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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
mutescream during a 100 meter dash

Mutescream is a resident irc channel tard with a self proclaimed 200+ IQ rating. He is one of the top 10 smartest people in the World and is a long time member of Mensa. He also suffers from Aspergers syndrome, and needs to mimic human emotional response and social skills in a manner that is exactly as described as in the popular television series House on Fox. As of December 30, 2007, Mutescream spends the majority of his time vandalizing Encyclopedia Dramatica articles such as this one and In a period as short as eight hours, he blanked mutescream a total of 8 times and there is no end in sight.

Some have pointed out the highly unlikely possibility that mutescream is an actual troll. Due to his horrifyingly high level of fail and crap, this possibility is now largely discounted. His inability to type so much as a single coherent sentence without sounding like Rodney King after a couple of caps of dat sweet angel dust suggests that he is likely a wigger.

Either way, as a fucking obnoxious Aspie he should be castrated, muzzled, and made into a training prop for the Gay Pornstar Academy.

However, Last Thursday , Anonymous discovered that in fact, IQ tests only go from 1 to 160, and anything higher is estimation. Therein, it can be assumed that mutescream is either a liar or retarded enough to actually believe he's got an IQ of 210. Either way, he doesn't have a 210, or else he'd have done something worth knowing, like building a nuke out of a toaster. If he was really that smart and socially awkward, he would be an Azn.

mutescream on his IQ

[12:26] <mutescream> it's not that i am super smart or anything,
[12:26] <mutescream> but i was diagnosed with an IQ of 210 on one of the mensa accredited tests.
[12:27] <mutescream> and in the top 0.001% of the human race.

mutescream on his sexuality

[20:09] <mutescream> im not atractd to da male fahsiqu
[20:09] <mutescream> but i wuld liek to get some BJs from a passable shemale
[20:09] <mutescream> i herd dey give the best

mutescream on Aspergers Syndrome

[7:32] <mutescream> yezz, I hav Aspergers Syndrome.
[7:32] <mutescream> i thunk that'z where i gots my superior intellect...
[7:33] <mutescream> frum havin 2 lern 2 mimic all human emotions
[7:34] <mutescream> just like my heroez from dah Fox hit series House.

Aspergers is to blame for his "intellect", alright. He parrots commercials for the "Fox hit series House" like a retarded 13-year-old boy who lives in his mother's basement and watches television all day like a fatass. Oh wait, THAT'S BECAUSE HE IS.

mutescream on his favorite movie

[1:19] <mutescream> well i hav sorta advanced synematic tastes
[1:19] <mutescream> so i perticularily enjoy V For Vendetaa...
[1:20] <mutescream> i can reallly identify with the main charactero f V 
[1:20] <mutescream> in a way ,he reminds me of myself...

...Because he has so much in common with a charismatic freedom fighter wearing a Guy Fawkes mask who pwns every dumb son-of-a-bitch who ever crossed him in a fictional dystopian England with synchronized explosions, socio-political manipulation, and throwing knives, amirite? Yeah. Sounds a lot like mutescream. If anything, he should take his idolatry of the original Epic Fail Guy impersonator a little more seriously, and become an hero just like V. At the very least he could do the rest of the world the favor of hiding his face behind a mask for the rest of his life.

mutescream on Encyclopedia Dramatica

[3:48] <mutescream> fuq dem assholez on encyclopedia dramaticar.. 
[3:48] <mutescream> dey thinkins that i wo'n't delete dah  changers dat r bout me
[3:49] <mutescream> wat dey dont no is dat i has friends who r admins @ ncyclopeder dramatica
[3:49] <mutescream> so n y attampts to slandar me on dah site r futility.
[3:50] <mutescream> o and i am gonna flame dat faggot battleof1812 on da page 2. fuq him!11

It is unlikely that mutescream will ever find Encyclopedia Dramatica again, seeing as how there is no way in moot's centipede-filled vagina that he will ever type the address correctly into his browser. Even Google's built-in spellchecker will be no recourse for this dysfunctionally illiterate faggot. He fails to realize that he is not the first to try to vandalize ED, nor will he be the last. Until then, the interbutts are safe from his retardation on the likely because he has forgotten the password to log into his computer.

Einsteinaspie.jpg Mutescream is part of a series on Aspies. [Back to your happy placeSperg out]

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