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It doesn't matter. You're still a cunt.
Lucky does research on making new fucksuits
Yes, folks. This is what a furry sex symbol looks like
When her fursuit didn't win the Fursuit Tournament, she had it immediately destroyed.
Everyone wants to get lucky.

Lj-favicon.png cherie_hybrid or Lucky Coyote or Kryptonite is a furry who is well known for her sickening levels of attention whoring. She also manages to be a furry elitist while claiming that she is not a furry at all and is only acts like one so she can get people to buy her art and fursuits. All other people are furfags and she's smarter than all of them because she can outwit them by getting them to buy things. Truthfully though, she is nothing more then a egotistical bitch.

Due to the high levels of yiff she enjoys, Lucky's STD infested vagoo is known for flapping wildly in the breeze on a warm summer's day. However, she is devoted to her boyfriend, who she uses to do all of the work for her fucksuits, like a pimp without the awesome. Being involved in unnatural levels of furggotry, it can also be assumed that like all inbred blond girls, she enjoys a good dog cock now and then. (This is true but I can't reveal my source.)

During the 2007 Anthrocon, she went so far as to confirm our suspicions by srsly whoring herself out to the highest bidder. The winner was a fag and is, thus, irrelevant.

YouTube Whoring

Lucky makes frequent YouTube videos in an honest attempt to advertise her fursuits and try to profit off of the unsuspecting furfags. Each video features Lucky Coyote dancing around to shitty music. This is a pale and empty attempt at being an Internet celebrity when all the world really needs is for Lucky to become an hero.

LJ/FA Exploits

Lucky uses her LiveJournal as a front for promoting her fursuits, art, and talking about the rest of her life After the creation of this article, she was forced to abandon LiveJournal and switch to FurAffinity in hopes of gaining more attention.

On a whim, Lucky will defriend various people from her friends list which are no longer useful, particularly when she realizes that she'll have no chance seducing them into paying her.

One foggy night on Lj-favicon.png artists_beware, a delicious loli posted to warn everyone that Lucky Coyote was being chased by the police. The girl had commissioned art from Lucky only to have her grandfather threaten to send the police after the big yellow coyote. The post didn't create lulz until it was deleted and the entire community banded together to urge Lucky to take legal action against the loli, despite the fact they were both inbreds from the deep south of Arlington, Texas. Lulz went up by a multiplier of 2 because it was called "serious thread." Lucky's fapping fanboys doubled in speed when they saw her in pain; however, as a woman, this should be her natural state, amirite?

On October 22, 2007, Lucky's LJ went into lock down, due to the sudden outbreak of ED-inspired lulz. Following this sudden change, there was a mass outcry from furries with butthurt who desparately wanted to be a part of her Live Journal; however, furries are not people, so her journal is still made of shit nobody cares about.

PROTIP: You aren't making your journal Friends Only if you're still posting public entries about fursuits and shitty art.


Being a proud owner of a vagoo has caused Lucky to develop a fanatical following made up of various furries who would give their left testicle to get a chance to bone her. The cult-like fanatics often create tribute videos on YouTube to express their undying love for their unholy Coyote God.

Generally, Lucky entirely ignores these idiots until they become useful.

Lucky the Yellow Coyote NEVER got my friend request! I made this AMV for her so she can my Confirm friend request.



Fandom Secrets

One of Lucky's fans recently rose up in failing glory on Fandom Secrets.



And this proves that she has become the new cancer. Turning even the once innocent into furries. WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?


"Srly I'm not Lucky Coyote LOLOLOLOLOL." Posted to her FA journal 12/18/2007. All grammar errors have been left to emphasize that she's not just a bitch, but she's fucking stupid, too.

"LOL this is a serious fandom guys.

And witha a serious fandom comes serious post.

This Will not be one of those post lol, cuz I, for one, do not take the "fandom" seriously :P

I figured I'd get it out thar that "Lucky Coyote" is like a big joke lol. My Original and true character has always been Kryptonite. LOL seriously the only reason "Lucky" is in exsistance is because I wanted to come up with something bland, generic and cute that I could make into a fursuit :)

LOL it worked..... WELL.

From now on though, I would like to be addressed as my name Kryptonite or Krypt for short, LOL or is you know me well enough, you are welcome to use my real name :)

Seriously, if you don't like it, just ignore me and you never have to deal with it again. Because honestly, if you can turn your back on me, then chances are, I dont give a shit about you either. Seriously.

As for commissions: 1) I will still make fursuits, they are awesome, [email protected] is how you go about getting one :) 2) Art commissions however, are alittle more complicated :P I am always accepting badges commissions but all other kinds will be exsclusive and rare. This is due to my new style and the fact that I am re-developing my style as a true artist :)

Seriously, If you can't respect me, you better fucking stay away from me, I've been way to nice to too many people, for way tooo long. I'm not perfect and I never was, so please dont ever put me under a microscope. If you choose to, I garantee I'll return the favor and you'll fucking lose :)

Any way, I'll keep those of you who are intelligent people updated, other wise, go away srly lol.

Bloody Kryptonite"


—Lucky Coyote, on being a fake

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