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Yes, his user name is a rip off of Maddox.
Crystal Meth Addiction

MannixThePirate (b. 4/20/88) is a talentless military "drifter" named Brandon. Although not on active duty, when he goes in for training he has as much fun as he can. He came up with his name from all the butt pirating he does behind the scenes. When he isn't with the boys, he sits on his skinny ass all day playing World of Warcraft while fapping to night elves. Then making gay militant, or atheist videos in various locations, since as he never has a permanent residence. As a new internet celebrity to YouTube, he has made it far in a short period of time. Mannix was raised by his trailer park family in Kansas. Which often leads one to believe he is inbred, and likely molested as a child.

MannixThePirate gained his undeserved popularity from TheAmazingAtheist and Hallcyon, who made their users subscribe to him. Hallcyon is Mannix's right hand piece of ass, likely because of... "that incident" of course. For those ignorant to TheAmazingAtheist and his Youtube channel, you aren't missing much. He is just a fat balding fool preaching every day about Atheism and other worthless topics. To sum it up, just combine Rush Limbaugh and Roseanne Barr... which Mannix has been suckling off the titties of for every subscriber he can get.

His addiction to WoW is solely based on how much of a faggot he is and how his social awkwardness keeps him from making friends in real life. Mannix spends his time on World of Warcraft looking for little girls to date or boys to rape. He is currently on a soul mate search through YouTube, which just shows how desperate he really is. Mannix is just a lonely asshole and the only thing that keeps him going his the attention he gets from YouTube.

The Fame of Mannix?

Mannix started gaining fame when Hallcyon had been gossiping to nearly everyone about MannixThePirate's greatness. One can only suspect Hallcyon was forced into spreading the word. After all, Hallcyon is Mannix's right hand bitch. Shortly after Hallcyon informed TheAmazingAtheist, who then made a shout out video to his plethora of subscribers. Within no time Mannix was "popular". His subscriber base had inflated on a massive quantity thanks to the words of an untalented internet phenom.

This video shows TheAmazingJackass giving MannixTheButtPirate a shoutout.

No talent. Just suckling off other people.

YouTube Videos

An average YouTube video by Mannix consists of the following:

 1.  Some bullshit story about how he did some fucked up shit and how he hates life.
 2.  Pronouncing the fuck out of his T's in a pathetic attempt to be like the Joker.
 3.  Showing off his fucked up teeth.
 4.  Some pseudo intellectual bullshit. 

And then you get a whole bunch of commenters talking about how much they love Mannix and want to suck his dick, However they do not realize that Mannix does the dick sucking not the other way around.

Notable Videos

Suicide Story

Mannix admits that he was an Emo teenager and proud of it! His only downfall is that he is a failure at everything, including an hero. Even when trying various methods of killing himself.


Never leave drugs in the hands of a complete dumbass, only bad things will happen. Dead cats says it all.

MannixThePirate's BlogTV

MannixThePirate hosts a Blogtv after every video. He is often on sometime in the afternoon or late evening as well (CST) Mannix's BlogTV Room. The conversations usually consist of shit, ass and more shit. Topics often include: World of Warcraft, repetition of the same questions and Mannix calling people stupid despite the fact that his whole life is a failure and he will never amount to anything more than a faggot on YouTube with a few thousand subscribers. The room is half packed with power hungry Nazi moderators who kick for just about anything, so if you are in a main room its almost better not to speak. Here's an example of what happens in Mannix's blogtv sessions : Mannix: "Hey guys it's Mannix let's play WoW for thirty minutes and bitch about how the elves are kicking my ass." Retarded Mannix fan: "hey mannix ur so cool im just like u i hate life and bitch about stuff no one cares about" Mannix: "Hey Mods he didn't suck my dick enough! Kick him!" More retarded Mannix fans: "Yeah kick him he's a faggot!"

