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Police.gif CONFIRMED, Logan sells CP

Atomic.gif Warning!
Logan sperman claims Justin Bieber made it big because of Young Tubers United on Youtube.
Irony: Justin Bieber actually got big because of Ytask, a rival group who also has deep roots in pedophilia.
LoganSperman2 threat level
Logansperman2 stevesedlar.jpg
Logansperman2 in 1986

YouTube Favicon.png LoganSperman2 (A.K.A. Steve Sedlar of Toledo, OH) is a YouTuber, a member of the YouTube Vigilantes, and one of the biggest supporters of man-boy love on the intarwebs. Update: It has been discovered that Logansperman2 is actually a middle-aged man who pimps out ten year old boys for "private modeling sessions" on his internet website.

Besides being involved in child prostitution, as well as the distribution of massive quantities of child pornography, "Logan" is also notable for being extremely elusive and totally boring.

That's the point...to buddy up young boys with single unmarried adult males.


—LoganSperman2, on his much favorited big brother program.

I guess Big Brothers (who ONLY have unmarried MALE ADULTS with the sole intent to intensely interact with young boys (oh noes!), must be your worst nightmare, huh?


—LoganSperman2, On being absolutely right

Second, he wasn't a "security guard", he was Police, and special forces, FBI trained, NCIS trained, etc. POLICE is a bit different from a security guard. And Police at the level Irish was at, COMBAT training, is much more than your average civillian street cop.

As far as that training RJ, you out out of your mind, as usual. it was COMBAT and ANTI-TERRORISM oriented training with heavy artillary, full body armor, dangerous criminal aprehension under fire.. thats no "security guard", or even civilian cop. Do you know what Emergency Service Teams and Tactical Neutralization Teams are, even? It doesn tget much more intense, only Navy SEAL.


—LoganSperman2, on Irish282 special navy steven seagal hardcore training.

Logan's Run

you do the math

I am sticking to my fantasy, even if you prove it all wrong, I will still stick to what I want to believe to the bitter end..



As a high-profile YTU/Jesari crusader (and Irish282's #1 cheerleader), Logan shows the world why he thinks it's appropriate for 44-year old men to be seeking the company of 12-year old boys. Disturbingly, Logan has admitted that he was 14 when he made these video clips. It later turned out that it wasn't him at all, just a bunch of videos he had stolen from some unsuspecting boy.

Shades Of Ytask

Here kiddies! Here kiddies!

For a while now, there's been speculation that Logan isn't a child at all, but a fake account with a grown man running it behind the scenes. Logan is regularly seen logging in at 3-4 am in the morning, strange behavior for a 15 year old (now "17"), who should be in school. The main clue to Logan not being a child were some of his cooking videos, which showed a very large set of hands, and a clearly shooped pic where the head and body didn't match.

At first it was suspected that LoganSperman2 might be Charles D.(AKA hypnoticproductionz, frec0, and frec). But actually Charles was just a newfag and fake anon. Charles has known Irish282 for a long time now, even going so far as to appear shirtless in one of Irish's video's. Charles has been "approached" by Irish282, and asked to make a new video hosting site. A video hosting site just for Irish282, the YTV, and the kiddies. Apparently they're going to "keep the kids safe" in their own little Ytask 2.0. They've been harvesting children through the youngtubers.com site, gathering their email addresses and geographic locations. The new video site is almost ready to launch.

"Logan"s actual age is in question, as he has so many accounts in so many places. Sometimes he claims he is 15 (when it's convenient), other times he claims he is 20 or 21. The bizarre hours that he tends to keep (3-4am on most nights) seem to indicate that the latter is true. What is clear, is that he has definitely been fully groomed by Irish282.

In February of 2009 some new information was put together that seemed to indicate that a previously unknown player is actually running the LoganSperman2 channel.

fake registrant info is fake

Even ED's archenemy TheRedSkull Knows the Truth About Logansperman2 and Irish282

TheRedSkull addressing Dynacatlovesme in his investigations of the YTYC, LLC

Logan successfully grooms another kid

The Smoking Gun

lol busted
The fact that wireless keyboards only work on USB doesn't seem to bother Logan.

