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MaxOfS2D, sometimes referred to as MaxOfSTD (powerword Maxime Lebled), is a French Social Justice ex-pony lover and 3D model animator who lurks FPSBanana twenty-four hours and seven days in a week for any future quality models he could steal and claim his and furiously masturbates to the thought of any attention being given to him as he is the Pope of Attention Whoring XIII, both negative and positive. He has the social skills of a baguette and will do anything for attention even if that means making a YouTube video of him cosplaying as his FemScout model or any of his other dumb and stupid models, only to DMCA it and making dozens of posts on tumblr condemning it because that is his only method for damage control. He will not hesitate to block you if you are proving him wrong on his own grounds like his YouTube channel, just like a true French internet user would do.

Max is known for Earthbound Fortress 2 which has an even worse expectation to reality value than Feminist Frequency and also makes amazing dramatic readings of fan fictions created by 13 year old autists for a living. Most of these fan fictions are about ponies and Max sexually exploiting Rebbacus or anyone else. He also hates GamerGate and regularly circlejerks with his fellow Reddit-favicon.gif GamerGhazi members.

I think it’s pretty easy to see what McIntosh is probably referring to. The game tells you that the angrier you are, the more violent the difficulty setting you choose, the more masculine you become. If you choose the least violent option, the game literally depicts the character as a baby.

Avoiding violence is thus presented as not manly.


Yes, Max is that retarded.

Confirmation that he is indeed cancer.

Max's notable achievements in life include being addicted to A.S.S.F.A.G.G.O.T.S., getting b& as a moderator from Facepunch, being a SJW, being partially responsible for the shitty Doom and Quake clone Wrack which took six fucking years to make, futa porn and creating the most overrated character for Team Fortress 2 known as the FemScout. He also has worked for Facepunch Studios which created games like Rust and Garry's Mod, Max completely ruined these just by looking at it with his French face and tease every change on his YouTube channel with monetisation turned on so he can buy more bread and extend his Netflix account even though he is too poor to afford one.

Unsurprisingly, as a Facepunch employee he was a terrible Facepunch Moderator and in the end contributed nothing of important value at all because he liked to masturbate to Rule 34 of his FemScout model and was too busy banning everyone. Facepunch's average drama level increased over fucking 10000 percent every time Max showed himself in a thread. Facepunch hated him.

Max's Qualities


Max spends all of his time on his computer, creating shitty videos of 3D models trying to tell a story, in his early days his only skill was ranting on how terrible the Machinima and Garry's Mod community was including how 69starmix69 and Clovernoodle were worse than Hitler and their fans were even more retarded than Max's. Max was pretty retarded back then and did pretty much everything he could to make sure he was the only biggest faggot in Machinima making. He successfully managed to to do so since he had quite a lot of help from his White Knights and no one really cared enough back then to contest against Max for such title when they could make actual good videos.

Max eventually proceeded to tell Garry Newman that Garry's Mod was terrible and proceeded to use Source Filmmaker's non-public branch which was during that time extremely buggy and always crashed every second, this transition from an actual video game to Gabe's Mod was also part of the reason Max decided to make Earthbound Fortress 2 shit since Source Film Maker required much more effort than Garry's Mod. Eventually Source Filmmaker got a public release and since then Max has never left his fat ass out of the digital world. A true example of a fat nerd.

In 2012, Max participated in the second annual Saxxy competitions. The Saxxy's is a rigged competition run by Valve and requires people to make epic Source Filmmaker videos, if you were blessed to be chosen and your entry has not been eaten yet during upload by Gabe Newell then you won a virtual Team Fortress 2 item that you could not sell, not trade, not equip on certain classes and had hilarious exploits which Max was abusing and even made videos off but eventually removed since Valve was going after people who were ruining the game experience for all the players by abusing said exploits with the Saxxy.

Killing someone with the Saxxy made them turn into a gold, thus an essential accessory for every jew out there like Max.

