl who gave her heart to Jesus and then ran away to Christian evangelists in Orlando is not just any Christian. She is driven to save souls and prays that God will make her a prophet.


—Just how deep does the whacko-hole go?

Ha! An evangelical fundamentalist thinks he has a grasp on "truth." If you guys weren't so out of your fucking minds you'd almost be kind of cute in how outrageously silly you all are.


—Moar kindergarten antics.

If she needs a place to live or stay indefinately, she is welcome here. We have two children 17 girl, and 18 year old boy. We are christians and would welcome her into our home. Have her contact us if she is willing. Terry and I have been married 36 year so our marriage is one based upon the bible.


—More pedophiles crawl out from under the wood work.


Media Proceedings

As we all know, the media is more powerful than the criminal branch of the legal system. Because Islamic oddities are often used by the media to generate anti-Muslim sentiment, this case became a hotbed of fodder for bloggers, religious nutjobs, and ACLU cry babies all wanting to cash in on this hugely retarded set of incidents. The whole controversy has devolved in a lovely, yet predictable way and now the major discussion seems to hinge upon Apostasy and how it is or isn’t practiced…even though it has never been practiced in Ohio, Florida, or anywhere else in the last 500 years.

The huge lack of opinions from right wing gods such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck lend credence to the common sense opinion that this is just another teen girl screaming RAPE because she didn't get her way. C or even D list pundits like Pamela Geller are the only people who think this is remotely worthy of discussion. Still, the local media feels compelled to offer opinions nonetheless...

Breaking news, bitch just got cancer, she got what she deserved. Embedding is disabled, I also suck at editind ED so I'll post a crappy link here " http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OtYwxwWtP4 "

Pastor coached young sweet Rifqa.

Honor killing...and fake tears.

If you have Jesus in your heart, you are dead to me.

More whining.

Turns out sweet Rifqa was lying. GASP!

Ruh-roh, arraignment.

Check out the Lorenz family. This is the couple that kidnapped Rifqa.

If God truly loved you, he wouldn't have sent you to Florida.

The TL;DR Version

Crazy Indian kid runs away from home, goes Christfag, gets twat cancer, and is forced to move back home. Faux News makes a big deal out of it cause Rupert Murdoch hates brown people. So goes the circle of life.

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