In early 2008, a video was discovered that positively confirmed that LoganSperman2 was a complete fake. A user by the name of kennyincanada was found to have a copy of Logan's "Barbie Girl" video. It was the video description itself that contained some curious information. The user stated that he had the video for two years, prior to uploading it to YouTube. The upload itself was a year old. If "Logan" had joined in April of 2006, that meant that kennyincanada had the video 1.25 years longer than the "LoganSperman2" channel was even in existence. Can you say "PWNED"? I thought you could. Since discovering that initial curiously dated copy of "Barbie Girl", it has since turned up in various other places around the net.

Shortly there after in a fit of rage at the sight of his wooden boy defrocked irish282 set about forcing kenny to change the description of his vid. But that did not stop the drama machine from churning, and before long searches revealed that Logan's vids were all over the internet. Logan tried to claim he uploaded it to MySpace, when it was pointed out that MySpace did not have video uploads until 2007, Logan said it was putfile for use on MySpace, (even though putfile is one of the only sites that has no Logan vids, and none of them are on MySpace either). Before long searches turned up 2 very interesting finds, the first at liquidgeneration which uploaded its version of the barbie girl vid in 2005 shortly there after the infamous gaybar vid was found as well thank Raptor Jesus for MegaVideo. Unfortunately the lie still persists and Logan is still active on the interwebs, hacking kids accounts, pressuring them into making videos against the lulz, but fear not good internets, for the lulz shall prevail.

Oh Lawdy Iz Dat Some CP?!?!?

Hmm...that writing looks familiar
Surprise surprise! Deep fried twinkie anyone?
OMG you guys! Whats wrong with a few naked boys???
"Logan" trying to cover up his old IPs with new edits on 4 year old posts. lol
This account was also deleted the day after this came out, BUT THAT'S NOT HIM!!!
oops lol
Oh my gosh you guys! It's totally not that bad!!

Last Thursday a lot more light was shed on who is actually running the LoganSperman2 channel. On 7/23/06 Logan made a post on this obscure little forum. The IP from that post resolves to Toledo, Ohio. It would be years after that until another IP could be pulled on him, since he kept most of his actions confined to YouTube (or so it seemed). Fast forward now to September of 2008 when TheRJCarter gets an article published in The Trades online magazine called YouTube: Pedophile Playground. This article specifically called out Irish282, LoganSperman2, the YTV, and the Young Tubers United as one huge pedo ring. Two complaints were emailed to the editor of The Trades, one from San Jose, and the other from Toledo, Ohio. On 1/19/09 the anti-pedo Acme Cleaning Services blog received a hit from Toledo, Ohio(same DSL node). When TheRJCarter reposted his article, YouTube: Pedophile Playground on his blog, it didn't attract a huge amount of attention, but a curious post appeared shortly thereafter by someone calling them self "JRaden". The syntax was remarkably similar to LoganSperman2's writing style. In addition to that this poster seemed to have more than just a passing knowledge of events that have occurred on YouTube. Upon closer inspection it was found that the IP on that post also resolved to Toledo, Ohio. In addition to that, the poster was also stupid enough to leave a real email address, [email protected] Internet detectives were dispatched immediately and found that this email address was used to register a YouTube account called YouTube Favicon.png JeremyAndFriends. Jeremy appears to be a kid e-begging for money for "video equipment". Upon closer inspection it can be seen that the videos were editted just about at the point where the email address is spoken.

When the e-detectives emailed "Jeremy" and asked how they could make a donation to the "camera fund", they were told not to send the money to that email, but to "Jeremy's friend" at [email protected] The first thing they did was plug that email into teh Googles, and BAM, instant shitstorm. A quick review of the website bore the unmistakable writing style of LoganSpermbank2 all over the page, plus the email where he wanted the "donations" to go to. Further googling of the "Anakinboy10" screen name turned up all sorts of interesting stuff. Like a post on a newsgroup asking for information about Minoxidil, making "Logan" the first case ever of a 13 year old going bald. "Logan's" partyvan should be arriving any day now.

"Logan"/Anakinboy10 has now "watered down" his website and removed the direct pay links, along with the part about renting "live models". However through the magic of google cash the original state of the site has been preserved. Looks like "Logan" will be getting his prison term after all.

Meanwhile, back at pedo central, the YTV have cooked up this awesome video. Very strange that a group of supposed "vigilantes" would stand so adamantly behind some random child exploitation site that they supposedly have "nothing to do with", as they claim.

