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Breakingnews.gif Breaking news!
Nayzak has moved pages due to the lack of damage control on his old one. You can now find him at Nayzak-Studio

In the name of Allah[God] The most Gracious, The Most Merciful,

Greetings of peace to all of you my visitors. whether you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Pagan, Atheist, Agnostic, humanist... brothers and sisters in humanity, you are all welcome to my humble gallery. WELCOME WITH PEACE, BE IN PEACE, LEAVE IN PEACE. But I do hope you enjoy your time here and maybe learn a couple of new beneficial things.


—His introduction on Deviantart.

All for Earf

NayzakIcon.gif Deviantart-favicon.png Nayzak (Powerword: Nayzak Al-Hilali) is a self-righteous devianTARTLET much like Xiao-Feng-Fury, except that he is even more self centered and full of it. Unlike Xiao, he is a Musfag apologist who uses kawaii Animu art to spread his message of Peace, Love, and other bullshit. What sets him apart from Xiao (aside from his art actually being pleasant to look at) is his attitude towards trolls and criticism. If you dare question the word of Allah or Nayzak himself, he will block your ass harder than Tom Preston ever could, and punctuate this with his favorite catch phrase, beloved by all: "May Allah guide you and correct your thinking," which translates into "FUCK YOU I'M RIGHT, YOU'RE WRONG!"

From Dumble Beginnings

We will silence the infidels with more kawaiiness!

Before Nayzak revealed his true form, he was on Deviantart as a user named Deviantart-favicon.png FullWhiteMoon. From this account, he made the same type of "educational" mangas that can be seen on his current page. During this time, he tried to silence anti-Islam pics by having his army of white knight snowflakes report deviations to try to get them removed despite them following the rules and being protected by the Fair Use doctrine.

No one knows why he changed accounts, but it may have something to do with his works being revealed by ED, and he feared the future onslaught of lulz that would ensue.

Understanding Islam.jpg Understanding Islam 2.jpg Understanding Hijab.jpg Understanding Jihad.jpg

Response to Criticism

Atomic.gif Warning!
Nayzak is easily butthurt! If you're going to troll him, screencap the hell out of everything. He's quick to hide comments and delete posts.
A standard Nayzak comment

Nayzak is no stranger to critics of Islam. In fact, he's encountered them so much that he forbids any bashing of Islam whatsoever. If you actually manage to get into a debate with this guy, prepare yourself to be bored to tears. In every response he makes, he will quote you in bolded letters followed by a massive wall of text. If you post a link that proves him wrong, have fun getting your comment hidden and/or getting blocked.

If things go too badly for our pious Nayzak, he'll simply disable comments on a pic completely, as demonstrated with the release of his anti-April Fools pic.



In case you haven't noticed by now, Nayzak can't take a joke. Hell, all you have to do is call Muhammad a bunny rabbit and it's a brutal blocking and Allah correcting your thinking for you!

Don't send this to Nayzak. He may send Allah to correct your thinking.

Nayzak's Jihads

Did You Know: According to Sahih Muslim Book 024, Hadith Number 5246 and Kitab Al-Libas wal-Zinah, Hadith Number 5272, Islam forbids graphic representations of living things (and doges)?

To lead his army of musfag weeaboos in their jihad of Deviantart, he searches and handpicks a topic from recent media either involving Islam or western culture and then brags why Islam is soooo great and why America and Israel is absolute fucking scum, following the standard "Durka durka Muhammad jihad!" Below are some of his several lengthy campaigns.

The Piss Parade


from time to time I see kids peeing to the trees. that's very disgusting. some parents allow their children to do it. they teach their children how to disrespect those that are weaker than them (by peeing on them). how can you expect those children, the men and women of the future, to grow and respect nature?


—Nayzak on his weird hobby of watching children pissing on trees.

Nayzak has always had weird and sometimes lulzy messages in his Islamic weeaboo propaganda, but none is as strange as "Don't piss in nature."

There are no words...

No, you're not high as balls right now. This is an actual drawing of a talking tree being pissed on by a little boy that Nayzak drew. Before we continue let's take a moment to just let it sink in. This is an actual drawing he made, and the description is even creepier. To make things more creepier, he made a helpful guide of where not to take a whiz on nature. The only exception to his high moral standard of not pissing on trees is when said tree is Jewish, then it is totally fine.


So according to our handy dandy User Urine Manual that Nayzak kindly made for all of Deviantart, if you piss on any kind of plantlife, water, or on his sexy tree bitch, you gun get cursed! According to the little logic he has, he says that urine is human waste and is harming the environment, despite the fact that urine is mostly water with nitrogen and salt, thus actually benefiting the plant. Despite all the hundreds of comments calmly and briefly explaining this to him, he still denies all the scientific evidence against his claim and the majority opinion. What's his solution? Disable comments on the piss guide of course.


Oh boy. Here we go. Brace yourself, this one is quite BAWWtastic. Gaza (AKA Israel's shooting gallery) has been a pressing issue on Deviantart and the news, mainly with the muslims on dA. So Nayzak decides to capitalize on this tragedy to gain moar blind followers and views.

