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The Lollercaust was started by Hitlol, who was a god among men. Hitlol is not to be confused with Hitler, who was not only a fagtard, but also emo... two things which always go hand in hand. Hitlol had to start the Lollercaust to stop the ever-growing population of the For The Lose (from now on referred to as FTLs) because these dickweeds were out bringing all the For The Wins (from now on referred to as FTWs) down. Hitlol devised the ultimate plan! He would massacre them all and tag them each with FTW signs. He stuck them in special camps where they learned to be not so emo. Sadly, however, some FTLs still live on today. They all spread out into separate camps and became emos, furries, and, of course, you.

The Lollercaust has been known to cause anal seepage. Use sparingly.

Additional Note

Can be written as Lolocaust, as long as you follow that phrase with the phrase, "Like the Holocaust but twice as funny". Also appropriate to be followed with a picture of a pile of dead Jews so that MOAR lulz ensue.

The most famous camp that Hitlol sent the FTLs to is called LAWLSCHWITZ (ca. 1987).

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