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A rare photo of Rebornica IRL. Notice all of the acne from greasy McDonalds food.
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Rebornica (Powerword: Gillian Gerard Singh), is a certified asian nigger that also happens to be an agender use-my-pronoun-kinartist” who operates on the circlejerk shitbag that is Tumblr, becoming famous for her Five Night’s at Fucktard’s fan art. If she’s not getting lulzy over some stupid-ass webcomic that everyone, including you, knows that she won’t finish, chances are she's raving about montage parodies while spouting butchered english words like she has Tourette’s. What’s still relevant is how this smart individual operates on Tumblr instead of better websites like Pixiv. That already speaks levels on her slightly-above-elephant shit art skills. Also, Rebornica is a 16-year-old-girl. As of July, 2015 Rebornica has "changed" her username to "dapper-deoxys" (the unorginal fuck couldn't even get the original url.) On October, 24, 2015, she once again changed her username by smashing her ugly face into the keyboard. In the middle of 2016 she changes her name again, this time to "MxBones". At this point she has as many names as bones in the pile of ugliness that she would call her body.

Rebornica's Mental Illnesses

X-Ray of Rebornica's brain.

Since this special snowflake operates on tumblr, it is obligatory for her to have a self-diagnosed mental illness. Rebornicunt has been "diagnosed" with depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other shit that absolutely nobody gives a fuck about.

The only reason Rebornicunt claims to have these legitimate mental problems is so she can use them as a shitfaced excuse for her fans to attack anybody that questions half the crap she pulls off on a regular basis. If you call out her rather intelligent fans or criticize her “art skills”, you’ll be vigorously sent death threats due to the Rebornicult’s overprotective behavior toward their god and leader. All Rebornica has to say on it is that she's not the only one with rabid fans, since she's too much of a pussy to actually do shit about it. Because of this bullshittery, Rebornica is most likely an aspie.

Rise to Fame

“Rebby roo” (as her cult refers to her) rose to fame with her below average FNaF AU, which featured DeviantART tier characters, including a butchered version of the main antagonist who she refers to as “Vincent”, who is shitty husbando bait due to Rebornica’s incredible writing skills. Because she appealed to furfags and fucktards all around, she became an e-celeb in an incredibly short time span. And since she was on Tumblr, libtards and social justice warriors had flung themselves toward her shitbag of a blog due to her mental disorders and status as a minority. All of this resulted in an inflated ego (lulz ensue if you dare insult our god and savior, Rebornica), an absolute assmunch with special snowflake syndrome, endless whining on how Mommy (understandably) doesn’t love them, a comic that only updates every millennium, and a load of shitty art backed up by terrible writing. No one knows whether to blame the jews, furfags, or the niggers for this.

Her Webcomic

Rebornica has made plans for another shitstain on her terrible webcomic record (See: Cluster of Realms) she calls “Pilot”. Not a lot of info has been released about the comic, but it’s clear that it is

What Pilot is.

never going to go through a full release due to the shitloads of fan-art being made for the comic, a shitty in-comic video game, and the fact that Rebonerca

What Pilot should've been.

is so fucking stupid that she lost 45 pages because her mommy went on her computer and (thankfully) deleted most of the bullshit that was on it (briefly before installing Linux). If you dare ask Rebornifag why she hasn’t released her clusterfuck of a webcomic yet, out of frustration she’ll “push the comic back 3 more days.” This would be relevant if anybody actually fucking cared.

Even if the comic actually does get released, it’s gonna be absolute shit anyway (if this wasn’t obvious already), due to the amount of shit that is present:

  • Literally everyone is transgender
  • Everyone has a fucking genetic skin disease
  • Every female character is a needy whore (possibly Rebornica's own form of wish fulfillment.)
  • A six year old faggot
  • The fact that a school in Nowhere has characteristics that only a true asian nigger would know of.
  • Angsty male characters that are there for the sake of being emo fags.
  • The protagonist is a nigger. (And they act like one too!)
  • The lack of effort put forth (3 pages of the course of 5-6 months. Good job, asshole.)