Other finalists from the Saxxy competition in 2012.

Best Short Finalist

Best Action Finalist

Best Comedy Finalist

Best Song Finalist


His Egoism

Saying that Max has a bit of an ego problem is like saying Obama is a bit of a nigger, when Max's ego is threatened he will rage on you, scream at you, chuck a 300$ Toshiba Laptop that holds all of his Rule 34 pictures of the FemScout and FemPyro out of the window and write at least 69 entries on his Tumblr profile on how much of an asshole and how worthless you are, try to troll you by and call his Army of White Knights onto you. Just block them and make sure to notice some rape to get rid of them, they are all 13 year old children or Social Justice Warriors and some of them care way too much about GamerGate.


Max's exceptionally high ego has been build up from the beginning he created the FemScout which was originally made by AyesDyef but with a ribbon added, other causes include earning way too much money with his overrated Garry's Mod and Source Filmmaker videos and winning a Team Fortress 2 item that can turn people into gold which concludes that Max is an egoistic jew. He also thinks he is an internet lawyer, throwing DMCA takedowns at people and game servers as his only weapon even though content created from Valve's assets like models, maps and materials are free to be shared by anyone and cannot actually be licensed. But don't even try telling that to any other Team Fortress 2 modder or else they will lose their autistic shit knowing they cannot protect their pony models and awful Versus Saxton Hale maps.


You may reproduce and distribute the Mod in object code form, solely to licensed end users of Half-Life 2 or other compatible Valve products, provided that the Mod is made publicly available and distributed without charge on a non-commercial basis

In each case, except as otherwise expressly set forth in any applicable Subscription Terms, such reproduction and distribution right is conditioned upon your making the Mod or Derivative Work publicly available without charge on a non-commercial basis or to create derivative works of Valve game content (such as new levels for games, virtual items, or audio-visual content) based on Valve game assets (“Derivative Works”).



—tidbits from the Source SDK Terms of Use stating the facts

Max has also been to the A.S.S.F.A.G.G.O.T.S. event known as The International, there fans of A.S.S.F.A.G.G.O.T.S., which are mostly neckbeards, meet each year to watch people who are not as fat and autist as them play A.S.S.F.A.G.G.O.T.S. for more than 1 million dollar. Max gave a presentation about model animation being the key to a Dota item which only his (hot) girlfriend Deviantart-favicon.png ChemicalAlia attended, also responsible for some pretty shit A.S.S.F.A.G.G.O.T.S. and Team Fortress 2 items.



Max is also a YouTube whore that loves to read gay pornographic fan-fictions like "My Nice Penis" and shitposts on Facepunch that are forced and not funny at all, he mainly uploads shitty Source Filmmaker videos that he spent too much time working on while he also could be working a full-time job at Bioware or Gearbox since he fits the Social Justice agenda perfectly.

When Max's videos on YouTube did not bring in enough ad revenue he decided to unleash some spaghetti and start reading bad fan fictions and Facepunch Shitposts, combining his awful accent in content only 13 year olds seem to enjoy. This acknowledgement of people enjoying Max's awful French accent made Max create another YouTube channel where he uploaded anything that was not good or serious enough for his main channel. Videos in said category include let's plays, even more dramatic readings and blogs about him becoming addicted to A.S.S.F.A.G.G.O.T.S. like a true autist.

Finding Himself on the Internet

Max uses Google alerts to find out (that is how he probably found this article just now, hi Max) if one of the following keywords are found if Google indexes a new or updated page:

  • Max of s2d
  • MaxOfS2D
  • Maxime Lebled
  • Max Lebled
  • Faggot
  • Baguette
  • FemScout

If you want to see more of Max's incredible achievements then be sure to check out Pastebinfavicon.png this list! If some of the sources on the list got BAWWWLEEETED by Max then try to use Google Cache or Web Archive.

This guy is the face of DMCA.