What could have been a heartwarming message to reach out for action against the siege, instead became a BAWWfest of disabling comments, blocking users, even calling them terrorists. That's right, if you believe that HAMAS is the bad guy, then you are a heartless fucktard and you will burn in the fires of Hell with people as bad as you! (AKA Adolf Hitler) Apparently this caught the eye of those EVIL zionist terrorists and one-sixth of the entire comments section was flooded with anti-HAMAS comments. Nayzak, being a greedy asshole only wanting Palestine to get Gaza instead of worrying about the innocent people being murdered by both parties, decided to close comments and retire to his personal spider hole of animu for the rest of the day.

Recently, he announced a boycott of all the evil western Jew corporations that must be stopped in order to stop Israel.


This will definitely stop Israel for sure! (SPOILER ALERT! No it won't.)

The boycott is going great...

(Update: Comments BAWWsabled. Those Zionist pigs will pay for rustling our Prophet Nayzak's jimmies!)


Gallery of Zionists (Not for the easily butthurt!) About missing Pics
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The contest that unleashed maximum butthurt

In 2011, our good ol' friend Zak started a contest called Interfaith Tolerance. The goal was to create an image that demonstrated love between two religions. That was... until this was created:


When the user Deviantart-favicon.png SirPaahdin submitted a pic of a lesbian Christian and Muslim stuck on first base, Nayzak outright refused to accept the submission despite LGBT art not being against his rules of the contest he made... not that anyone would know because once word got out of his bigotry, he quickly deleted the journal with the contest rules. He then proceeded to go complete retard, cursing out in Arabic, and deleting any and all journals and comments that cast him in a poor light. In response, several other TARTlets created their own Everybody Draw Muhammad Day. Naturally, it was twice as gay as the original.

The Shitposting Siege of 2015

Despite the fact everyone knew he was a homophobe, this was the comment that caused the shitstorm.

After his Gaza meltdown, Nayzak disappeared off the face of the Earth. Some say that he is a high school student in Asia and is having tests, some say that he realized that his jihad is pointless and people stopped giving a shit about him and his Uguu propaganda, others say he simply joined the cause, or the most likely scenario: He met his 72 virgins upon reading his ED article. As of now, he has been gone for over five months, which strongly supports the An Hero theory. All was quiet, until a severely outdated comment from the long deactivated user was posted by TARTlet Deviantart-favicon.png FullmetalKobe824, who is a member of a religion trolling group called Counter-Jihad. Once posted, all the 'counter-jihadists' shat bricks, and proclaimed: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!111!


The first strike against Nayzak (Or as they call him 'Nutsak Senpai') was swift. What went from four people shitposting quickly became five people. Leading the charge was their leader, The-Conquerors. All over the main page and the propagandas, Zionist lies, Israeli flags, and people trying to be as hardcore as /pol/. Casualties were high, over 9000 musfags triggered, their leader banned by dA mods, and everyone's time wasted. One thing is for certain: if/when Nayzak emerges from his spider hole, him and Allah have a lot of thoughts to correct.

As of now the siege is still in progress. If you are interested in shitposting for the cause against the weeaboo blasphemers, click here.

Quotes from Allah's Gal Friday Himself

sir, this is the last warning I'm giving you.

the next time you try to sarcastically mock the God almighty IN MY *&^%$ PAGE will be the day you will go straight to my block-list. I respect the fact that you choose to disbelieve in the God almighty and I'm not mocking your belief. I appreciate you do the same.


—So much for being peaceful.

How old are you?

as old as the earth.


—There you have it. Nayzak is a lich

May Allah guide you and correct your thinking


—Let's get a contest running to see how many screenshots we can get of him saying this.

freedom of speech, however, is not a necessity for progress and development. This is an assumption based upon Europe’s historical struggle against the Church that prevented intellectual progress and investigation. Muslims do not have the same historical baggage.


—-natural selection is still bullshit tho.[1]


Prick moments About missing Pics
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ED's Standard Redpill

So, you think you've seen enough to know the truth? Not quite young padawan, for now all that remains is the final redpill, the true messages of Nayzak.


There's no going back... this is your kawaii prophet...


The one time ParkourDude91 actually says something that makes sense.
As with every tarlet Muslim, Nayzak is very fond of plagiarizing other peoples' shit.
853915 - Bellend Understanding Islam For Dummies Zahra Noor sumaya.jpg
rule 34...
822940 - Islam Muhammad Understanding Islam For Dummies Zahra Noor mugenjohncel religion.jpg

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See Also

Real classy Nayzak. Reallllll classy

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  • Deviantart-favicon.png fullwhitemoon - Nayzak's first DA account.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png nayzak - His second DA account.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png nayzak-studio - His new DA account.
  • A journal posted on April 24, 2014 by Deviantart-favicon.png CoolLittleDude, explaining his interactions with Mr. Nayzak. The journal lists all of Nayzak's beliefs and his actions when criticized or proven wrong. After that, Nayzak responded in the user's notes, which then lead to the inevitable block.
  • Please politely refer Nayzak to this video and this video to show him that imitating the work of Allah by drawing it and asking for donations for such drawings is Haram.
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