MannixThePirate's BlogTV Marathon FAILURE'S

On July 17th, 2009 Mannix announced he would accomplish a 60 hour BlogTV. His original plan was 48, but after hearing other people had easily topped 48 he decided to raise the bar to 60. Mannix did NOT make it to 60 hours while whoring himself out for donations like so many others (including the TheAmazingAtheist), he didn't even make it to 48 HOURS!! Mannix ended transmission at 36 hours with just over half the show complete. This happened AGAIN when Mannix attempted a only 24 hour show and failed less than halfway through. The fans were greatly disappointed in him. What do you expect though? It's a guy who thinks hes a fucking pirate. FAIL.

The Incident

It is clear that Mannix IS sexually confused. In addition, clearly after a certain "incident" Hallcyon became MannixThePirate's bitch as a result. Hallcyon used to work for a company until some thugs were hired to ruff up and maybe get rid of the people working there. One of these thugs included MannixThePirate who helped restrain, and rape Hallcyon and his friends up the ass with their dicks and hot sauce. It was found that the company had hired these thugs to "off" the present workers for other workers, or something to the effect. The company was sued, and Hallcyon no longer had a job. Later on, Mannix was walking out of a gay bar and met up with Hallcyon who was afraid instantly of course. However, Mannix said he only did what he was hired to do. They became friends,and later connected on an intimate level.

World of Warcraft

In combination with his BlogTV and YouTube, Mannix invests money to have a life in the World of Warcraft! Endless hours in front of computer screen radiation have left his dried up virgin genitals mostly useless. With 83 Mounts, an Alliance Paladin with Tier 8 Gear, it is clear his love for this game is more than superficial.

A majority of his famed "soul searching" is done on World of Warcraft. Although Mannix' genitals are fairly useless, he attempts to arouse himself with various stimuli related to World of Warcraft. Most people like to call it "WoW, Porn!" as an exclamation. However, something like that just seems like it was made for someone a bit too obsessed.

For those of you interested in being abducted by MannixThePirate he currently plays mainly on the Blackrock PvP Realm. His Druid's name is "Mannixx". His Level 80 Paladin on Dalvengyr is also named "Mannixx" if you want to try and find him there. Surely he would be happy to entertain any fine individual online as always. He's now selling his WoW account for $200.

Gay For The Military Bitch

We all know Mannix is in the military because he is a fucking faggot. However the question is, "is that reason alone enough to be in the military?" the answer is: yes god dammit, FUCK YES! In addition to those gay bars during the week, Mannix can have hot action during the weekends with sexy soldiers! To be honest, the gay bars will suffice granted the amount of bitching Mannix does about the military. Since hes being payed to be naughty, he could just as easily get some ass somewhere else. He is easily a pro by now. His dependence on the military and other people for money is incredible when he could make more money working at McDonald's, or any real motherfucking job for that matter. Mannix also said if he were sent into a war he would be in the "mail room". This is an obvious explanation of why he has an unhealthy habit of bitching about his job. clearly the person who tried this is a total nazi.

Get a real fucking job for fuck's sake!


Strangely enough, Mannix said a lot of what was typed earlier verbatim in two videos as this section was being created. That is a complete coincidence, seriously. Very strange...

Mannix is such a bitch he couldn't even keep his videos up to take any criticism from others? What a fucking pussy. 1 star his shit.


Mannix is a known pedophile seeking out little boys and girls. He can get all the action he wants from grown men. However, when he gets the opportunity he will prey on the young innocent children. Numerous young innocent children have been seduced by him. After sexual encounters they are brainwashed and sexually confused into loving him.

Lucy if I was thirteen, I would like so...

Mannix's words were all not that dissimilar from another YouTube/BlogTV whore by the alias of Hallcyon (aka: Galen Hall)

Lucy if you were older, or we were close to the same age, I could honestly marry you...

Fucking pedophiles...

Although, I am sure Mannix wouldn't hesitate to keep you past curfew.


Isn't it hilarious how he tries to trick his fans into thinking that it was all a big joke?


Check the comments for more information. No word yet if he really committed an hero or that it's yet again a stunt for more attention. Stay tuned.


A video was uploaded to Mannix's main Youtube account by an "Andrew" with details regarding Mannix's funeral.

MannixThePirate Obituary.jpg

Apparently he faked his death just to get the attention of e-whore Laci Green. Seriously, Mannix? At 22:41


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