MaxofS2D's Wars

Because Max is retarded and has an ego bigger than Mia Khalifa's implants he easily picks drama and fights which can be very simple ones like YouTube flame wars to drama actually requiring mass DMCA takedowns.

He also has an internet army that constantly presses F5's on his videos so he can make more shitty Machinima videos, buy more bread, extend his Netflix account and masturbate to his FemPyro videos. They are mostly 13 year olds aspergers.

MaxOfS2D versus Mecha the Slag

Stay classy Max.

Max was a contributor to a Team Fortress 2 group of servers known as SLAG Gaming, SLAG Gaming is known for their Parkour Fortress gamemode that is basically a poor man's Mirror's Edge and one-of-a-kind inventory/shop system that is actually not as bad as A.S.S.F.A.G.G.O.T.S. games' shops like League of Legends where Max's items were 99% of the shop.

The server owner, Mecha the Slag, apparantly was very rude to Max and his 13 year old loli girlfriend Tumblricon.png Rebbacus and thus Max and the loli decided to fuck stuff up. Max was a jew, demanding that certain items were only usable by him like a real jew. Items included a custom player model that had fucked up hitboxes and huge oversized wings that were basically Valve's wings for the Pyro released during Halloween but larger and with jigglebones, as if his constant wanking to a jiggleboned FemPyro was not enough. Mecha the Slag declined this request and Max wanted his and Rebbacus' stuff gone from SLAG Gaming these included buyable items from the server shop and custom animations for the Scout model in Parkour Fortress but also other art assets supplied in the kit to create Parkour Fortress maps with.

DMCA takedowns

After having asked the server owner Mecha the Slag to remove his and his fuckbuddies' content without success he started going apeshit and filed at least nine fucking million DMCA takedown requests for his content because Max has too much free time.

Unsurprising enough Max proceeded to produce so much posts on his tumblr and videos about the drama and Mecha the Slag basically being the biggest jew, as censoring as a dictator and a filthy liar even though Max nuked his Steam Group during the drama and blamed a certain hacker for it.

Tumblricon.png Max's sockpuppet account which saved that huge drama queen post since he obviously knew leaving it on his main tumblr account wouldn't be smart because it is full of shit


To make it even better Mecha started sending DMCA takedowns of his own on Max's videos and tumblr posts about him because it was breaching his copyright. Max got butthurt and started sending his own to Mecha's videos, in the meantime the SLAG Gaming forum was cleansed of Max and posting about the drama got you nuked. Posting quality went up with an average of ten thousand percent while Mecha got dissed at Facepunch because he "...did not have any moderative powers there to defend himself..." according to Max, while getting everyone else banned or their posts and IP passed to Max so he could try to make up some theories of people possibly working together to dethrone Max.

Eventually the game server provider of SLAG Gaming DiscountGameServers and Max's web host Lithium Hosting got tired of Max and Mecha constantly asking them to forward, retour, rechew and sit on their mails (read: DMCA requests and counter claims) to eachother, told them both to grow the fuck up and refused to forward any emails from one to another involving the drama, even though it was the only way the two parties could communicate, laughing out fucking loud.

Mecha eventually started firing some shots by telling people about how Max's parents are in a divorce and that was the reason Max is being a butthurt monkey, Max got unsurprisingly even more butthurt and made a tumblr post about it.

You present all the symptoms of anti-social personality disorder. “A pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of the rights of others occurring since age 15”, “callous unconcern for the feelings of others”, “lack of remorse, as indicated by being indifferent to or rationalizing having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another”, and last but not least, “deception, as indicated by repeatedly lying, use of aliases, or conning others for personal profit or pleasure”. (That’s spot-on, don’t you think? Thanks, Wikipedia!) Please get a grip on the real world, and realize that your actions have consequences.



Max calling out Mecha, even though Max is even more of a retard himself. is born

Eventually something fucking brilliant happened when Max found out a website called (which doesn't exist anymore, the domain redirects to his actual website now) was made via Google Alerts and contained so much information about Max even he did not know he actually was that much of a waste to have so much information of him on the internet. The website was WHOIS protected and its host, SiteGround, did not reply to Max's French cries. Max put on his Reddit Detective clothing and found out it was hosted in Canada.

