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Reviewed and approved by Victoria's Secret.

Patachu, also known as パタチュー and PATACHU666#LULZISTwQI, is a notorious french nationalist sympathizer, doubled of an unoriginal ripoff of Chris-chan's sonichu mixed with some kind of patamon, resulting in a creepy digimon-looking troll. He quotes from Nietzsche and laughs insanely everytime he accomplishes something, if ever.

Origins and Purpose

Leave my Patachu alone!
Note the french nationalist posters on background

Patachu originates from a hentai-related Ezboard. A French 20yo female tartlet cartoonist and a japanese mangaka both eventually claimed ownership of said character, until one day some furry drew porn of it and as a result introduced a new fetish to the furry fandom: cuntboys.
Patachu was originally asexual though, so it was bound to happen.

Active Principles

File:You are manipulated.png
Trolling in action.

Patachu is a 13yo, intersex mudjahedin mokvwap d-reaper warrior, and doesn't afraid of anything. Though he has assimilated with furries and weeaboos, Patachu hates them with a passion, explaining his motives behind spending so much time trolling them on the Internet. He is also prone to endless debates, gathering rage, getting banned, and invoking the holy powers of drama in a miserable attempt to extract some tears of potential lulz.

Patachu also posts frequently on 4chan's /g/, /k/ and /r9k/ boards, and usually illustrates his posts with cute MS Paint drawings. Sometimes he eventually derails the thread with logical fallacies, raid suggestions, and loli hentai. He may be also spotted on various other imageboards.

Bad news for you if you're a fan of this guy or whoever it is : Patachu's MPD is explained by the fact there's more than one person posting as **Patachu#LULZISTwQI**, now you know why he often gets banned for posting furry porn on a clean board, yet still posting and mocking mods for "not banning him hard enough". He even released a complete page of tripcodes including his own.


Me too I can be a gangsta!


(aka Brandon Vongthongthrip), a notorious zoophile, posted a message on Patachu's shoutbox saying "Zoophilia for the win". Patachu raged, then made public Wildwulf's identity and all he could find about him, including the most embarasing photos on both and 4chan's /b/. Bestiality being against the law where Wildwulf resides, Wildwulf ended up in prison. Anonymous raved and Patachu fapped to his lawful accomplishment. However, rumors say that the whole event was in fact orchestrated by a crew of trolls; as Wildwulf being already charged for domestic abuse.

Trolling Furries

Getting permabanned on FurAffinity for [drawing] the site's owner and notorious douchebag Dragoneer, beheaded by another douchebag, Allan. Drawing the said thing not being against the site's Terms of Submission, he could get away with it, but Patachu successfully angered [[Dragoneer], discovering it at his Anthrocon desk. He banned Patachu like the fist of an angry god. Fursonas are srs bsns on Furaffinity!

Trolls trolling trolls

Getting banned from for flooding the board with guro without a proxy, being french and surrendering IRL, the only thing he can do to compensate is to flood random boards the said way every time there's something he dislike.

Victoria's Secret

With the help of many furfags and weeaboos from /r9k/ and proxies to vote up, Patachu managed to enter into some Victoria's Secret contest, despite being a drawing.


Mastering mspaint, all the rest you could find about Patachu is either fanart or Jew by some greedy Tartlet.

Digimon Activism

Rule#34 is mandatory

Trolling 4Chan's new /vp/ board by spamming Furry shit everywhere, essentially Renamon raping a poor pikachu.

Mortal Enemies

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