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Latvian Mickey Mouse, said to eat the souls of homosexual children
Latvian Gay Pride Parade: Every Tuesday & Thursday

Latvia is one of those countries you mention and everyone remembers Hetalia, as depicted in the anime it's a little boy with no self-confidence, which is what Latvia is today - A tiny shithole full of Nazi-wannabes who do nothing useful to fulfill their dream of purging absolutely unnecessary people and causing Drama whenever it's possible. As indoctrinated by their founding fathers, Latvians are born with hate towards anything that isn't Latvian and Heterosexual, making them the most racist, and the best troll-country in the world today, trolling russians and jews being their only purpose of existence.

Come visit Latvia to see a holiday dedicated to Nazis

I'm a European like you! And your ancestor killed my ancestor.


—Jew Trying too hard

Mfw Latvians used this as their air force symbol since 1918

History of The Latvian Empire

Over 9000 years ago subhuman Latvian tribes inhabited the green plains of the coast of the Baltic sea, spreading Latviaids across the land by having mass-incest orgies and obeying their cosmic pagan overlords Laima and Pērkons and selling useless amber jewelry. Savages being savages argued about politics and agriculture all the time, so country was split into a few parts and it was easy for Germans to rape and conquer lesser states one by one and installing their christian faggotry. Germans taught Latvians homosexuality, which is the reason why Latvia was such a pussy-ass faggot country until 1918 when they finally got some balls and pwned some reds and germans, caused massive drama for nothing and became a prosperous nation selling nothing but expired bacon and dairy products to filthy brits. But it wasn't over for them, as the Latvian folk were about to embrace the rainbow once again. It wasn't that bad to say the least and when Hitler began his campaign of bathing every jew in europe, it got even better and Latvia fell gay for Germany, which reds didn't like, and as already known, owned Germany and took back what they deserved. In the 90s, Latvia made more drama. This time together with Estoners and Lithuanians, but once again it was all useless drama, as USSR was bound to collapse anyway. Latvia gained independence along with atleast 100 other obscure countries which to this day haven't done anything useful, with a possible exception of Latvia and Lithuania excelling at rates of becoming an hero and having an awesome internet connection.

Latvia's got no fucking talent

Last thursday a Latvian comedian Gatis Kandis showed his excellent performance on Britain's Got Talent.

This guy also raps

Latvian Empire today

Many Latvians are extremely hostile to races inferior to their own. If you're a nigger in Latvia, you might get lucky to get from point A to point B with only getting stared at, where as if you're less lucky, you'll get beaten or even killed by some gay-ass hipster teenagers or Russians. Homosexuality in Latvia is B& and Gay Parades are accompanied with different, sharp projectiles. Typical Latvians can be seen staggering drunk down the street, crying about how horrible their country is because of Russians, Gays and Jews. Latvians also lack tolerance towards tourists, as they find them as retarded, loud and obnoxious. What most Latvians don't realize, is that tourism is one of the small things that keeps their shitty economy afloat, together with whores, plywood and dairy products. Avoid this country at all costs.

Things not found in Latvia


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