The Rebornicult

Rebornica is, unfortunately, one of the most well known people on Tumblr, sitting at around 60,000+ followers. But since she manifested her bullshit brand of art on tumblr, she maintains and cares for a fandom full of fucktards, furries, faggots, and you. These 12 year olds will white knight her until the end of time (for free), make cringeworthy videos dedicating McNuggets to their supposed God, and generally be pretty damn lulzy. If you call Rebornica out for absolutely fucking anything, prepare your ass to be torn open by around 10,000+

The mascot of the Rebornicult.

fucktards flooding your broken inbox with hate mail. What’s worse is that Rebornica knows her fans can do stuff like that, yet she doesn't do anything to prevent it. (FUCKING NAMEDROPPING ABSOLUTELY EVERY GODDAMN PERSON SHE HAS A PROBLEM WITH ALMOST AS IF THEY CAN NEVER FUCKING LEARN FROM ANY OF THEIR GODDAMN MISTAKES SIMILAR TO A GODDAMN RETARDED FUCKING TODDLER) A good way to start lulz with a Rebornicult member would involve:

Rebornicunt's Hypocrisy

Because of the Rebornicult, it is tough to call Rebornica what she is without getting gang raped: a goddamn hypocrite. She condemns using your fanbase as a weapon toward all the HATERZ, despite the glaring fact that her and her cult of lemmings are notorious for this. She claims to be bullied and abused, despite emotionally manipulating the person who “abused” them. She has a page full of suicide hotlines and other shit no one cares about, and yet she feigns attempting to kill herself and also lies about cutting herself to garner sympathy. Last Thursday, Rebby roo admitted that she once watched someone get shot and beheaded at age 12, despite there being no actual evidence of it anywhere on the internet. We at ED could go on and on about her constant spewing of bullshit, but you probably get the point by now.

Rebornica's many targets

Being the attention whore she is, Rebornica thrives off of attention and from the drama that she starts or puts herself in the center of. Out of all of the people that she's gotten into "arguments" (They can't be called arguments, because that would imply communication and Whorebornica not sending her rabid fans after people while covering her ears and screaming). These targets consist of

  • Anyone who tries to call out the times he's been a hypocrite
  • Alex- Not only did she make a comic where he's brutally murdered, but she accused him of "pushing her to self harm".
  • Artsy/Jojo- Whorebornica got involved in drama not concerning him and as a result artsy is still receiving death threats/suicide encouragement. She has been called a whore countless times for flirting, and has even been accused of tracing and stealing Rebornica's totally original characters
  • I Are Tech- Spam was encouraged for hurting whorebornica's feelings, because hurting poor borny worny is a crime punishable by death.
  • Common sense
  • The Real Smilk- Several times he's encouraged the fans to spam Smilk, by calling him names and copy/pasting scripts and songs.
  • Unnames admins of a blog that used to talk about whorebornica's gross behavior. Due to being the self proclaimed victim of everything,and not having the mental capacity/intelligence to do anything other than cry and threaten to an hero, Rebornica decided it would be best to send her mindless followers to this account, and it got to the point where one of the admins attempted to commit suicide. Upon hearing the news, and not caring because apparently only whorebornica can attempt to an hero herself, she decided it was "fake".
  • Komatitties/Icchikoma- Rebornicunt got incredibly triggered when a random fan reviewed and critiqued her art. Rebby doo proceeded on publically calling Koma out on one of her art streams, claiming that the rando had been abusing her and her friends since a long time. Rebornicuck then harassed and crytyped the fuck out of Koma in Twitter DM's, then proceeded on mocking fun at the rando's art on twitter.
  • Her ex-girlfriend- unfortunately as of lately, her ex-girlfriend has been a huge target of her bullshit. Whorebornica has been lying about the relationship in order to get ass kisses from her cult of fans due to mistakes she caused. And hours after breaking up with her ex, dear Rebby Roo hooked up with a new victim girlfriend, that she claimed to had feelings for while dating their ex. Nice.

Refaggotca's Triggers

Her real gender.

Rebornica in the Flesh

Since rebornica is an inbred house nigger, she doesn't leave home very often (Who would even want to see her fucking face out in public?) On her tumblr, she subjects her followers to hideous selfies showing off her acne farm of a face in photos taken with an ass camera. Even when the fucking idiot doesn't leave her house, she makes sure to take lots of glorious selfies, shown below.

See Also

  • Retardation - What Rebornica actually suffers from
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  • Fat - Rebs' future if her chicken nugget obsession is an indication of anything
  • Tumblr - A hellhole where many similar to Rebornica spawn from
  • Cheeyev - Basically a pallette swap of Rebornica. Dwells on DeviantART
  • Five Nights at Freddy's - Another factor in her rapid popularity gain
  • Transgender - Another obsession of Rebs'. Prevalent in the shitstain known as Pilot
  • Personal Pronouns - Rebornica gets pissy if you don't use her pronouns
  • Attention Whore - What Rebornica truly is
  • GOTIS - What Rebornica has but with less sex and more Tumblr bullshit


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