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Most Olchai have their rooms decorated with retarded Plushies. Please note that they will defend their toys with their lives.

An olchai (Also known as: "Old Child" or "Manchild") is the opposite of a Young Adult. Olchai are Teenagers or Adults that have the interests and behaviors of a Child. They are known for spending their free time watching Cartoons, admiring toys (such as Action Figures/Dolls) and reading comic books. Most Olchai tend to think that they are just "reliving childhood memories" or "being a kid at heart". An Olchai develops when the person (Usually when they are 15 or older) forms thoughts that the pleasurable reward of being an adult is a lie and will claim that driving, working, doing drugs, golf and having sex is boring. They are usually social outcasts due to the fact that a chick will not fuck a guy playing with beanie babies.

I may be 16, but I refuse to grow up!


—Example of teenage Olchai

What They Do

Their favorite television network.

Types of Olchai

There are two types of Olchai in existence:


A Typical Olchai. He can also be a potential Pedophile.

Primary Olchai is the earliest stage of this Disease. They will usually range from 14 to 18 years of age. Most of them are consist of Anime fans. Their hangouts are devianTART, Sheezyart, JewTube and Fag Affinity. They enjoy crap like YouTube Poop, Spongebob, Naruto, Pokemon, Digimon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tom & Jerry, and Transformers: The Animated Series.


Advanced Olchai is the most severe case due to the chances that his Wife will want a divorce when she finds him having a Tea Party with a stuffed animal and that he will eventually become a Pedophile. Their age is mostly 19 and up. They tend to be extremely secretive about their ways because if their family knows about it, their neighbors will find out. When their neighbors find out, everyone in the town will know. When the town knows, the family will be the laughingstock of the whole Country. Some will go to any lengths to hide their Olchaihood by even faking their name and age, so it is best to stay away from people on the internet that say that they are a 6 year old that plays with Dolls when they are actually 48.


In her syndicated column, Dr. Joyce Brothers responds to a 40-something legal professional, exasperated that her 40-something legal professional boyfriend likes to watch cartoons. Even after “F.T.” says that her errant beau likes to watch the “‘adult’ ones at night” - presumably Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim - Brothers leads off her response: “It is certainly reasonable to be puzzled by seeing a grown man - a professional, no less - howling at cartoons meant for a 6-year-old.


— Emru Townsend

Trolling an Olchai

They can be trolled in various ways:

Gallery of Olchaihood

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