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Morning Glory

One of the few times the punchline is vaguely related to the context of the strip.

Morning Glory is a morally reprehensible webcomic, created by "Tad". It's content on the most part revolves around jokes about rape, physical abuse, pedophilia, occasionally murder, and rape. The main characters are all a part of a family, who are all constantly terrorized by their psychopathic, pederastic, wife-beating, baby-raping, racist, drug-abusing, rapist father. It seemed there would be no new updates since March 18th, 2006 with this farewell. A few short months later, the comics started again. Thrilling.


As a running gag, the author of the comics, "Tad", has often expressed sarcastic enthusiasm over reaching the at least 100th edition of the comic, stating that "I have a good idea for comic 100" in his news updates but the comics never reached this number due to some of the later editions being renamed. For example when it came to comic 98, the next comic was called "99-1", then "99-2", then "99-3", and finally "99-4" (the series ended on a comic titled "comic 99-special").

The strips are generally 3 panels long, although the longer comics have 6. the first panel is completely useless e.g "do you know what I love?", the second panel is equally pointless e.g "raping kids!!!" and the third panel involves the father saying some shock catchphrase which we can all enjoy and remember.


The occasional "collections" that appear are just two comics instead of one and should be ignored like the rest.

Morning Glory Fans

See 13 year old boys.


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