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The first thing you notice is the shit quality of the drawing in the very first strip.

Questionable Content is a webcomic for indie music whores who read Pitchfork and cum-guzzling hipster sheep who infest the college atmosphere of the United States and the rest of the developed world, trying to act as experts on music despite the fact that outside what Pitchfork tells them, they actually know little about music. And just like the name says, its content is indeed questionable. Drawn by Jeph Jacques, this comic has been around since like 2004 or something, but now it has a load of guest strips because he's too lazy to draw new comics every day, despite the fact that he makes his career out of this webcomic. Jacques is also notable enough for his own article on Wikipedia separate from his webcomic, strangely enough.

Wikipedia describes Questionable Content as a "slice-of-life webcomic", and true to this description, it often features love stories and intimate sexual situations where these androgynous hipster fags, like the main character Marten and his girlfriend (is it Dora? Is it someone else? It changes so much that it's hard to remember) talk bullshit about music any try to outsmart each other in terms of their musical knowledge, which is retarded as surely anyone with half a brain would just want to have sex rather than embarrass themselves by attempting to outsmart Mark Prindle whilst approaching orgasm. Note that the males in this comic are pretty much indistinguishable from the females due to their long hair and feminine features. It's also racist as it only features white people completely accurate, as niggers cannot read, and thus cannot enter college and azns would be killed by their parents if they chose to study something that isn't STEM.

After failing to appeal to hipsters, the comic switched over to trying to whore itself out to SJWs that are constantly unhappy that there are too many white characters in the comic so they repeatedly try to get its depressed, alcoholic creator to kill himself (he had several nervous breakdown thanks to his "fans"). Finally, Jeph gave up and recently had his author surrogate character get fucked in the ass by a pre-op tranny, creating a new meme and giving new meaning to the term "self insert".

Questionable Content - The Webcomic

Questionable Content actually started in like 2003, around the same time as 4chan started, which makes it very, very old, so it's been going for around five years now as of the time of writing. Although it's difficult to recall, the first strip with its crappy drawing features a ronery Marten coming home to his pet robot computer, Pintsize, who downloads porn for him. Soon afterwards, however, he is joined by some girl called Faye who comes to live with him because she is homeless. Other characters are introduced and removed (early character Sara was eaten alive by a dinosaur according to the comic's author as he wanted to kill her off as she was boring). The comic features more women than it does men, to cater for the fapping needs of the stupid hipster cunts who read it and think that Mogwai and Mercury Rev are the pinnacles of music without realizing that outside of their little circle of young people, nobody cares about these bands. The characters are drawn extremely realistically these days for this reason, and are read to suppress the sexual and romantic fantasies of fat college kids of both genders who can't get laid (except with other fatties) but would like to think about doing so. It is notable for being a popular webcomic by an "artist" with absolutely no knowledge of or facility with pacing, acting, framing, dialogue, or any of the rudiments necessary to make a comic readable.

To fit with the themes of the young, intellectual, cool successful irreverent apathetic detached people who are known to everyone else as hipsters (although of course they themselves are in denial that they are hipsters, obviously) there's constant namedropping of shit bands, movies, writers, poets, philosophers, etcetera. This is because trying to look cool is the only way for them to get around the fact that none of them have a real job and are part of the privileged few who are not taking for granted that they were not born the child in Africa.

It's possible that Jacques is a closet /b/tard, as many of his comics make references to numerous memes (including over 9000 and mudkips) and he actually mentions 4chan in one episode. He has also recently created a character who is an obvious /b/tard — she talks about raids, is obsessed with manga, and has poor personal hygiene habits, all of which fit the stereotype of someone who spends their time on /b/, except her gender, which negates every other piece of evidence. Also, some argue that this is merely a result of the trickle down structure of memes, worming their way into any forms of media by people that have used the internet, even sparingly, because the aforementioned old memes such as over 9000 and mudkips can easily find their way into retarded webcomics, not necessarily through direct contact with /b/, but the unfortunate nature of cancerous newfags breaking rules 1 & 2 so incessantly that everyone on teh internets are aware of said memes.

Were someone who was not gay or a hipster to attempt reading this truly inspiring example of character development coupled with an excellent story, they would likely shit bricks at the realization that all of the characters are the exact same person. This is unfortunately not common knowledge, as the Jews have been covering this up while also pretending the holocaust actually took place.

Current Status

His entire audiance as been replaced with SJWs that he hates but who's money he needs.

Over the last few years Jeph has been removing "problematic" content from past strips and flooding his comic with niggers, faggots, trannies, dykes and everything in between. Still, his fans are never satisfied and he constantly needs to up the ante whenever they find a new demographic they feel is underrepresented, to the point that, in the most recent strips, the main character starts dating a pre-op tranny and fucks it despite there never being any indication that he is gay.

Indie Tits

To further his ends, Jeph Jacques also maintains another webcomic, called Indie Tits. Basically, it features two birds talking to each other about moar hipster bullshit. It's rather unfunny, and it is thought that Jeph Jacques only draws it because he can't think of enough storyline for the steamy, sweaty drama that permeates Questionable Content.

And then this happened

Towards the end of 2012, Jacques apparently had some kind of breakdown, drank an entire bottle of whiskey and stabbed himself in the hand. Why? because he drew one of his disgusting, fat characters in a bikini and his forum, that has been overrun with SJWs, deemed her to be too sexy. They felt he needed to show off the beauty of hambeasts by making her more gross.

Then, despite knowing he's a suicidal alcoholic, they started to harass him until he tried to kill himself.

Jeph QC hand.jpg

"You and Me"

In recent pages the main character started dating a tranny. When the comic got to the sex scene it produced a new loss.jpg

You and me QC.png

This is made all the more comical by Jeph's poor drawing skills resulting in "Marten" having what appears to be a look of barely masked disgust on his face at the sight of a disgusting tranny that he must now power through fucking (perhaps this wasn't an accident). It didn't take long from everyone on 4chan and 8chan to create about a million edits of it and make a new meme out of this shit.

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