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"When you squeeze my lemon, the juice runs down my leg."


King sized version of Lemonparty.
Lemon Party during the teenage years.
Jimmy Carter approves of Lemonparty.
  1. An Internet shock site (www.lemonparty.org) which consists solely of a picture of three old men having sex.
  2. The aforementioned image.
  3. As a verb, the act of posting the Lemonparty image or a link to the site with hopes of luring the innocent, done sometimes tag-teamed with other members of The Power 5.

Like goatse.cx, the idea behind Lemonparty is to make it so innocuous that the uninitiated will not hesitate to follow the link. Of course, you'd only believe that if your understanding of English is on par with a three-year-old with Asperger's Syndrome. "Lemon" is slang for an "old man," hence things like Blind Melon, and Blind Melon Yankovic (if you saw the Christmas special). Therefore, a Lemonparty is a party of old men. There are now links to other sites advertised on the page, check it out for more info.

Example of Lemonparty use:

Bill: Do you have the link to that "Carebears are Love" meme?
Ted: here ya go!
Bill: Dude, WTF! You lemonpartied me! bogus

Supposedly, it is hosted on a server belonging to TOW asshole David Gerard. Fuck knows.

Mainstream Exposure

The awesome prime time TV sitcom 30 Rock included a subtle joke about Lemonparty that flew right over the heads of middle Americunt.

It also made it's way onto The Cleveland Show (Family Guy, except with nigras).

New ad for Lemon Party Soft Drink

Geronto Bear approves.

Can now be found here.

Honda supports Lemonparty

It turns out Lemonparty can be done in an air balloon

Pete Wentz supports Lemonparty

DespiteBECAUSE OF this, Pete Wentz is still a faggot.

Michael Cera and Jonah Hill talk Lemonparty

Michael Cera and Jonah Hill have an academic discussion
about why Lemonparty is so cool

Lemon Pranks

The Prank Master Can show you how!

AMV Hell

450k Domain! BUY NOW!!!

Now you can own it, for the low, low price of $450,000. That’s what Eric Johnson, the owner of the lemonparty.org domain, says he wants for the rights, he told BuzzFeed in an email. “Even if I was offered 100k today,” Johnson wrote, “that would be a pretty quick and easy ‘Thank you, but I’m not interested.’”


From the article on Buzzfeed

Lemon Party Propaganda

Lemonparty Gallery About missing Pics
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