The website contained some hilariously bad photoshopped pictures by a 13 year old. Max still went apeshit.

He cried wolf at Facepunch and asked Garry Newman, certain moderators and its users to track down the IP address of Mecha the Slag in the logs and eventually got so retarded that he spend money to hire a hacker called Summer' to wipe the contents of SLAG Gamings content server but this failed horribly as Max got backstabbed really hard, just like with everything Max tried during the drama. The only thing he found out from the IP address hunt is that Mecha the Slag clicked on one of his tumblr posts because the IP's from tumblr and Facepunch matched at least 50 kilometers! At this point Max was so happy he masturbated himself to sleep that night yelling "case closed kiddo's" in his microphone while preparing to create dramatic readings.

It was never known who made the website, it doesn't really matter because Max became butthurt when it was made and that is hilarious as fuck. Eventually dox was posted of Max on the website in its header in a font size even a retard could not miss. Nothing really amazing and most info was already known but he proceeded to cry louder than Muslims yelling "Allah Akbar" when they are shooting people.

Two months later it ended, nobody really cared and Max made a total ass out of himself all the time.

MaxOfS2D versus Bronies


Max has a shitty Steam group full of 13 year olds that was full of bronies. Max, not being wanted to be associated with even more autism, decided to make the lives of these Bronies miserable by mocking their ponies which they furiously masturbate to each day even though he himself was a brony too for a short time, even doing Pastebinfavicon.png ironic shit semi-erotic roleplays with his fans.

Bronies, being the most annoying pieces of shit lifeforms, went on their only home that is not their parent's basement to rape Max with feelings and think of very evil autistic plans to take down the baguette known as Max since they were very offended. This was because Max made a video telling a brony who stalked Max into the game server he was currently playing in at CS:GO to basically fuck off and kill himself and made a steam group announcement telling bronies to leave his group. Max proceeded kicking all bronies from his steam group and blocking both bronies and people who defended them, eliminating a huge chunk of cancer and autism and Max actually doing a good thing for once.

I always thought that MaxOfS2D was a decent french guy with awesome personality, but obviously enough by now, he's a complete moron. It depresses me how fast things can fall apart.

Did I mention that he BLOCKS people who defend bronies? According to him, last night over 100 account got blocked, and still more to come. Even that shows what kind of a coward he is.


Banned from Facepunch

Craptasket win.png

During Max's time of being a moderator on Facepunch nothing made Max more butthurt than criticizing his moderator skills on Facepunch. Max's banhammer was ravaged and broken from how much it has been used to ban people posting "racist and hate-speech" while Max himself banned someone for being an "all-time sperg lord". If Max did not agree with your opinion on any topic in the Facepunch's Team Fortess 2 subforum then you were doomed to be banned. He also did not hesitate to make fun of you if your videos or screenshots were worse than his, everyone is obviously as good as Max right?

Hilarity ensued when Max was eventually b& for talking about misogyny and sexism in video games for the millionth time, this finalized his transformation to become a Social Justice Warrior.

Here is some stuff that (would've) got you banned from Facepunch by the swift hand of the baguette:


Until recently, Max decided to follow in the footsteps of his fellow egotist Tom Preston and roleplay as a woman with numerous weird fetishes relating to large tits. As Hyperfortress, Max made near countless images and gifs of inflated pyro tits, before moving on to ruin valves official models when he shifted to Dota. The blog was eventually deleted right after The International 5 (where a bunch of nerds play dota to get 6 million bucks) and Max got depressed about running the blog, although he won't admit that he pretended to be a woman because he fears it will be "a mistake that will have negative consequences" (said mistake being that all his feminist buddies will ditch him for being a hypocrite)


Max's best work About missing Pics
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