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Brief history

MrPunchdrunk1 (aka Dammy Goldstein) is a morbidly obese, 21 year old, weaboo virgin jew, who is prone to making himself look like a fool in front of everyone. All the Drama started back when a user by the name of RaveakiddFurry posted on a video Dammy made expressing things he would like in a future sonic game. Said video featured such suggestions as a game staring Silver the pothead and a sequal to the best game in the series, Sonic 06. Because they were incredibly stupid Raveakidd disagreed with most of them. Rather then getting a mature, or counter argument Dammy replied in ALL CAPS calling him an "AKR wannabee" and then proceeded to raeg on said user's channel insulting anyone he sees Sadly, this video is no longer on the internets as Dammy, being the smart jew he is, accidentally DELETED FUCKING EVERYTHING on his mrpunchdrunk1 account.

Since the Raveakidd situation, Dammy's faggotory has spread to other users, ofcourse it wasn't until a woman called him out that he began bawwing. Since then he left Youtube to deviantart, assuming nobody knew him there. However, he still hangs around youtube and watches the videos people make about them. But he responds in his own ways, such as making comics. On his way to fame, Dammy has made many friends, other 21 year old weeaboos and even a few faggots with internet girlfriends. Naturally, Dammy ruined his friendship with all of them.

Dammy is an athiest and a man of science. Attacking religion is in his arsonal. He hates christianity (and so he should) and uses it against people who disagree with him. He has generated numerous lulz by doing this, however since he comes from a jewish family, although claiming not to be jewish himself, he claims he had relatives who died in the lolocaust. So during a religious debate, he is just as pathetic as in any other mass debate.


Dammy's life in a nutshell


As you may have read before, MrPunchDrunk1 is a jew. However, he hates religion and in high school he started an anti-religion club. He claims his real name isn't Dammy but he had it legally changed as his original name was religious, in a manner similar to Christian Weston Chandler. Obviously, since Dammy was brought up by jews, he has been circumsised and recieved atleast one blowjob from a rabbi at an early age.




In August 2010, Dammy confidently boasted that should the classic design in the Sonic The Hedgehog Series returns he would drink the piss from his grandfather's bedpan. Despite the return of the design in the upcoming Sonic Generations video game, Dammy has denied all proof of this ever happening.Mr nut job 1.png

Silly Dammy.jpg

Loltoad.png even the guys on his dick want him to do it

Sonic Unleashed is better than sex

Title says it all. But if you want to see more of this sick jew's fetish for bad games, read below Unleashedsex.png


But then again, it's not like he'd ever have sex with a woman in the first place.

Youtube An Hero

Our old friend Dammy has had 4 youtube accounts. DrunkenFist20XL, Mrpunchdrunk1 (his most known account), the appropriately named IamDickFag and GGundamFan1127. He closed the first after he accidentally deleted all his videos like the genius he is. He then closed his second account due to stress as a user called "darkangelthelight" made a video on his shinanigans. Yeah, he'd gladly drink piss at the sight of nigger-eyed sonic but when a fucking woman calls him out, he starts bawwing and an heroes to start a fresh new e-life on DeviantArt.

What the poor jew believes
The sad, slightly funny reality.


After closing all his youtube accounts, Dammy decided it would be best to embrace his fellow weaboos over at the cesspool known as DeviantArt. There he produces abominations which he calls "art". He also uses it to insult youtube users who don't have accounts on DA in order to avoid more flaming from them. When someone made a video on his faggotory, rather than responding on youtube or just ignoring it completely, he drew a picture of himself burning everything that was said about him.

Much like Chris Chan and all the other autistic obese faggots in their 20s, he reckons he is a really good artist, and therefore blesses this site with beautiful images such as his exposed bare chest and his persona holding a massive sword. Note how Dammy draws himself with goku-esque anime hair and writes words such as "badass" on his drawings. When his ID shows he's a morbidly obese balding weeaboo. So basically like the rest of deviantart.

Dammy VS Invader Zim

Invader Zim is a cartoon aimed at children which many people who have grown up, still like it or don't bother with it at all. Dammy on the other hand FUCKING HATES invader Zim and anyone who likes him. He has drawn pictures of himself shooting Zim in the head and believes everyone should hate it too. Even his own friends and cocksuckers. Starwarsfan4eva5, a pathetic faggot with an internet girlfriend used to suck Dammy's cock every day but then when he made his silly "ME VS ZIM" pic, he spat out Dammy's semen in disbelief. Dammy then told him to GTFO his cock since he liked Invader Zim.

Don't fuck with Dammy or he'll draw himself shooting fictional characters in the face!

Dammy & Friends

Like any other weaboo most of his friends consist of Weaboos and other virgins, who would defend him greatly. But due to Dammy being the "nice" jew he is he eventually made them hate him. Dammy would end old friendships with good friends for things as trival as to what their youtube icon was a notable example would be when user Starwarsfan4eva5 had his icon as a character from the popular animu Rucky Stah. Due to punchdrunk's unknown hatred of the show, he immediately threatened to end the friendship if he would not change his icon.

