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The furfag in person.
Nemo uses this card

Nemo Hana aka Eric Schock is an asspie, an artist who has a huge e-go, and someone who only thinks about himself. He was involved in the hugest load of furry drama on FurAffinity.

The big lie...

Nemo Hana lives in Montana, which essentially means that when Rubbertex Raccoon comes by, it's Brokeback Mountain time. People say he's nice in person, but since he's an asspie furfag, nothing could be further from the truth. Nemo thinks the world revolves around him.

FA Drama

This is the offending image.

A few months back Nemo was commissioned by Gar-Yulong to draw SpencerDragon being a victim of vore. Unbeknown to Nemo, this violated Spencer's furry beliefs, because Spencer is "100% PRED!!!" This caused a whole fuckload of furry drama, and a war broke out on the original comment page. One of the notable fucktards is Lucca Manadragon, who even after countless attempts to explain to her that Internet =/= srs bsns, still fought for the good and honor that is eating people.

After said picture was posted, Spencer decided to post a journal deleted, about what went on, yet Nemo started his journal hours later.

What Nemo's art and journals usually consist of.
What we all wish Nemo would do.

Basement Dweller

I spend about 6 hours online, chatting.

That gives me about an hour to do other things. I often just use this extra hour to chat longer.


Pedophile in disguise

Like many furries, Nemo is into some sick-fuck fetish. His crime: having a fursona which is 8 years old, which proves to bring even more damning evidence that he gets off to fat furry art and inflation furry art with a little bit of vore involving his fursona. It also could mean he is a pedophile.

Free Art ?? Oh Really??

He offered free art.

So I am going to draw stuff all day. Just start posting ideas to FA, any IM requests will be considered but probably not actually done. Please no dong, scat, or watersports. Everything else is cool.

Also for the love of god don't just say "draw <person>" cos I don't want to think about what to draw <person> doing on top of just drawing them for $0. :<


A month later he suddenly changed his mind and didn't follow through.

The journal of lies and deceit

Calling out those who wronged him

One of Nemo's habits is to call out people in journals on FA. He often accuses people of wrongdoing before asking questions about what is really happening (same with this one as well.) He either posts pointless journals of calling people out or just plain pointless journals altogether.

An Racist

Nemo has often run into problems with minorities, especially online, mainly because he singles them out as he feels they are inferior and he doesn't want anything to do with them. He singled out one furfag named Voulez because he didn't speak English too well. All in all, Nemo is an racist.

IRC Lulz

IRC Channel #bzzzzz on Furnet is his IRC channel full of pederasty madness!

External Links

His FA

His LiveJournal

Methods of Contact

  • AIM: TBPNemo
  • Yahoo: TBPBenni
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