The YTV's Official Stance On Logan's CP Website

Apparently freewebs didn't think the site was as harmless as Logan and company did. They took the liberty of freezing the account and remodeling the page for them. This is what http://boymodels.tk looks like now:

Logan <3s B.O.Y.S

The "Lostboy" person supposedly 14 year old "Logan" was talking about, just also happens to be Amir Ish-Hurwitz, the owner of boylover.net, who recently got v& for cp and assraping children. Before "Logan" came to YouTube, he used to frequent a little known forum called BoysOnYourScreen.org, or B.O.Y.S., for short. It's basically Boychat lite, and shares a lot of the same clientele. "Logan" was very popular there. It's not often that a bunch of 50 year old pedophiles get to hang out with a real 14 year old boy. Especially one that thinks they're all pretty cool guys, and not the baby rapers they actually are. You would think the old kid-fiddlers would have got the clue when this supposed 14 year old spouted knowledge of boylinks.com, boylover.net, and where to host such sites outside the long arm of US law:


Don't ask "Logan" questions about his hands please.
"C'mon guize! It's not THAT bad!"
That was not a vibrator.


—LoganSperman2, vibrator expert

The "mouth thing" is disgusting? LOL! Askign kids to make a video of their mouths saying something? OMG! Yes that is a common pedophile thing! Umm..? How is videoing their MOUTHS, perverted? Fill me in on that, I need some entertainment. lol


—LoganSperman2, on Irish282

Its stuff all teenagers do, its called PG rated humor..



WHy he subscribed to children? Because he likes kids.. maybe? OMG I know thats so wrong, isn't it?



WHat the hell is your deal with AGE? The deal is PERVERT or NOT A PERVERT. Right? Why dont we take AGE out of it..

Or for soem reason I guess you think adults are more perverted than teenagers. LOL what little pretend world do you live in?


—LoganSperman2, future NAMBLA attorney

Also AGE has nothing to do with whether you are a pervert or not.. you can be a pervert at any age, lol.. and Sprouser is just a kid still himself, regardless..


—LoganSperman2, on XsprouserX (21 year old "kid")

You are a hero, Logan. I wish I could tell people why, but I have to protect you. God has blessed you with a big heart. I don't agree with everything youy say or do, but you never say anything mean to anybody. Not even the haters (I know because I searched the YouTube database). Ignore stupid comments. If anyone gives you trouble, I'll have my friends on them like dogs on raw meat!

Also, check out my video. You and some others you know are in it. Peace!


Irish282, on LoganSperman2

i said it wasn't ILLEGAL to be a pedophile.. Two different things.. Of course its not ILLEGAL to BE a pedophile..


—LoganSperman2, Pedo rights advocate

I said it wasnt directly DANGEROUS for guys perving on kids on TV or whatever..as opposed to those pedos seeking out contact with kids..


—LoganSperman2, wants you to perv on him

yes it is a serious issue.. The kids who did Columbine were triggered by exactly that sort of thng..


—LoganSperman2, Condoning the killing of kids by other kids because they were teased.

Make sure you get their money back for them, too, so they can spend it on some real child pr0n.


—LoganSperman2, Advice for his fellow pedo's to get their money's worth.

I know what boys like

I know what guys want
I know what boys like
Boys like, boys like me


Logan Sperman

And its not a USB card, its a port. It would cost more to open up a laptop to install a new port than an actual new laptop. And for what? to make a video for you? lol, I'll pass.


—LoganSperman2, on the webcam the USB port being broken.


"Logan" lurking; because that's all he knows how to do.
  • Confirmed screen names/emails:
  1. [email protected]yahoo.com
  2. [email protected]
  3. [email protected]
  4. [email protected]
  5. [email protected]
  6. [email protected]
  7. [email protected]
  • Logan has said many times that nothing is wrong with CP sites that are linked to him.
  • Logan stays up at all hours, and apparently never goes to school since he's obviously not a kid.
  • Logan is gay, and his real name is Steve Sedlar he lives at 719 Cloverdale Rd Toledo Ohio 43612, give him a call at 419 476 1040.
  • Logansperman runs several disturbing and bizarre child porn sites.

Final proof the pedo's have a jewtube insider:

See Also

A lesson Logan learned too late.

Steve's Hero

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