Starwarsfan4eva5 - He was possibly Dammy's closest internet friend. Whenever Dammy was trolled, he'd jump on his dick and defend him. This user was pretty hillarious to troll himself as he had made many videos proclaiming his love to a girl on the internet he'd never even seen before. Whenever people pointed out his girlfriend was most likely a 40 year old paedophile, he got defensive and fled Dammy's cock. Since then, Dammy and Starwars have stopped being friends due to a certain disagreement. Dammy began to hate Invader Zim with such a burning passion that he made videos about it and even drew a picture of himself shooting Zim in the face. Since starwars is a huge fan of children's cartoons he loves Invader Zim. as a result, they are no longer fuckbuddies.

Savesega12345 - the only girl Dammy has ever spoken to. She is a ranter who often makes videos on shit nobody cares about, such as the Sonic 4 "character design" issue, months after the game was already released, called a piece of shit and forgotten about. As a result, nobody really cares what she has to say. However, it was obvious he had a raging boner for her, since every time she left youtube and came back he'd throw welcome back parties for her and say how amazing she was in his videos with his high-pitched voice, all the while rubbing his cock. But how could such a beautiful relationship come to such a bitter end? Well, Dammy, in his usual war with that furfag raveakidd, posted a comment saying "oh shut up. We know you're cheating on your black girlfriend with savesega2345". After that, people saw the comment, and it being youtube, they believed it. Savesega was humiliated and so broke up with Dammy forever. However, he's proved that he still faps to her rants since long after this, he still made videos about how amazing she was. It's just that she never watched them. Sad really.

SonicandInuyasha - this faggot is your typical Sonic fan, sending death threats to anybody who didn't like that terrible game Sonic unleashed. So obviously he and Dammy were a match made in Heaven. The relationship was going great until Dammy found out he liked Invader Zim. Sonicandinuyasha, in his typical nature, sent death threats to Dammy and thus another relationship came to an end.

Twinsaneincarnation - Probably the most annoying of Dammy's friends, he reckoned he was directly involved with this "war" as he called it and defended Dammy from anyone without even knowing who he was. Naturally, when he learned the truth, he turned on Dammy just like that. Twinsane is an attention whore who only ever sides with the majority.

Greentoad64 - a recolor and a sonic fanboy. He and Dammy were partners in crime as the notorious IamDicKfag. their identity was so secret that they posted their profile pics in the account's background and used it to subscribe to themselves. Not much is known about why this account was created. But Dammy hates DiC with a passion similar to his Zim one. Anyway, Greentoad himself had a flawless argument as to why Sonic 4 was a good game. He put his mouth right up to the camera, and shouted YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! Sadly, this video broke my laptop's speakers and I'd much rather not watch it again. Anyway, greentoad and Dammy broke up their relationship when Dammy left youtube. Such a shame.

Raveakidd - a retro sonicfag, that was the first to call out Dammy on his faggotory. This user effectively was the beginning of the end for Dammy. Since they first met, Dammy has lurked on Raveakidd's channel attempting to spread his beliefs about how classic sonic sucks to anyone who might comment. The only person who he actually upset was iamsally1001, an autistic user who was very passionate about Sonic Satam. Because he was able to upset someone with a mental condition, he believed he was an epic troll and stayed on this channel for over a year posting prettymuch the same stuff. This channel was where we first learned about Dammy's jewishness. It's also the place where Dammy made his "I'LL DRINK THE PISS" claim. Dammy became obsessed with this user so much that he even posted things like "I'm off to the shops to buy a new hoodie". It's almost like he lived on that channel. Since this "war" ended, Raveakidd left youtube and became a furfag. It was believed that Dammy and Rave had ended their communication, until he was caught commenting on one of his pictures showing 2 HAWT furries on a beach expressing his love for one of them. It can be assumed that Dammy himself is a furfag since he faps to Raveakidd's drawings.

Jason2Anime - He once drew a picture of Sonic and the little mermaid. Dammy hated the idea of such an OVERRATED film that he HATED crossing over with his favourite blue frube with the tube. He made a video on this and said there should be a fighting game called "Sonic VS The little mermaid". Because that'd make a great game, amirite? Since this incident, Dammy has constantly declared war on Jason, who just doesn't give a shit. Dammy has wasted so much of his life making attacks on jason because of that one little picture he drew.

"My dad's dying but thats not important because people think Sonic 4 sucks!"

Poor old Dammy was going through a tough time. His dad had been rushed to the hospital, he'd flunked his exams, but worst of all, people didn't like Sonic 4 and the anime he ordered hadn't arrived!


Dammy's skype is "df20xlivesforever" if you add him expect him to say things like in this video

"I have friends! Other 21 year old weeaboos"

What Youtubers think of him

That's nice dear, but you're still a forever alone weeaboo faggot with an internet girlfriend


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