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The cutest little murderers on the internetz.
Rocky the retard, protagonist of the series. Note the very realistic artstyle.

Lackadaisy (also known as Lackadaisy Cats) is an online comic created by Tracy J. Butler. The comic features a bunch of cats in suits, who live during the 20s and sell alcohol illegally in an underground cavern, while occasionally fighting gang-wars. The comic is completely unique since its jokes are funny, its art doesn´t look like shit, and because Tracy appears to have done actual research before talking about history. The series is drawn entirely in sepia-tones (as you can clearly see in this very article), since Tracy wants it to look old, and it is updated with about one page each month. Being hellbent on not giving up, Tracy has struggled to finish it for five years and when the comic concludes in 2078, I´m certain it will be the best comic ever made.

Lackadaisy is widely regarded as the main inspiration-source of all furies and whenever someone posts pictures of that sick shit, a Lackadaisy-discussion is certain to follow. Since Lackadaisys dialogue is so good that reading it feels like getting oral-sex, many of the comics readers like to copy pictures of the comic, use Paint to cut out pictures of the characters faces, post the faces on image-boards, and write responses, to things other people have said, that they think sound funny, cool, and smooth.


Lackadaisy Cats has a fan-base consisting 90% of little teen-girls who thinks the cats are so cute that they´ll religiously follow the comic for years and spam both Tracy's inbox as well as any thinkable Lackadaisy-related forum with their fan-art. Since Tracy is a girl and hence has the natural ability to sympathize with this mentally ill behavior, she sometimes shows these pictures on her tumblr-blog.

Since the characters of Lackadaisy, contrary to most comics, dress like normal fucking human beings, one might wonder how cosplayers could possibly imitate them and look like complete retards at the same time. While it is true that the cosplayers were originally deeply irritated at the dress-codes obvious sanity, it was only a matter of time until they, through a highly planned collaborative effort, managed to recreate the comic-characters' appearances and look like huge faggots. Their main tactics in this artistic rape consisted of; making dumb fucking faces and poses, getting emo-haircuts, having naturally ugly faces, getting clothes that are too tight or too over-sized, not getting real suits, being fat, failing to understand that the characters use different clothing for different occasions (for instance, only wearing dresses to parties, not while walking around on the street), dressing up as characters of the opposite sex and completely ignoring the fact that Tracy has shown what the characters would look like if they were human.

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